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An Introduction To MGC Derma

This is our in-depth look at the topical CBD brand MGC Derma. In this review, we explore the driving force behind the company and the array of products it has on offer. For more in-depth information on our pick of MGC Derma products, you can head to our MGC Derma Product Reviews.

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The big sticking point for MGC Derma is transparency. The company only used CBD Isolate in its products and it refuses to disclose how much. This is a major red flag for us and, despite the premium feel and host of other high-quality ingredients, the lack of clarity provided for its customers is disappointing. It could be that there is a substantial amount of CBD in each of its products but then again it could also be a trace amount. Given the huge price tag for MGC Derma’s product range, we would recommend choosing a more open CBD company that put its customers first, not its bottom line.

Product Range
Mission and Vision

Quick Summary

  • Ultra-premium CBD cosmetics brand.
  • Established all over the world with beautifully designed products.
  • Owned by MGC Pharma, an Australian Stock Exchange-listed pharmaceutical company.
  • Uses CBD Isolate exclusively.
  • Does not make lab reports available to the public.
  • Does not state
MGC Derma CBD Topical Range
CBD Topical Range| MGC Derma

MGC Derma is an Australian CBD skincare and cosmetics company founded by the pharmaceutical company MGC Pharma.

MGC Pharma’s objective “is to create and supply superb Cannabinoid based pharmaceutical products for medical markets in North America, Europe, and Australasia.”

The company are committed to delivering high-grade CBD to customers around the globe who could benefit from CBD’s reported anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

From a dermalogical standpoint, CBD is also considered to be rich in nutrients that naturally hydrate and rejuvenate the skin, making it an ideal skincare ingredient.

Utilising the perceived healing properties of CBD, MGC Derma stands at the forefront of research and development of cutting-edge CBD products.

Product Offering

MGC Derma have created three lines of products: Essentials, Anti-Ageing and Revival, that target everyday care, signs of ageing and skin conditions, respectively.

All products contain highly effective natural ingredients and high-quality CBD, and are all designed for topical application and fast absorption.

Across these three ranges, MGC Derma offer a variety of products with the aim of effectively promoting skin restoration and revitalisation. 


MGC Derma’s Essentials is a line of products geared towards everyday skin care. They are rich in potent natural ingredients and pure CBD, which makes products of this line, such as CBD Nourishing Hand Cream and CBD Moisturizing Day Cream (SPF 30), ideal for daily skin protection.

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MGC Derma Day Cream with Box

MGC Derma Day Cream SPF 30

CBD Type: Isolate
CBD Content: N/A
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The Anti-Ageing range consists of masks, creams, and serums, designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and help your skin appear firmer and younger. 

This product line combines the synergistic power of pure CBD with ingredients such as Stem Cells, Peptides, and Hyaluronic acid, which are known for their anti-ageing and revitalising effects on the skin. 

When they launched their CBD Hyaluronic and Peptides Day Cream in 2018, it was voted Best Buy by the Independent’s Indy/Best for cannabis beauty products.

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MGC Derma Brightening Night Cream

MGC Derma Brightening Night Cream

CBD Type: Isolate
CBD Content: N/A
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MGC Derma’s Revive line consists of three products, each one with the aim of repairing and reviving damaged skin in order to leave it feeling revitalized.

This line differs from the others in that its products really look to right an affected area of the users skin and bring it back to looking and feeling healthy.

The products in this range include:

  • Calming Hand Cream
  • Botanical Blend 8-Hour Relief
  • Botanical Blend Deep Replenish
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MGC Derma Calming Hand Cream and box

MGC Derma Calming Hand Cream

CBD Type: Isolate
CBD Content: N/A
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Overall Impressions

Look and Feel

It is obvious that MGC Derma is from different stock to many other CBD competitors in the UK, specifically with regard to the slickness and execution of the MGC Derma brand.

The products are beautifully designed in terms of appearance and have a really premium feeling about them, which somewhat justifies the price point the company sells at.

CBD Delivery

All products are applied topically to the skin where the CBD absorbs rapidly and provides relief precisely where it is needed. Some of the products come in bottles with pumps that dispense the right dose and ease the application. 

The silky textures and fresh aromas of the products are a delight for the senses, and the elegant yet sturdy packaging makes for a pleasing delivery.


MGC Derma is at the high-end of the CBD skincare market.

The Essentials, Anti-Ageing and Revival ranges are more expensive than other similar products, however, this can be justified by the superior ingredients in MGC Derma’s products.

Having said this, it is important to remember that MGC Derma does not disclose the amount of CBD in its products, which is certainly not the usual industry practice.

Is this because they are unwilling to state how little CBD is in them? It is impossible to say.

MGC Derma’s CBD

MGC Derma uses effective natural ingredients and high-quality pure CBD for its products and manufactures under EU GMP and ISO supervision. These are all good indications of the quality of its products. 

Evidently, MGC Derma lives up to its promise to deliver high-quality CBD skin care products that naturally improve the condition of the skin.

CBD Concentration Mystery?

Having said this, what remains somewhat of a mystery is MGC Derma’s reluctance to let consumers know how much CBD is in their products.

The company’s reasoning can be paraphrased as follows: merely listing the amount of CBD in a product is arbitrary, and has little bearing on the efficacy of the product.

You can take a look at the explanation for yourself in the blog post on the MGC Derma website: How Much CBD Is The Right Amount?

While this is partly true, we at CBD Scanner believe CBD concentration to be an essential indicator of the potency of any CBD product, and to not release this information is a little disconcerting.

Regardless, these products are extremely popular and have customers across the world, so MGC Derma must be doing something right.

What Do MGC Derma’s Test Results Show?

This is another place where it gets a bit hazy.

MGC Derma, unlike most other CBD brands in the UK has not provided lab testing reports on its website.

The reasons behind this are explained to some extent on MGC Derma’s website, and they claim to have provided certification to all the relevant authorities, whoever they may be.

It is strange the difficulty in obtaining them, especially given the reputability of the holding company MGC Pharma, which is listed on the Australian stock exchange.

The reported reasons are also connected with the perceived irrelevance of CBD concentration in a product, as outlined in the previously mentioned article How Much CBD Is The Right Amount?

We’ll leave it to you to decide what to make of this practice.

What’s The Verdict?

As experts in the Medical Cannabis Industry, MGC Derma does not fall short of its reputation and offers a rich range of high-quality CBD skincare & cosmetic products. 

The company’s CBD Essentials, Anti-Ageing, and Revive lines target the most common skincare needs and provide relief and rejuvenation with the power of highly effective natural ingredients and pure CBD.

MGC Derma is at the high end of the CBD market, which is substantiated by its expertise.

However, it is important to question the decisions behind the company’s refusal to state two things: the amount and concentration of CBD in its products; its third-party certificates of analysis.

Key Information

  • Brand – MGC Derma
  • Spectrum Types – Isolate
  • Carrier Oil – Argan oil, Sesame oil, Carrot Seed oil, Evening Primrose oil, Rosehip oil, etc. These oils have anti-ageing, acne-treating and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Product Range –Three lines of Essential, Anti-Ageing and Revival skincare & cosmetic products.
  • Lab Testing Facility and Available Certification – The production is under GMP and ISO quality control.
  • Manufacture – MGC Derma UK’s hemp is grown in Europe. 
  • Returns Policy –  30 days
  • Shipping – Globally 

Costas Hadjipateras

Costas Hadjipateras

Costas has always been passionate about the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Since discovering the positive effects CBD had on his mental health, he has focussed his research on cannabinoid medicine and the UK's CBD industry. He took the decision to launch CBD Scanner so as to provide greater transparency to consumers.

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