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Alpinols is another Swiss-based CBD brand aiming to deliver CBD products that are of the most premium variety. Although the company’s products do come with a price tag, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better quality CBD out there.

Product Range
Mission and Vision

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An Introduction to Alpinols

Quick Summary

  • A huge product range stemming from e-liquid to drinks to gummies and everything inbetween.
  • Well-established in the US but still finding its feet in the UK – reflected in less products being available for sale.
  • Made with pure organic CBD.
  • A range of CBD concentrations and flavours on offer.
  • Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products.
  • Test results available for most products.

Alpinols is a company which, unsurprisingly, is based in one of the Alpine countries, Switzerland. You may not be too surprised at this given the Swiss have a bit of a tradition when it comes to premium CBD companies, and Alpinols is no exception.

Alpinols is a brand with a premium-feel and high-quality products to boot.

The company uses state-of-the art production facilities and laboratories, as well as its very own greenhouse allowing it to produce its hemp extracts all year round.

This results in deliciously potent CBD extracts brimming with cannabinoids and terpenes putting the company right up there when it comes to CBD production.

It speaks for itself that a seasoned CBD user like myself really felt the effects of the oils at such low concentrations.

But how does Alpinols shape up when compared to other brands?

Product Offering

When it comes to Alpinols’ product range, it’s clear to see that the company has focused on two areas: oils and topicals.

In fact, oils and topicals are the only products Alpinols sells, so if you’re looking for your next CBD vape juice, you better look elsewhere.

CBD Oils

First up, let’s start with the oils.

Alpinols offer a wide range of broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD oils in an array of different concentrations.

We were lucky enough to be sent three of Alpinols oils, the 5% full-spectrum and broad-spectrum oils, and the 2.5% water soluble oil.

Honestly, I was surprised at the potency of the oil, given it was only 5%. I experienced a sense of calm and focus shortly after taking each of the oils, although in my opinion, the full-spectrum was the most significant.

When it comes to taste, the broad and full-spectrum oils are incredibly “hempy” in flavour. Some may love this, while others may hate it, so bare this in mind.

The water-soluble oil also had hempy undertones, but it did leave a bitterness in the mouth which I needed to wash away with a nice cup of earl grey. If you’re sensitive to the taste of CBD oils, this may be more than you can handle.

Alpinols CBD Oils
Alpinols CBD Oils – High-Quality CBD from the Swiss Alps

When it comes to water-soluble CBD oil, the jury is still very much out given the lack of research into this area.

The theory goes, that because we humans are mostly water, it makes it easier for our bodies to absorb water soluble CBD. But, as I said, this is certainly not CBD gospel.

Aside from these product ranges, Alpinols’ full-spectrum Tommy Chong range also offers some interesting product variations, including water-soluble CBD drops with turmeric and vitamin C.

And yes, that’s right, Tommy Chong – one half of the legendary stoner comic duo Cheech and Chong – has teamed up with Alpinols to create his very own CBD product line. If that isn’t an indication of the quality of the ‘erb involved, I don’t know what is.

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Alpinols Water Soluble Drops

Alpinols Water Soluble CBD Drops

CBD Type: Full Spectrum
CBD Content: 250
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Alpinols Bio CBD Oil 10% Full-Spectrum Bottle and Box

Alpinols Originals – Full Spectrum CBD Oil

CBD Type: Full Spectrum
CBD Content: 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 4000
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CBD Topicals

Alpinols’ topical range includes everything from sports gel to massage oil, and it’s all packaged and bottled nicely in containers of varying shapes and sizes.

If we’re being picky, the sticky labels are prone to peel off if left in a steamy bathroom, ahem, but it’s what’s in the containers that really matters.

  • The Active – the active is a CBD and aloe infusion designed to provide anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. It also includes glucosamine sulfate, which is the natural sugar found in cartilage and has been demonstrated to slow progression of knee osteoarthritis in a number of patients. I found, that the active did offer some respite to my tired hamstrings after a long run and can see its usefulness is applying after strenuous exercise.
  • The Essential – to be applied before using the booster, the essential is a gentle cream suitable for use at the start or end of the day designed to protect, soothe, and regenerate the skin. Also containing CBD, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, the cream also contains vitamin E and other ingredients enabling it to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.
Alpinols The Essential CBD Face Cream
The Essential: CBD Face Cream | Alpinols
  • The Booster – a full-spectrum CBD, Aloe and Hyaluron Gel Serum to apply to the face for an ultra-hydrating experience. It includes vitamin C, which promotes collagen production, and hyaluronic acid, know for being able to hold over 1,000 times its weight in water.
  • The Dreamer – finally, we’ve got, the dreamer, a CBD and jojoba-infused massage oil
    as the name suggests, the dreamer is a massage oil designed to instil a sense of relaxation into softly massaged skin. The ingredients are simply Alpinols’ full-spectrum CBD extract and jojoba oil that can also be applied to slightly moist skin after showering or to dry hair overnight to moisturise.

All CBD topicals, aside from the massage oil, obviously, are oil free and ideal for those not wanting to exacerbate already oily skin. They all also include full-spectrum CBD oil, although we don’t know in what concentrations.

From my experience with the products, they all feel luxurious and smell wonderfully earthy. The sports gel did provide my tired muscles with some much-needed relief after a strenuous workout and the facial cream and gel left my face feeling hydrated and yet not feeling oily.

Overall Impressions

Look and Feel

Alpinols’ entire product range is professionally packaged and labelled, with a clean, premium feel about them, much like the image of the country they hail from.

The oils all come in standard glass bottles with a dropper and are labelled black and white for full-spectrum and THC-free products respectively.  

The special orange labels are reserved for Alpinols’ range dedicated to tackling menstrual cramps, endorsed by the German lifestyle magazine imgegenteil.

The Alpinols’ topical range has a bit more character to them, with differing shapes, sizes and materials depending on the product. They all have a weighty, durable feel to them and wouldn’t look out of place in your local salon.

CBD Delivery

With Alpinols’ range only including oils to be taking orally and topicals applied to the skin, the delivery of the CBD is limited.

However, my personal experience with the products is very good in this respect, with the effects of the CBD being felt to a surprising degree given the moderate dosages I sampled.


Flavour is perhaps the area where Alpinols falls down slightly.

The taste of the CBD oils is, on the whole, not horrible, but you could hardly describe it as a taste sensation. Having said that, most users take CBD oil for its effects, flavour is normally just a bonus.

It’s worth mentioning that the topical range smells amazing though.


Alpinols is a brand that exudes high-quality. However, that quality comes at a price, and that price is not insignificant.

The cheapest oil available on Alpinols website at the time of writing is the 5% full-spectrum coming in at £32 for 10ml, although you can buy the larger 30ml bottle for £72. That’s £24 per 10ml for those who are wondering.

However, as the CEO and co-founder of Alpinols put it, “trust, research, innovation, quality and transparency are the most important values for Alpinols,” and we have definitely found this to be the case while experiencing their products and getting to know the brand.

Alpinols’ CBD

Cultivated and manufactured in Switzerland with state-of-the-art facilities, Alpinols is a company that’s serious about its CBD production. From our perspective, the company scores very highly in this category.

Alpinols prides itself on producing full and broad-spectrum extracts with an incredibly high terpene content and a whole host of different cannabinoids.

And we can confirm that the lab reports provided by Alpinols confirm this.

While the broad-spectrum products contain mostly CBD and CBG, six separate cannabinoids were detected in the full-spectrum extract.

Furthermore, the broad-spectrum extract contains no less than 15 different terpenes, making up over 34% of the extract itself.

In other words, if you’re not experiencing the entourage effect with these products, you ain’t ever gonna experience it!

What’s the entourage effect you might ask? Well…

You can check out our blog on the subject, and if demanded, there may even be a video coming your way in the near future.

What Do Alpinols’ Test Results Show?

Alpinols is a brand that claims to value transparency very highly, and this is demonstrated with its CBD oils. Lab reports with cannabinoid concentration for every oil is available on site, and we have received documents confirming that its products pass all the appropriate pesticide and heavy metal testing criteria.

One blot on an otherwise spotless rap-sheet, however, is the fact that lab reports are not provided for Alpinols’ topical products. While we know that the company is using the full spectrum extract in its topicals, we don’t know in what quantity. And while the CBD oil lab reports are provided on the website, we’re still none the wiser as to the relative amounts that are in each of the topicals.

While the company may wish to protect its formula from competitors, this does leave us not knowing exactly how much CBD is in each topical, which isn’t ideal.

What’s The Verdict?

Alpinols’ long history in cannabis cultivation and stringent manufacturing process make it a brand you can trust and one that we would happily recommend to our readers, especially given that its products are vegan, non-GMO and 100% natural.

While there are certainly a few rough edges when you head to the Alpinols website, not least the bits of leftover German intermingled with translated English, you can’t argue that the look and feel of the brand is super-premium, which goes hand-in-hand with the quality of the products.

The topical CBD products are also of an extremely high-quality and, given that they are all made with the full-spectrum extract, we can be sure that they contain the same excellent CBD that the oils do. However, it would be great to know exactly how much CBD they contain.

It is our mission to make high-quality Swiss CBD accessible to everyone; for a balanced, stress-free and healthy lifestyle.

Trust, research, innovation, quality and transparency are therefore the most important values for us – after all, our health is always the priority.

Matteo Delbrück, CEO and Co-founder

While it would be great for Alpinols to introduce some other products to its range, I for one would love to try vaping its full-spectrum extract, the current offering already represents a great selection for CBD enthusiasts and new-comers alike.

However, as mentioned previously, Alpinols’s excellent CBD comes at a price, and the brand is definitely trying to target consumers at the higher end of the CBD spectrum, no pun intended. This means that Alpinols isn’t for everyone, but if you’re willing to spend your hard-earned cash to get the good stuff, you can be certain that Alpinols’ products are of the highest calibre.

Key Information

  • Brand – Alpinols
  • Spectrum Types – Full and Broad (Except isolate for Jojoba Oil) 
  • Carrier Oil – Organic Sunflower Seed Oil 
  • Product Range – Oils, Topicals
  • Lab Testing Facility and Available Certification – Internally and Third Party Lab Tested, Lab Reports Available for Oils
  • Manufacture – The CBD is cultivated and manufactured in-house in Switzerland.
  • Extraction – CO2 Extraction
  • Shipping – UK and Europe

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