Holistic Hemp Scotland Review

This is our Holistic Hemp Scotland brand review where we go in deep on this Scottish artisan CBD brand with a diverse and unique product range. If you’re interested in learning more about the products, you can take a look at our Holistic Hemp Scotland Product Reviews. Otherwise, read on for the full lowdown on this unique brand!

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Holistic Hemp Scotland are the kind of brand we at CBD Scanner really like; the company reminds us of a beautiful farm shop offering authentic hand-made products… but with excellent CBD infused within them! These guys spend more of their time trying to bring high-quality CBD products to market that really offer customers effective CBD for maximum impact, rather than focusing on polished branding and sexy celebrity endorsements. The company has a diverse product range catering to may different needs and packed full of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavinoids for the ultimate hemp experience. Holistic Hemp Scotland may be a little rough around the edges, but we kind of like that… a lot.

Product Range
Mission and Vision

An Introduction To Holistic Hemp Scotland

Quick Summary

  • Scottish-based artisan CBD company.
  • Remarkably diverse range of products.
  • Focus on full-spectrum blends.
  • Offer unique tea and coffee products, as well as CBD and CBG paste.
  • Certificates of analysis are provided for every product.

Holistic Hemp Scotland is a small, artisanal Scottish cannabis company supplying organically grown, lab-tested, full-spectrum CBD/CBDa oils, pastes, capsules, edibles, and extracts.

The company prides itself on being “the UK’s leading ethical legal cannabinoid supplier” – and the products back this up. 

Holistic Hemp’s high-quality range of cannabis goods are carefully crafted from the ground up using the best ingredients – from seed to selection – and natural, biodynamic production processes.

Holistic Hemp’s Scottish Roots

Founded in 2016, Holistic Hemp is a relatively well-established (in CBD industry terms) Scottish CBD company.

Throughout its four years in business so far, the company has reliably delivered on its mission: to provide high-quality, artisanally produced and fully-legal cannabis products to the UK and beyond.

Holistic Hemp’s customers’ rave reviews speak to this dedication, and the company has developed strong working relationships across Europe in order to maintain and grow its transparent supply chain.

What really distinguishes Holistic Hemp from the bulk of its peers and competitors (particularly amidst the boom in CBD supply and the resulting competitive pressures), is the fact that the Holistic Hemp team has retained their in-house, artisanal production and distribution process. They haven’t resorted to outsourcing supply or importing low-quality hemp fibers from India or China in a bid to lower overhead costs.

The company’s stated commitment to ethical and natural manufacturing therefore remains intact, and is as credible now as it was when Holistic Hemp Scotland first started out.

Holistic Hemp is also a member of the UK Cannabis Trades Association (CTA) and is a supporter of the NGO United Patients Alliance, demonstrating interest in the explicitly medicinal usage and development of cannabis products for people across the UK and EU.

Holistic Hemp sees itself as not only a seller in the market, but as an organisation with a responsibility to “educate, to guide and to provide relentless quality to the customers who rely on our products to live the best version of their lives.” 

Product Offering


Alpine 5% CBD Oil

Holistic Hemp offers this full-spectrum CBD Oil at a 5% concentration in a 10ml bottle (500mg of CBD). The Alpine Oil gets its name from where the hemp is grown — the European Alps — and is an EU Certified Legal hemp extract.

The Alpine CBD oil is noted for having a milder taste than alternatives comparable in potency.

5% CBD/CBDa Oil

This is the Holistic Hemp customer favourite and is widely considered the company’s flagship product.

The 10ml tincture is a proprietary blend of full-spectrum organically-grown EU cannabis extract in a cannabis seed carrier oil, offering a 5% concentration with a CBDa:CBD ratio of 57% to 43%.

The CBD + CBDa Oil contains full spectrum CBD hemp oil and uses hemp seed oil as a carrier.

This means that the +CBDa oil has a slightly stronger taste, however, for those seeking a product more diverse in cannabinoid makeup, it may be the best choice despite being slightly more expensive.

10% or 15% CBD/CBDa Oils

These more potent iterations of Holistic’s flagship 5% CBD/CBDa oil offer higher dosage options.

Both oils also come in 10ml tincture bottles and are mixed with cannabis seed carrier oil, with the 10% concentrate offering 1000mg of the full-spectrum CBD/CBDa extract, and the 15% variant offering 1500mg.

It’s worth noting that the dominant terpenes in these particular oils, including Guaiol, beta-Caryophyllene and alpha-Humelene, create a rich flavour profile and a distinctly spicy kick.

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Holistic Hemp Scotland Dewaxed CBD Oil - Front

Holistic Hemp CBD Oil

CBD Type: Full Spectrum
CBD Content: 100, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000
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CBD Capsules

Holistic Hemp’s full-spectrum CBD capsules contain their signature terpene-rich CO2 hemp extract in a water soluble formula, designed to increase bioavailability.

There are two slight variations offered – the first is the straight CBD capsules (with 15mg of CBD per capsule), which come 30 to a bottle. The second is the CBD Plus Turmeric, with an added turmeric paste extract, which contains 10mg CBD, 20mg Curcumin and 10mg Tumerone per capsule – and again comes with 30 capsules in the bottle.

Cannabinoid Paste

15% Cannabidiol (CBD) Paste

The Holistic CBD Cannabis Paste is a highlight of their product range. Organic cultivation and processing of the cannabis, which is hand-picked (of course) and hung out till dry then cured, avoids the use of pesticides, fertilisers or solvents completely.

The full-spectrum extract comes in a 3g tube, so the total 450mg of CBD can be easily divided into 30 x 15mg doses.

17.7% Cannabigerol (CBG) Paste

Holistic’s CBG Paste is pricier than it’s CBD cousin – and there are good reasons for this.

Not only is CBG, or ‘cannabigerol’, particularly special – primarily because it is the natural base or ‘root’ from which all other cannabinoids are synthesized – but each 3g tube also contains a whopping 530mg of active cannabinoids, the vast majority of which is raw CBG.

This means 30 x 18mg doses if you like. So basically it’s a one-of-a-kind product made from a base cannabinoid ingredient that is original as sin.

Holistic Hemp Scotland CBG Paste
Organically Grown CBG Paste from Holistic Hemp Scotland

CBD Infused Coffees (Caffeinated & Decaf)

These sumptuous CBD Coffees manage to do justice to both of their heritages: quality, mild-tasting cannabidiol meets rainforest-alliance sourced Beans in delicately infused, crema-producing full-spectrum cannabinoid coffees that really get it right.

Avoiding the common pitfall of DIY approaches to combining CBD and coffee – namely an overpowering CBD-flavour – by roasting the beans using high-quality blends of cold-pressed CBD oils, these magical coffees (which you can buy as beans, medium ground or filter) is 250g of morning delight.

The caffeinated variant uses 100% Arabica Honduras Coffee beans, whilst the decaf option uses 100% Arabica from Colombia.

The coffees are 100% natural – no artificial colours, aromas or preservatives here, and with 250mg of full-spectrum CBD and roughly 25 cups of coffee to each bag, you’re looking at potentially 10mg of CBD per cuppa joe.

Luxury Hemp Tea

The ‘Luxury’ Hemp Tea by Holistic is a special treat that you can savour.

As with most of their products its Hand-harvested, cured, chopped, befor being portioned into biodegradable pyramid tea bags.  The simple recipe, which evokes pine, eucalyptus, lemon, black pepper and hops, allows the quality ingredients (including Cannabis Sativa L. extract) to shine through.

Raw Hemp Honey

Holistic Hemp Scotland’s original full-spectrum Hemp Honey is a beautiful, unique product. Each 365g jar contains 667.95mg of CBDA and 10.95mg CBD, among a range of other cannabinoids (with a grand total of 759mg).

The raw honey is lovingly created by a team of artisanal beekeepers on a family-run bee farm in Lithuania, in concert with the bees of course! The bees themselves buzz around vast organic ranges of meadows and meadows, and its this environment that gives the honey it’s pure, earthy blend of flavours.

The raw honey is ethically harvested and then infused with organic cannabis trichomes, without heating or filtering processes, before being measured into jars and arriving to you – it’s a little marvel.

Overall Impressions

Look and Feel

The team at Holistic Hemp Scotland are proud of their Scottish heritage, and, besides having it in the name, aren’t afraid to let people know.

It does go a long way in reminding users that, unlike larger-scale CBD operations, the company have started small and have therfore been able to lovingly develop the product range, making sure its products that they themselves would use.

It’s clear that the company doesn’t have the budget of some of its competitors, but the term artisan is something which Holistic Hemp Scotland truly encapsulates.


The biodynamic approach and full-spectrum output of Holistic’s manufacturing means their cannabinoid products offer authentic and interesting flavour profiles, with options to choose from.

Their CBD/CBDa Oils are marked by the dominant terpenes in their full-spectrum extract, providing a rich, earthy flavour base with a notably spice kick.

The raw honey and hemp tea offer a delectable range of natural floral aromas and overtones, and the coffees are balanced enough so that drinkers enjoy both natural hemp and arabica flavours.

CBD Delivery

The selection of Oils all come in tincture bottles that include droppers for easy and exact delivery of doses.

The Capsules are highly practical, discreet and have the potential benefit of slower-release of the CBD’s effects. The Pastes come in syringe-tubes for easy access and allocation of doses.

Their coffees can conveniently be ordered as beans, medium ground or filter.

The hemp tea comes in biodegradable pyramid-shaped bags so you don’t have to mess around with metal tea infusers, and the honey comes in a glass jar!


Holistic’s products, despite being primo quality, remain in a pretty reasonable price range. Nothing exceeds £50 and you can snag their 3g CBD Cannabis Paste for £25, and their flagship 10ml 5% CBD/CBDa Oil for £35. Their CBD Capsules are definitely on the pricier side of the spectrum compared with similar products, but their choice picks – think CBD and CBG Pastes, and CBD/CBDa Oils – are value not to be overlooked. 

Holistic Hemp’s CBD

Holistic still hand-harvests the best flowers from their own hemp crops on small organic farms across the EU, so that only the finest grade of raw Cannabis forms the basis of their products.

The farms operate using bio-dynamic, organic growing processes and absolutely no pesticides or artificial fertilisers. They then hang, dry, and slow-cure these 100% naturally – ensuring minimal handling

After this, they then extract the hemp using the tried and tested CO2-extraction method, under low heat and low pressure conditions – ensuring high potency and low energy-intensity production. This is why all their CBD products contain a full-spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids!

Holistic Hemp is definitely one of the premium cannabinoid brands out there. Their small-scale, artisanal setups across Europe are characterised by hand-harvesting, drying and curing, natural and organic ingredients, and solvent-free, sustainable production processes.

They also use the gold-standard CO2 extraction method and consistent third-party lab testing, meaning they can deliver quality reliably.

What Do Holistic Hemp’s Test Results Show?

Holistic Hemp Scotland are rigorous with its testing processes.

All of the company’s products are tested by PhytoVista Laboratories and every product is accompanied with cannabinoid, residual solvent and terpene certificates of analysis.

You can find these COAs on the product pages of the Holistic Hemp website.

What’s The Verdict?

Holistic Hemp Scotland have a solid history, a high-quality product range, and a great record with people who buy from them.

The companies interesting and somewhat rare oils, pastes, and edibles like tea, coffee and honey, showcase an innovativeness, perfectionism and commitment to originality that distinguishes Holistic Hemp from some of the other CBD companies out there. 

While the company does have some reported problems with supply volumes (particularly for its pastes), there’s definitely plenty of opportunity to get a hold of Holistic Hemp products. 

Its seed-to-selection, organic approach to hemp cultivation, artisanal hand-harvesting and original recipes stay true to the company’s sustainable roots, as well as ensure that Holistic Hemp keeps delivering its now signature excellence.

Not to mention that Holistic Hemp continues to price its finely crafted offering at a reasonably competitive price point.

Given all this, CBD lovers are likely to feel pretty content with a tartan basketful of Holistic Hemp products, and may even feel obliged to start wearing a kilt.

Key Information

  • Brand – Holistic Hemp Scotland
  • Spectrum Types – Full
  • Carrier Oil – Cannabis seed oil
  • Product Range – Oils, Pastes, Capsules, Coffee, Tea, and Honey
  • Lab Testing Facility and Available Certification – Up-to-date, independent lab tests, historically conducted by Phytovista Laboratories
  • Manufacture – The hemp is sourced from small artisanal organic farming operations across the EU, and they use solvent-free CO2 extraction processes to arrive at their full-spectrum cannabis extracts.
  • Returns Policy –  Full-refund returns require the product to be unopened and must be organised by email within 14 days of receiving the product. Import duties are non-refundable. If the product is defective or damaged there is a full warranty period of 3 months.
  • Shipping – UK, EEA and Worldwide and Ireland

Costas Hadjipateras

Costas Hadjipateras

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