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Why CBD Scanner?

Our CBD Story

Here at CBD Scanner, we have always believed passionately in cannabinoids and their potential benefits across a variety of areas. As daily users, our co-founders, Costas and Will, were unable to find a source of honest, credible and impartial information about cannabidiol products on the market. 

This is how CBD Scanner was born.

We aim to dispel the confusion surrounding cannabidiol products, allowing our users to discover the top products available from brands that truly care about the quality of their cannabidiol. 

First and foremost, that means understanding where these companies source their CBD from, using suppliers that offer full accountability and transparency in their process.

We aim to go further than the tip of the iceberg.

Tip Of The Iceberg
Will Sibley

Will Sibley, Co-Founder

Will has combined his website development skills with his passion for all-things CBD to bring CBD Scanner to life. A digital marketer by trade CBD Scanner was an opportunity for him to bring something positive to the online UK CBD space.

Costas Hadjipateras

Costas Hadjipateras, Co-Founder

A creatively focused individual with a desire to constantly expand his knowledge base, Costas enjoys communicating with customers and brands in order to come up with new ways to uncloud the CBD landscape for UK users.

Our Judgement Criteria

In order to provide cohesive reviews across a wide range of CBD products and brands respectively, we have developed two sets of criteria to guide us for each review type.

This judgment criteria is central to CBD Scanner’s goal to provide our readers with clarity over their CBD purchases. 

How We Scan CBD

Brand Criteria

1. CBD Production

How a company sources its cannabis and produces its CBD is central to the quality of its products. We check the production processes used by brands to see if they comply with industry best practices.

2. Product Range

With so many brands out there it can feel like there is little to differentiate one from another. We scour the entire product range of our reviewed brands for innovation and consistency across the board.

3. Transparency

Brand transparency is the most important factor in determining our recommendation. If a brand isn't forthcoming with its key information and doesn't provide third party lab reports, this could mean it has something to hide.

4. Mission and Vision

It is important to us at CBD Scanner that a brand we've reviewed aligns with our own principles: ethical practices, sustainability and good value for our users. If a brand is on our site, you'll know it complies with these considerations.

Product Criteria

1. Ingredients

Most CBD products contain not only cannabinoids but other plant and/or artificial compounds too. We know how important ingredients sourcing is, which is why we take both cannabinoid and other ingredients.

2. Product Potency

Although highly potent products may not be something that everyone is after, it provides one of the best measures of value for money. A more potent product means one which you can use less of to get the desired result.

3. Experience

Many CBD users are taking CBD for its potential health and wellness benefits, however, using CBD should be a pleasurable experience too. We measure experience on how enjoyable and accessible a product is for consumers.

4. Testing

The safety of the product is of vital importance in our recommendations. We determine this through third party lab reports and the inclusion of any potential harmful ingredients in the product, such as PG and VG in CBD vape oils.

Get In Touch!

As a company, we are always open to new ways we can help our readers. We love hearing from you and always endeavour to get back as soon as we can.

If you would like to get in touch with us, please head to our contact page where you can find all the information you need.

All the best, and happy scanning!

The Team at CBD Scanner.

CBD Scanner