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This is our Harmony review, looking into what makes the brand tick and the calibre of products it offers to you, the customer. You can also take a look at our Harmony CBD Product Reviews if you’d like a more in-depth look at some of its product range.

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Harmony offers a wider range of CBD oils, topicals, gummies, capsules, isolates and vape products that offer good value for the customer. Its oils are all broad-spectrum and are packed with additional terpenes and flavinoids for an authentic, tasty and potent experience – everything you need in a CBD Oil without the risk of failing a drug test with the exclusion of THC. However, it would be great if the rest of its product range used broad-spectrum CBD too. We believe this would take Harmony to the next level.

Product Range
Mission and Vision

An Introduction To Harmony

Quick Summary

  • Has a huge variety of CBD vaping products on offer, with 15 different flavours.
  • Also has a range of concentrated terpenes to add to a base e-liquid.
  • Limited in terms of other products but looking to expand.
  • Variety of e-liquid strengths are available at very reasonable prices.

Harmony is one of the most recognisable names in the CBD industry.

It was founded in May 2014 by Antonin Cohen, an entrepreneur who spent over a decade focusing on both cannabis science and building start-ups; a harmonious match made in heaven.

Considering this, it is no surprise that Harmony takes a scientific approach to CBD products.

Harmony has now grown into a CBD giant with offices in Barcelona, Paris, London and Lima. Their team boasts members from over 12 nationalities and their products are sold in more than 40 countries.

The hemp used in Harmony’s products is all grown in the EU on family farms and extracted using CO2 extraction.

Harmony’s mission is to provide affordable cannabidiol products and it is clear through their pricing that this is indeed the case.

Harmony CBD Relax Mind and Body

Product Offering

Harmony’s focus has always been on CBD e-liquids and vaping products however in January 2020, they released a new product range which includes their Natural CBD Oil (internal link), a new range of cannabis essential terpenes and Pure CBD Isolate. Let’s find out more:


Harmony’s premium CBD Oils were released in early 2020 and we at CBD Scanner have been very excited to try them out. As to be expected with Harmony, they are fairly priced and use natural ingredients all designed to help you get the most out of the product. 

These oils do not just contain cannabidiol (CBD), they also each have CBG in them as well.

The oils come in 3 different strength options: 150mg CBD + 4mg CBG, 500mg CBD + 6mg CBG and 1500mg CBD + 8mg CBG. Each product comes with a scannable QR code so that the consumer can check the certificate of analysis to be assured of product quality, presence of stated CBD and CBG dosage and lack of any unwanted contaminants.

The oils are 100% vegan, non-GMO and made combined with terpenoids, organic olive oil and MCT Coconut Oil (widely believed to be the best carrier oil for absorbing CBD into the bloodstream).

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Harmony Natural Hemp CBD Oil 1,000mg

Harmony CBD Oil Drops

CBD Type: Broad Spectrum
CBD Content: 100, 300, 1000, 3000
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Pure CBD Isolate

Harmony offers 99% pure CBD Isolated crystals extracted through “winterised” hemp oil. This process involves heating extracted hemp oil slowly in order to remove the lipids and fats leaving just the CBD crystals.

This product is offered in 500mg portions. Terpenes can be added in order to add to the flavour and also to create a potential Entourage Effect.

CBD Vapes and E Liquids

Harmony’s vape cartridges and E-Liquids are famous in their class. You can find these products for sale in a large number of high street CBD and vaping stores all over Europe and beyond! With their mission of affordability well in mind, it is hard to find a reason NOT to buy one. They are indeed very enticing.

The bioavailability of vaping CBD products is higher than that of sublingual oils (internal). This means that if you were to ingest 10mg of CBD through a vape pen, more of the compound would be absorbed into your bloodstream than if you were to ingest it sublingually (taking drops under your tongue) or orally (edible products or capsules).

Harmony’s e-liquids also have added terpenes, contributing not only to the effect of the product but also to the taste of the vapour.

There are a large number of terpenes and each has different benefits.

Terpenes are what give cannabis products their unique smell but these same terpenes are what give many other natural products scent and taste, e.g. oranges, pine leaves, lemons etc…

You can acquire specific blends of terpene profiles (combinations of specific terpenes that create a unique scent and effect) in several different flavours.

The strength of Harmony’s e liquids are as follows:

  • 30mg of CBD (3mg/mL) or a CBD concentration of 0.3%
  • 100mg of CBD (10mg/mL) or a CBD concentration of 1%
  • 300mg of CBD (30mg/mL) or a CBD concentration of 3%
  • 600mg of CBD (60mg/mL) or a CBD concentration of 6%

 Harmony’s vaping products come in two forms:

Vape Juice

You can purchase the vape juice in multiple different strains and flavours. Some of them, such as Pineapple Express and OG Kush, are inspired by cannabis strains and are flavoured to try and mimic the terpenes found in these strains.

Other flavours, such as Morrocan Mint and Wild Strawberry, are similar to the kind of flavours one may find in regular vaping juices.

You can also find the vape juices for sale bundled with a vape if you don’t already own one.

Tempo Pods

These Tempo Pods will be replacing the aforementioned cartridges when they are released very soon. We are one of the first to get our hands on them.

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Harmony Tempo Starter Kit CBD Vape Pen

Harmony CBD Vape Pod TEMPO

CBD Type: Broad Spectrum
CBD Content: 318
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Harmony CBD Vape Cart Mint Hemp 100mg

Harmony CBD Pen Cartridge

CBD Type: Broad Spectrum
CBD Content: 100
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Harmony OG Kush and Moroccan Mint CBD Pen Kits

Harmony CBD Pen Kit

CBD Type: Broad Spectrum
CBD Content: 100
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Harmony CBD E-Liquid OG Kush

Harmony CBD E-Liquid

CBD Type: Broad Spectrum
CBD Content: 30, 100, 300, 600
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Overall Impressions

Look and Feel

Harmony’s product packaging and bottling is relatively unremarkable, the products are nice enough and the new Tempo CBD Vape Pens look quite sleek.

It’s safe to say Harmony are more concerned with what’s in its products rather than what’s on them.


Flavoured vaping products are Harmony’s forte.

They use a combination of terpene derived flavours as well as artificial flavours to create a broad variety of flavours in their e liquids.

Online reviews from customers seem to all be glowing and we at CBD Scanner are well inclined to agree!


Free shipping all over Europe for any order of £30 (or euros) and over. Estimated delivery to the UK is 3-5 Business Days although we received our order even sooner than that.

Harmony employs a ‘Safe Shipping’ policy which prioritises customer privacy… Meaning their packaging is discrete.

Furthermore, if you are not satisfied for whatever reason with your product, Harmony claim to have a promise for you. ‘Achieve Total Happiness’ is their message, meaning customer satisfaction comes first.

They will give full refunds or store credits for unused products – if it has been used, they may offer a partial refund, however, it seems as though they will not refund the shipping cost.


As previously mentioned, you are not gonna find more bang for your buck than here. Harmony has the economies of scale to be able to keep their costs down and therefore keep their prices down. This does not seem to have affected quality either so it’s a thumbs up from us.

Harmony’s CBD

There is no doubt that Harmony has become synonymous with high quality CBD Vaping products, which is a view shared by both us and those of other online reviewers.

The fact that they use GMP certified hemp grown on family farms in the EU, coupled with their policy of affordability, is a great start.

What Do Harmony’s Test Results Show?

However, there are two big questions to ask with all CBD products:

Are they 3rd party lab tested?

‘Do they come with a Certificate of Analysis proving they contain the cbd content they claim to have and without any nasties?’

Well, Harmony tests every single batch of CBD independently and you can verify this by checking the back of your product, finding the batch number (6 numbers plus a letter found on each product sticker) and searching that number on the Harmony website. This will provide all users with peace of mind and clarity.

All of Harmony’s testing is carried out by the company Eurofins.

You can also check a batch pre-purchase by going to that product on the Harmony website and clicking on the Certificate of Analysis tab. There you will be able to find lab reports for each test.

Here’s an example test report for Harmony’s 300mg Natural CBD oil for you to take a look at, taken from the website.

We like it when manufacturers are transparent!

What’s The Verdict?

Harmony CBD is a giant in the CBD industry worldwide, and it’s easy to see why.

The company employs a rigorous testing process and endeavours to be as transparent as possible by providing every test report for every product batch on its website.

Not to mention the fact that it has some great CBD products!

With the company always innovating with new products like the CBD Tempo pods while still producing stellar staples like its huge e-liquid range its clear that Harmony is a company that plans to be around for the long-run.

Although Harmony is yet to develop CBD skincare products like many of its competitors, as well as only having one natural CBD oil on offer, the company does plan to change this in the near future.

If these ranges grow to be anywhere near as diverse as its huge CBD vape juice catalogue, we should be in for a treat.

Key Information

  • Brand – Harmony
  • Spectrum Types – Isolate
  • Carrier Oil – PG/VG for vapes – Olive oil and MCT Coconut oil for their drops
  • Product Range – Vape juice/ e-liquid, vapes, drops, topicals (coming soon)
  • Lab Testing Facility and Available Certification – Up-to-date, independent lab tests- batch code can be found on each product, type it into the website search bar and you should find the Certificate of Analysis
  • Manufacture – The hemp is sourced from small family GMP farming operations across the EU, they use a solvent-free CO2 extraction
  • Returns Policy –  Full refund for unopened products, partial refund if it has been used. You cover the postage.
  • Shipping – UK and Europe, UPS

Costas Hadjipateras

Costas Hadjipateras

Costas has always been passionate about the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Since discovering the positive effects CBD had on his mental health, he has focussed his research on cannabinoid medicine and the UK's CBD industry. He took the decision to launch CBD Scanner so as to provide greater transparency to consumers.

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