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Welcome to our Hempura brand review! Read on to find out all you need to know about this UK-based CBD company or take a look at our Hempura Product Reviews for a more in-depth analysis of its product range.

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Hempura has a decent range of CBD products, especially when it comes to CBD oil, although its overall offering seems to have been reduced in recent years. That’s not to say that the products that it still does offer are not of excellent quality. It’s great to see Hempura offering full-spectrum products with added terpenes that result in effective, potent products, although they are perhaps on the pricier side when compared with competitors such as Cibdol and Highkind.

Product Range
Mission and Vision

An Introduction To Hempura

Quick Summary

  • Comprehensive and transparent 3rd party lab reporting
  • All products (bar the chocolates which contain milk) are vegan
  • Affordable price points
  • Reputable for their customer experience
  • Hemp imported from Eastern Europe and processed here in the UK
  • Refined Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum oil options are available
  • A wide, diverse and unique product range

Relatively early to the UK CBD scene, Hempura was launched in February 2017, and has since established itself as a unique brand with an organic, sustainable vibe.

As well as this differentiation, which CBD companies desperately need to find in this convoluted marketplace, Hempura’s emphasis on traceability, trust and compliance quickly brought about a rise in popularity.

In this review, we will be exploring whether this highly-esteemed company warrants the praise it so often receives.

Product Offering


Hempura’s focus is on their range of oils which come in two forms; Full Spectrum Original Extract and Broad Spectrum Refined Extract.

Both oil types cost the same but differ in taste and level of refinement.

The broad spectrum is THC free whereas the full spectrum may have trace levels of THC (<0.05%), within the legal limits. These would also create a slightly different effect so it is worth trying them both to see which one you prefer.

CBD Content/(10ml)RRP CostCost per mgCost per drop (200 /bottle)Concentration
250mg£20.99£0.084£0.10 (1.25mg)2.5%
500mg£36.99£0.074£0.185 (2.5mg)5%
1000mg£64.99£0.065£0.325 (5mg)10%
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Hempura Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Hempura Full Spectrum CBD Oil

CBD Type: Broad Spectrum
CBD Content: 250, 500, 1000
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Hempura CBD Capsules

Hempura’s best selling Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules (INTERNAL LINK) are favourited by people who like to take the supplement in the same way that one may take other vitamins and supplements such as Vitamin C or Magnesium. They come in a box of 30, each containing 10mg of Full-Spectrum ground hemp. Ingesting CBD in this way will cause a different effect than taking it sublingually as it is absorbed into the body in different ways. 

CBD ContentRRP CostCost/mgCost/10mg Capsule

We were sad to see only one strength option for the capsules but since they are priced competitively, we would recommend that those seeking a higher dosage just take 2 capsules.

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Hempura CBD Capsules 30x 10mg Box

Hempura CBD Capsules

CBD Type: Broad Spectrum
CBD Content: 300
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Hempura CBD Cream

Hempura’s latest offering is their clinically proven CBD cream which claims to repair, restore and soothe the body. It comes with a useful vacuum pump system for mathematically accurate dosing and it’s packed full of nutrient rich flavonoids, phytonutrients and terpenes all of which contribute to the CBD having the desired effects on the user.

CBD Content/(50ml)RRP CostCost/mgCBD per pumpCost/ml

Hempura Hemp Tea

Costing only £9.99, Hempura’s herbal teas come packed full of flavour. You can grab it in an immune boosting Vitamin C Lemon flavour or Raspberry, packed full of Vitamin B1 to support a healthy heart. Each packet contains a generous 20 tea bags.

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Hempura Raspberry Hemp Tea and Cup

Hempura Hemp Tea

CBD Type: Full Spectrum
CBD Content: N/A
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Hempura CBD Chocolates

Hempura’s CBD chocolates really stood out to us as they really seem designed to not just be a tasty treat but also to deliver a healthy dose of CBD to the consumer. It is rare to come across chocolate CBD products with 1000mg of refined CBD hemp extract in them so these are really packed full of the good stuff!

What’s more, these chocs are designed to be halved for easy dosing and also melt under the tongue, perfect for sublingual administration (ie getting the most out of them, CBD wise). 

CBD StrengthRRPCost/mgCost per chocolate (20)CBD per chocolate (20)
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Hempura White Chocolate

Hempura White CBD Chocolate

CBD Type: Broad Spectrum
CBD Content: 500, 1000
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Hempura CBD Vape Liquid

We were really excited to learn about Hempura’s CBD Vape Liquid. Vaping is a really cost-effective way to administer CBD, boasting a much higher potential rate of absorption into the bloodstream.

Hempura’s Vape Liquid has a citrus terpene profile with no artificial flavours. Terpenes have been added to create flavour and add to the well-documented Entourage Effect.

The hemp has undergone a THC removal process, winterisation and filtration. This sometimes reduces the cannabinoid spectrum. The Vape Liquid comes in 3 strengths:

CBD StrengthRRPCost/mgConcentration
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Hempura CBD Vape Liquid

Hempura CBD Vape Liquid

CBD Type: Isolate
CBD Content: 250, 500
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Overall Impressions

Look and Feel

Hempura’s products all have an organic, wellness feel to them, with its packaging featuring what looks to be Indian Henna patterns throughout.

The company is really going all out on the health and wellness front, with Hempura hosting online yoga practices on social media. This is mirrored with its organic, all-natural product lines.

For example, its worth mentioning that Hempura’s CBD capsules are just about the only ones we’ve come across which have actual full-spectrum hemp inside them, rather than extracted CBD oil.

Hempura’s CBD

Hempura’s hemp is grown in Eastern Europe and the raw material is imported to the UK for extraction.

Depending on the end product, the imported hemp is subjected to supercritical CO2 extraction before undergoing a combination of decarboxylation, winterisation, filtration and other post-processing in order to maximise bioavailability, shelf life and other variables.

What Do Hempura’s Test Results Show?

What immediately jumped out at us about this brand was their fully transparent Lab Report system.

Each product contains a batch number to help identify the independent, 3rd party lab test results.

These lab reports are used to confirm the desired presence of cannabidiol (CBD) and any other legal cannabinoids (such as CBN) (insert link?) whilst also proving the absence of unwanted substances such as THC, heavy metals and pesticides.

We like this in particular because they have been doing it this way from the get-go which shows that they truly do and always have cared about the accuracy of what they are offering.

What’s The Verdict?

We are really happy to be affiliated with Hempura as they are a unique and conscientious CBD company.

Their product range is diverse and they offer something unique. Their product bundles are a great starting point if you’re not sure exactly what product to try. Likewise, their transparency, detailed product descriptions and affordable price points are a big bonus. We also are a fan of their product bundles which offer a great introduction to their products at discounted prices.

One more thing to note is that Hempura are registered with the Vegan Society which means that all their products (except the chocolates which contain dairy) meet the strict Vegan Society standards:

  1. Zero Animal Ingredients
  2. Zero Animal Testing
  3. Zero GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms)
  4. Good hygiene standards to prevent cross-contamination

We’d love to see Hempura take this even further and release a vegan chocolate too so that everyone can enjoy their full product range!

Costas Hadjipateras

Costas Hadjipateras

Costas has always been passionate about the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Since discovering the positive effects CBD had on his mental health, he has focussed his research on cannabinoid medicine and the UK's CBD industry. He took the decision to launch CBD Scanner so as to provide greater transparency to consumers.

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