Hempura Full Spectrum CBD Oil

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Entourage Potential8.5

We want to tell you everything we know about Hempura’s 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD oil. Whilst we haven’t tried it in this strength, we’ve tried the 500mg variant so we are able to shed some light about how this product is in real life. Read on to find out more and check prices!

Hempura Full Spectrum CBD Oil
Hempura Full Spectrum CBD Oil



So who are Hempura and are they any good?

Hempura is a company which prides itself on delivering a product that’s completely free of any additives, which means that you’ll only get a 100% natural CBD experience. The extract is also guaranteed to be full-spectrum, ensuring that you can make the most of the entourage effect. As such, knowing that the oil is rich in active cannabinoids—and nothing else—will give you the peace of mind to use this product, safe in the knowledge that you won’t fail a drugs test.

If you would like to learn more about Hempura and the other products they offer, visit our Hempura Brand Review.

We’ve been studying Hempura’s product range in-depth and this is probably their most popular product. This oil is great value and is uncompromising on taste, strength or quality. We think this is a top product and here’s why!

About the Product

First up, like all of Hempura’s product line, and as you’d expect from a CBD oil, this product is completely free of meat, dairy, gluten, nuts, fish and artificial flavours. The oil contains just two ingredients: Sativa hemp extract (the CBD extract), and organic Sativa hemp seed oil (the actual oil itself, also derived from the cannabis plant).

This Full-Spectrum CBD oil comes in a 10ml glass tincture which will give you approximately 200 drops. In each drop, you should expect to find approximately 5mg CBD for the 1,000mg bottle, as well as rich terpenes and other cannabinoids, flavonoids and phytonutrients.  This should help you accurately dose your CBD so you get the right amount.

The oil is also available in lower concentration dosages of 500mg (2.5mg/drop) and 250mg (1.25mg/drop).

As with most CBD oils, the most efficient way to absorb the natural cannabinoids in this product is by placing the oil under the tongue. On a less significant but still important point, this product is made and manufactured in the UK and comes in attractive green and gold packaging.

How does it look and feel?

As would be expected from a brand like Hempura, the products arrive packaged in a beautiful box which also protects the oil in transit. You find all the information you might need about this product on the packaging. Hempura also prints the batch number (and use by date) on the back of the box which can be used to find the Certificates of Analysis for the product. The bottle itself feels fairly premium, although we’ve come across more high-end-looking products.

Anyways, it’s more about what’s in it than what it’s in!

What carrier oil does Hempura use?

As with all of Hempura’s oils, this Full-Spectrum extract comes suspended in organic hemp seed oil which is packed full of rich omega-3. We like this as it keeps true to using the cannabis plant for all ingredients in the oil.

What does Hempura’s CBD Oil taste like?

As Hempura’s oil is Full Spectrum, the taste is quite strong. Some people love this earthy cannabis taste, however, it’s not for everyone. We have been studying a variety of CBD Oils and would say that this is not the worst we have tasted, but if you really can’t stand the taste, why don’t you try a flavoured CBD Oil such as fourfive’s CBD Oil Spray which is available in Orange flavour.

Tell me about the CBD

It’s all nice and well that the products look the part and taste good, but we came here for CBD. Does it stand up to the test?

About Hempura’s cannabidiol (CBD)

Hempura uses high-quality hemp sourced in Europe. If you would like to learn more about where it all comes from, take a look at our Hempura Brand Review.

Is this product lab tested?

Hempura sets the bar extremely high when it comes to Certificates of Analysis and product testing. All of Hempura’s products go through rigorous, independent lab testing, which guarantees that this is a quality CBD oil. They are famous in the industry for their unparalleled transparency.

Each product has a batch number printed on the back of the box. This can easily be used on Hempura’s website to search for your specific Certificate of Analysis to ensure safety and quality.


Cannabis sativa hemp extract, cannabis Sativa hemp seed oil

Key Points

  • 100% pure, full-spectrum hemp, grown organically
  • Rich in active cannabinoids
  • Vegetarian friendly and free from all other additives including harmful pesticides
  • Made in Great Britain
7.5Expert Score
We want to tell you everything we know about Hempura's 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD oil. Whilst we haven't tried it in this strength, we've tried the 500mg variant so we are able to shed some light about how this product is in real life. Read on to find out more and check prices!
Entourage Potential

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Specification: Hempura Full Spectrum CBD Oil



Carrier Oil

Hemp Seed Oil





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250, 500, 1000

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