The Original Alternative/CBD Brother’s Review

The Original Alternative / CBD Brothers Review

Quick Summary

  • Was previously known as CBD Brothers but has since changed its name to The Orignal Alternative.
  • Still has a range of oils under the CBD Brothers name.
  • Has an enormous product range with all a CBD connoisseur could need.
  • CBD products are categorised by hemp extract and whether the strain is a Sativa, Indica or a Hybrid.
  • Probably most well-known CBD brand in the UK.
  • Taste comes second to CBD.

An Introduction To The Original Alternative / CBD Brothers

The Original Alternative is a U.K. based company that pride themselves on providing products using an organic growing process, without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilizers. 

The Original Alternative (previously known under the name ‘CBD Brothers’) are the bees knees of UK CBD, and are now famous beyond the company’s word-of-mouth roots.

Its colour-coded range of 9 (as of May 2020) CBD Oils are some of the most popular products out there. The assortment of whole-plant extract oils include single-strain, hybrid and and water-soluble varieties, and offer a rich spectrum of flavours, quantities, potencies and prices to suit different budgets.

They sell a variety of products from CBD oils to lotions and bath products (some sold under the old CBDBrothers brand), and even products for pets. They strive to provide the finest natural remedies based on their continued study and endless search for a better understanding of using plants for therapy.

Quality Control

The company prides itself on providing products of the highest quality and this is backed up by their production process from plant growth to oil extraction.

All their plants are handpicked and then the oil is extracted using the CO2 extraction process in order to provide a pure end product. 

They extract the oils using the CO2 extraction process, under low heat and low pressure conditions. This process is used as it is a safe and efficient way to provide a pure end product.

All their cannabis products are Cannabis Whole Plant Extract and The Original Alternative is one of the few, if not the only, CBD distributor which has Indica, Sativa and Hybrid options.

They have been described by The Telegraph as ‘the champagne of CBD oils.’ 

Pride In Plant Sourcing

Their Cannabis and Hemp plants are grown on small artisan farms across Europe and they started their journey trading in legal cannabis and hemp products under the name CBDBrothers. The plants are handpicked at the optimum time and individually hung at natural temperatures until completely dry. 

They pride themselves on being ‘friends’ with The National Institute of Medical Herbalists (the U.K.’s leading professional body and voluntary regulator of herbal practitioners) and can back their strong reputation in the industry with recommendations made by the Evening Standard, the Times and the Telegraph for their quality, content and pricing.

The reputation of the company is that of one which is knowledgeable and helpful to any customers who have any questions or concerns with any of their products, providing genuine and honest support.

Product Offering

The Original Alternative simply has an enormous selection of products to choose from, with everything from herbal remedies to bath products.

However, not all of the company’s offering is infused with CBD, and so we will only be focusing on those such products.

CBD Brothers Oils: Sativa / Hybrid / Indica

This collection of CBD Oils are premium grade, developed using a unique recipe combining CO2-extracted whole plant extract (as opposed to isolate, which is the default used by many of their industry peers), naturally enhancing terpenes, flavonoids, useful micro-nutrients and essential oils.

So while the distinctive plant taste that comes from The Original Alternative’s whole plant extract may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the masterful potency and purity of the oils leave most consumers feeling like they certainly got their money’s worth.

They have different editions for each strain of Sativa, Indica and Hybrid which is very unique as few CBD distributors shed light on what strains their products are derived from.

They are all full plant extracts and each strain offers a different cannabinoid and terpenoid profile which will, of course, affect people in different ways depending on a multitude of factors.

The varying editions of CBD Brother’s oils differ from each other in that they have 4 different extracts grown by their licensed growers, each in different conditions to provide them with their wide range of products.

All can be easily administered sublingually with a dropper.

Dosage and Usage for the CBD Oils

Due to the diverse ways people interact with the extracts it is difficult to offer specific dosing suggestions – starting slow and building up can be a good philosophy.

To take a dose, drop the liquid (1-3 drops for the 5 days, and adding if necessary) under your tongue with the dropper, hold it there for 30 seconds and swallow; repeat 1-3 times a day or as needed.

This dosing method should allow the cannabinoids to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, and can be practiced at any time of day (including before or after eating).

The Original Alternative recommends allowing 2 hours between taking pharmaceutical medication and any of their products.

Cautions and storage:

CBD Brothers White Edition CBD Oil

CBD Brothers White Edition CBD Oil

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CBD Brothers Silver Edition CBD Oil

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CBD Brothers Green Edition CBD Oil

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CBD Brothers Water Soluble Purple Plus Edition CBD

CBD Brothers Water Soluble Purple Plus Edition CBD

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CBD Brothers Blue Edition CBD Oil

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CBD Brothers Gold Edition CBD Oil

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Whole Plant Extract Paste

The Original Alternative are one of the few CBD companies to sell whole plant extract in an unrefined form, which is a highly-concentrated CBD paste administered under the tongue.

This is pretty much turbo-powered CBD oil and is not for the faint of heart.

The Original Alternative Green Edition Paste

The Original Alternative Green Edition Paste

If you are looking for top quality full-spectrum CBD, then this pure and potent paste might just exceed your expectations. The Original ...

from £30.78

CBD Vegan Capsules

They provide a wide range of options in capsule form so as to provide a variety of health benefits for various health complaints. They provide up to 15 varieties of capsules.


They also have various creams and salves to help treat matters such as sore skin and inflammation among many other things. They have up to 7 different creams and salves, once again showing their range in products.

Overall Impressions


The flavour has been described as “potent”, which is another way of saying “like hemp.” This makes for earthier, organic tones with the company focusing predominantly on the quality and purity of the product rather than the flavour itself.

The Original Alternative do not provide options on flavour for their products.

CBD Delivery

All the range of oils are to be taken sublingually for faster effects however they provide capsules for a more slow release.


The pricing of their products has been described on the same level as the quality of the products themselves. To quote The Times, ‘A representative from the Center of Medicinal Cannabis commented – “This is one of the best value, best quality and accurately labelled products tested.”’

The Original Alternative’s CBD

The Original Alternative are big on natural ingredients and production methods.

Every plant they use is handpicked once it has reached maturity and hung out until it’s fully dry.

The different strains of plants themselves are grown all across Europe, generally organically and outdoors (while a few editions are produced via more technology-intensive methods in indoor environments).

Among the advantages of basing their CBD products around whole cannabis plant extracts, is the enhanced effects from a given quantity of product, because of the extra cannabinoids, terpenes and essential micronutrients it contains.

Their CO2 extraction process uses low heat and low pressure, resulting in a high-quality full-spectrum CBD Oil.

The solvent-free CO2 extraction process they use for is commonly regarded as being the safest and most effective way of deriving CBD oil from a raw plant. This method avoids the loss of naturally enhancing terpenes, which other potential benefits and form the basis of the natural flavour and odour profiles.

These are the main reasons why even with the oils that have a lower quantity of CBD on paper, potency remains high, especially compared to CBD Isolate-based alternatives.

Each CBD Oil in the range contains one of three main types of extract, each sourced from a different category of plant – Sativa, Indica and Hybrids (the latter being a cross-breed of Sativa & Indica).

Each of the two primary varieties have different ratios of cannabinoids & terpenes, but generally Indica strains are believed to provide a sense of deep body relaxation, while Sativa strains may provide a more energising experience.

Because each full plant extract offers a unique cannabinoid and terpene profile, each edition promotes wellbeing through different beneficial effects, the experience of which again vary from person to person.

THC Content

The THC content of their CBD Oils is monitored to ensure trace amounts are low, and the exact results can be found in lab reports for each batch. In the US, ‘Farm Bill’ compliant, legal CBD products must contain 0.3% or less THC, as this small quantity is deemed negligible in terms of its ability to produce psychoactive effects.

So basically all of The Original Alternative CBD Oils won’t get you high.

Nonetheless, they note on their website that trace levels of THC may still show as positive on drug tests, which is something for anyone considering using CBD products to keep in mind.

The significance of this quality control was made very clear in a prominent 2019 investigation by The Times into a cross-section of CBD products on the market, which found among other things that more than half of the most popular oils do not contain the level of CBD promised on the label.

The exposé on 30 different CBD companies involved independent testing of CBD content levels, presence of THC and other ingredients.

The Original Alternative are rightly proud to distinguish themselves from substandard and misleading alternatives (pardon the pun), like the 16 oils from other companies that were shown to contain less than the advertised CBD content (including one that contained no CBD at all) and another oil that was found to have a significant amount of ethanol!

What Do The Original Alternative’s Test Results Show?

The Original Alternative (TOA) manages their entire production pipeline from start to finish – including making their CBD Oils by hand, and having each batch independently tested.

This ensures they consistently deliver the quality – in terms of purity, potency, flavour, colour, and smell – that they’re world-renowned for.

This technical rigour stands on top of a strong foundational philosophy imbued in all their products: to “have a positive impact on people and raise the standard and quality of life they can live.”

The company understands that each individual will respond differently to different extracts, and this is partly why they offer such a broad range of CBD Oils – in the hope that people may be able to find what suits them personally.

The company is incredibly transparent with its testing and openly displays Certificates of Analysis for each of its products on its website.

What’s more, the company has also published multiple certificates for individual batches, so you can see the variation in cannabinoid make-up over time.

What’s The Verdict

It is clear that The Original Alternative is fairly reputable in the industry, having been recommended by various news outlets as well as holding a strong rating on the reviews website TrustPilot.

Their reputation is also backed up by their relationship with The National Institute of Medical Herbalists, as well as a glowing review by the Center of Medicinal Cannabis.

Their main USP is the fact that they sell their oils in a way which is strain specific (Indica, Sativa and Hybrid), which is still yet to be popularised among other vendors.

On top of this their organic growth methods and extraction process providing Whole Plant Extract oils provide products with high purity and quality. 

Their pricing of the products is competitive and when compared to the quality of product as well as accurate labelling, it can be considered one of the best valued products on the market.

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