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CBD Life UK 40% PureCart — 200mg

Last update: 5 August 2020

If you are looking for an easy-to-use high-quality CBD cartridge to attach to a standard (510 thread) vape battery, then you can’t go too far wrong with the CBD Life PureCart cartridges. They score highly for ease-of-use and CBD quality and are a good option for anybody looking for a no-hassle method of vaping CBD.

4.6/5.0Tested By CBD Scanner

About CBD Life

CBD Life is a London based CBD company that has been around since the early days of the CBD Revolution. If you would like to learn more about this brand, we strongly recommend you check out our CBD Life Review.

Product Information

These are the third generation of CBD Life Pure Cart cartridges to reach the consumer meaning they have had three design iterations resulting in a near perfectly designed product. These cartridges are designed to screw on easily to any vape battery with a 510 thread. We recommend purchasing the pen kit if you don’t already have a battery.

The cartridges themselves have a porous ceramic atomiser. Ceramic coil technology delivers the purest vapour flavour offering a full flavour with maximum terpene profiles. In addition, there is no burnt taste and better heat retention than other heating elements. 

So what’s in the liquid?

The cartridges are filled with broad-spectrum distillate CO2 extract. This is great news since solvent-free CO2 extraction is considered the best means of extracting CBD oil from the raw plant. Terpene profiles are later blended into the extract in order to add to the taste profile as well as synergistically boosting the other effects of CBD. 

Terpenes are compounds that add to the flavour and scent of cannabis, changing how cannabinoids bind to their receptors, thereby altering their effects on the person. Terpenes originate in the same part of the cannabis plant as CBD.

That means this is some of the highest concentration vape liquid you can currently find online. A lot of the other E-Liquids on the market are put together by adding CBD Isolate to regular vape juice, however, this process uses the plant distillate. 

How can we be certain?

CBD Life provides a Certificate of Analysis from Phytovista Laboratories dated from 16.09.2019. This report shows which cannabinoids are present in the extract and in what concentrations. It can be seen that there is 48.08% CBD and 1.19% CBG. It also shows that there is 0.05% Δ9-THC which is within the legal limit.

Click here to access the Certificate of Analysis.

Why Vape?

Vaping CBD is widely considered one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to administer CBD. It enters your bloodstream directly from the lungs and therefore has a higher bioavailability than most other dosing methods. This means you can achieve the same beneficial effects with a much smaller amount of CBD.

These cartridges, when finished, are designed to be single-use so will need to be changed for a new cartridge (half a point deducted for lack of sustainability).


Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, Terpenes, MCT

Key Points

  • The cartridge is designed especially for CBD Extracts
  • Porous Ceramic Atomiser
  • 0.5ml Cartridge
  • Portable
  • A really efficient and cost-effective way to administer CBD

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