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CBD Life UK Review

CBDLife UK Review

Quick Summary

  • Has a wide product range with all the CBD staples, including oils, e-liquid, drops and capsules.
  • Well-established and trustworthy company.
  • Taste is not high on the agenda.
  • A range of CBD concentrations are available.
  • Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products.

An Introduction To CBDLife UK

CBD Life UK are a well-known CBD company based in London that have already been around for several years. The company has built its name upon a reputation of some of the most stringent manufacturing and testing practises in an industry which often lags behind in this area.  

CBD Life UK is a  founding member of the Cannabis Trade Association, a cannabis lobbying group that claims to promote good practice and transparency in the industry. 

Cannabis Trade Association

The company’s CBD oil is its standard CBD offering, much like most other brands out there, and the company sticks to producing high-quality CBD in a limited range of flavours rather than doing anything too drastic or novel to differentiate themselves. 

This may prove CBD Life UK’s undoing in a market where every player, big or small, clamour to stand out from the crowd. On the flip side, it may even prove its success, as CBDLife’s team focuses on the basics rather than what may be considered unimportant aspects of CBD products that are something of a gimmick.

Needless to say, the CBD oil on offer isn’t anything too flashy, but does come in a range of concentrations – between 400mg/10ml and 2,000mg/10ml – and is also available in either full- spectrum or a THC-free broad-spectrum format. 

CBD Life UK Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
1000mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil from CBD Life with spray nozzle

Customer Service

In our experience, CBD Life UK’s customer service has been exemplary. We have received our products within one or two days of placing an order and were refunded with no issue when a cartridge was damaged in transit. 

However, there is a considerable reduction in the number of cannabinoids available in the broad-spectrum version, aside from just the advertised THC. We will discuss this in more detail later in this review.

CBD Life UK also offers a water-soluble version of the 400mg/10ml full-spectrum bottle dubbed “Aqua Drops,” which can be added and dissolved in liquids for an alternative ingestion method. 

CBD Life doesn’t just stick to CBD oil, however, they have a wide-ranging product offering across a number of different CBD product categories, including capsules, refillable vapes, disposable vape cartridges and even dabs and concentrates for more experienced CBD users.

Product Offering

CBDLife UK offer a wide range of products, from oil to e-liquid to CBD capsules in both broad and full spectrum. Here are some of our top picks:

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Spray

CBDLife’s standard offering, no-nonsense full spectrum CBD drops available in concentrations of either 4% or 10%. The full spectrum oil is available in three flavours, natural hemp, lemon and peppermint.

CBD Life UK Hemp Oil Spray CBD + CBDa

CBD Life UK Hemp Oil Spray CBD + CBDa

CBD Life's Hemp Oil Spray is extremely convenient to administer and easy to accurately dose. This well priced little bottle contains CBD ...

from £29.95

Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Drops

THC-free CBD oil available in CBD concentrations of 5%, 10% and 20%.   

CBD Life UK Hemp Oil Drops

CBD Life UK Hemp Oil Drops

CBD Life UK™ is a well-known, buttoned-up player in the CBD scene. Their range of broad-spectrum and full-spectrum natural CBD Oils are ...

from £29.95

CO2 Extract 40% CBD PureCart Cartridges

All you need to start taking CBD in the most efficient way. You will need a CBD Life vape pen too, which you can buy in conjunction with the cartridge.  200mg of CBD are packed in this high-powered offering.

CBD Life UK 40% PureCart — 200mg

CBD Life UK 40% PureCart — 200mg

If you are looking for an easy-to-use high-quality CBD cartridge to attach to a standard (510 thread) vape battery, then you can’t ...

from £19.95

10% CBD ECart Cartridges

CBDLife UK’s standard vape pen. This is not a pure hemp extract, unlike the 40% cartridge, and has a quarter of the vape concentration. However, there is twice as much of it, making there a total of 100mg of CBD. A better choice for beginners.

CBD Life UK 10% eCart — 100mg

CBD Life UK 10% eCart — 100mg

About CBD Life CBD Life UK  is one of the more established brands in the UK CBD industry. Having started its e-commerce ...

CBDLife Aqua Drops

A water soluble full-spectrum offering which can be added and stirred into a drink. Bioavailability is also claimed to be higher, meaning that more of the CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream. However, water-soluble CBD has not been proven to have a higher bioavailability as we await more research into this topic.

CBD Life UK Aqua Drops — CBD+CBDa

CBD Life UK Aqua Drops — CBD+CBDa

Oil does not mix with water, but these CBD Aqua Drops do, significantly increasing the body’s absorption of CBD for a superior ...

from £29.95

CBD Hemp Oil Capsules

Edible capsules containing the same full spectrum CBD hemp extract as the full spectrum CBD drops in an easy-to-use administrative method.

CBD Life UK Hemp Oil Capsules CBD +CBDa

CBD Life UK Hemp Oil Capsules CBD +CBDa

How would you like your favourite natural supplement in a convenient, travel-friendly form, with an extra boost of CBD and CBDa goodness? ...

from £17.95

CBD E-liquid

Bottled broad spectrum CBD e-liquid which you can put in your favourite vape, just like you would regular vape liquid. Available in 1% or 2% concentrations.  

CBD Life UK E-Liquid Refill

CBD Life UK E-Liquid Refill

Here we take a look at CBD Life's popular range of E-Liquids available in 3 flavours and 2 strengths. These vary from ...

from £12.95

Overall Impressions

Look and Feel

The products produced by CBD Life UK seem to be of a high-quality, with sturdy bottles and caps.

The labeling and product design isn’t going to win any prizes, but CBD Life does what it set out to do – providing its customers durable products with no frills.

CBD Delivery 

While the broad spectrum and aqua drops are available in the standard pipette bottles with a rubber top to draw in and release the oil, the full spectrum products come in a spray form which eases the delivery process slightly.


It is obvious that CBD Life has not focused too heavily on producing great tasting CBD Oil, possibly to not jeopardise the integrity of the extraction process. 

The natural hemp flavour tastes just like you would expect – earthy and organic, the archetypal hempy taste. Most people don’t have an issue with it, you only hold it under your tongue for a minute or so in any case. 

However, for those that really don’t like the taste, CBD Life UK offer their full spectrum oils in lemon or peppermint to try and mask the natural taste.


Spectrum Type and Concentration

CBD Life UK has a few different CBD oil variations for customers to choose from, offering customers the choice between pure CBD isolate, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD, which is predominantly made-up of a mixture of CBD and CBDA with a range of other cannabinoids in there for good measure, (including a trace amount of the psychoactive delta-9 THC) to achieve the hallowed entourage effect. 

The broad-spectrum range is available as CBD drops in concentrations of 500, 1,000 and 2,000mg/10ml in 10ml bottles. The full-spectrum range is available in bottles of 400mg/10ml and 1000mg/10ml as sprays, or in the case of the 400mg bottle, as water-soluble drops called “Aqua Drops.”

CBD Life Broad Spectrum 2000mg CBD
2000mg Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil – CBD Life’s highest concentration offering

Full-Spectrum Profile Variation

Curiously, the full-spectrum products have a widely different make-up of cannabinoid profile rather than just linearly increasing with the rise in concentration, unlike the broad-spectrum products that do rise in a predictable fashion. 

Notably, the 400mg/10ml oil records a CBD percentage of 2.22% (222mg/10ml) and 1.72% of CBDA (172mg/10ml), whereas for the stronger 1000mg/10ml oil, the CBD percentage shoots up to nearly 4 times the levels of the weaker oil at 8.38% (838mg/10ml). The CBDA percentage increases to just 2.17% (217mg/10ml), a rise of only 0.45%, making for what could be a vastly different experience for the consumer.

Broad-Spectrum Limited Range

Coming to the broad-spectrum CBD, it is important to note that there are only four cannabinoids present for the 500mg bottle and five present in the 1,000 and 2,000 mg bottles. This illustrates how the term “broad-spectrum” is still up for debate. 

Yes, there is more than just CBD present, but it is certainly missing more than only the psychoactive THC from its cannabinoid profile. 

Other Ingredients

CBDLife’s choice in carrier oil, the coconut-derived MCT (Medium-Chained Triglycerides) oil, is also widely considered to be the best carrier of CBD given its high bioavailability – this means that a higher proportion of the CBD is processed by your body.

What Do CBDLife’s Test Results Show?

% of given Cannabinoid in product400mg Full-Spectrum1000mg Full-Spectrum400mg Full-Spectrum Aqua Drops500mg Broad-Spectrum1,000mg Broad-Spectrum2,000mg Broad-Spectrum
CBDV0.030.08Not Tested0.050.090.17
CBDVA0.03NDNot TestedNDND0.02
CBG0.040.19Not Tested0.140.270.55
CBGA0.020.02Not TestedNDNDND
CBCA0.050.07Not TestedNDNDND
Phyto Vista Laboratories

Certificate of analysis provided by PhytoVista Laboratories – information taken from CBD Life website

What’s The Verdict?

The oils produced by CBD Life UK do the basics well and don’t try to sell customers on a lie, unlike a lot of other CBD brands. They focus on providing good quality CBD oil rather than other secondary attributes which, in the end, is not why customers are buying CBD. 

At a competitive price point and a range of different concentrations, it’s hard to go wrong from a consumer perspective with CBD Life UK. 

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