HighKind CBD Distillate Vape Oil

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In this review, we take a close look at Synergy Extracts’ unique CBD distillate vape oil and give you the information you need to decide if this high-concentration range is for you.

HighKind CBD Distillate Vape Oil
HighKind CBD Distillate Vape Oil



About HighKind Cannabis Company

HighKind Cannabis Company used to be known as Synergy Extracts until June 2020 they rebranded their image and dropped their prices. What they didn’t drop is their product quality, so we are really excited about this new change.

Although yet to achieve national appeal, it is easy to see why their long-term customers keep coming back: high-strength concentration CBD products, a wide range of product types from oils to crumble, and a seemingly unparalleled passion for CBD that only true activists, patients and caregivers possess.

Look and Feel

Unlike CBD brands that have found a wide audience, HighKind’s product range targets those who already know a thing or two about CBD: its distillate vape oil range is no different.

The products come in either 0.5g or 1g syringes – yes, that’s right, syringes – no fancy bottle design here, and that’s for good reason (we’ll get onto that a bit later).

The packaging itself is a simple box with an illustrative design based on the terpene profile you go for, but, as we mentioned already, it’s what is in the box that gets customers excited.

What’s In It?

Understandably, the syringe is likely to bewilder those who are new to the world of CBD pure distillates. Unless you have been living in California, Canada, Colorado or a few other places, it’s unlikely you would have (legally) come across this kind of CBD extract yet.

This is for one simple reason…

Cannabinoid Content

These distillates are some of the highest-concentration CBD Vaping Products we have on CBD Scanner, with the Limited Edition oils containing a reported cannabinoid content of 65%.

The two other HighKind distillate variations aren’t pulling any punches either; the Single Origins and Artisan products both have seriously high concentrations too.

The purity of these products means that the distillate itself is highly viscous, making it difficult to fill your vape tank without the syringe.

Top Tip:We would also recommend heating up the distillate in a bowl of warm water in order for it to flow more easily, making it easier to decant into your vape.

Take a look at the table for the full cannabinoid breakdown:

Limited Edition Line Single Origins Artisan Collection
Total Cannabinoids 65%+ 60%+ 50-55%
CBD 47.9% 46.2% 50-55%
CBDA 4.3% >3.7% ND
CBG 9.1% 8.8% ND
CBDv 3.6% 4.1% ND
THC 0% 0% <0.2%
Terpenes 16.1% 12.4% ND

ND stands for Not Disclosed, meaning this information hasn’t been made available.

If you’re interested in the lab reports for these products, they can all be found on the HighKind website.

A Note On THC

The test reports for these two products detected no THC or its precursor THCa or analogue delta-8 THC. However, given that these products are reported to be derived from full-spectrum CBD extract, it stands to reason that there may at least be trace amounts of these cannabinoids in the product, even if they were not detectable in the tests.

The Harvest

HighKind only uses AAA grade female cannabis flowers to create their range of extracts. They also flush their flowers 3 weeks before harvest. If you know anything about growing cannabis, you will know that flushing is a very important step that is often left out by growers in a hurry. This flushing process is what removes all the chemical fertilizers and contaminants from the flowers ensuring high-quality buds!

Other Ingredients

The only other ingredients present in HighKind’s vape oil distillate are the distilled cannabis or plant-based terpenes, free of other cannabinoids including THC and CBD.

Terps Terps Terps

These terpenes are naturally occurring plant hydrocarbons, also present in cannabis, which provides a given cannabis strain with its distinctive aromas and effects.

HighKind adds these terpenes to their distillate; interestingly, they add cannabis-derived terpenes to their Limited Edition line for a more authentic experience, whereas they use botanical terpenes to the other two product lines.

Cannabis-derived or botanical Terpenes?

Our thoughts on the matter are that terpenes are terpenes. So long as they are high quality and botanical (i.e. derived from plants rather than being artificially synthesised), that is great.

However, some enthusiasts would argue that you can’t beat cannabis-derived terpenes if you truly want “the real deal”.

Along with the aforementioned cannabinoids, terpenes are also thought to contribute to the entourage effect, increasing the potency of the distillate even further.

The emphasis on the importance of terpenes by HighKind is evident; it seems like the team is convinced of the importance of terpenes in CBD products, a view which many of their customers presumably share.


The three different distillates on offer by HighKind each have a wide selection of terpene profiles affecting the taste, smell and effect of the product.

The terpenoid profiles for the Artisan range are:

  • Amnesia Haze
  • Blue Lavender
  • OG Kush
  • Tangerine Dream

The Single Origins strains are:

  • Lifter
  • Sour Space Candy

The Limited Edition terpene profiles are:

  • Gelato
  • Chemmy Jones
  • OG X Haze
  • Dank Dough


We’ve already mentioned the concentration of these products is extremely high. Each contains at least 50% cannabinoid content, with the Limited Edition line claiming closer to 70%.

This is far more potent than even CBD Life’s 40% Pure Cart, and what’s more, it’s available at twice the overall weight.

This distillate can be used both for the recreational CBD consumer, or those wishing to supplement. If you are brand new to CBD, we recommend taking a look at some other lower-concentration CBD e-liquids to get started. Check out our CBD Vaping page for more.

If, on the other hand, you’ve been searching for a potent, high-strength CBD product to really provide the full effects of the compound, HighKind is perfect for you.

Are they independently tested for safety and quality?

They are, indeed! Here you can find an example of one of their Certificates of Analysis.

Overall Feeling

Right from the off, it should be obvious that HighKind does not mark itself as an entry-level CBD brand.

In fact, the company doesn’t even try to entice novices to the CBD world; if this is you, you’re probably better off going for a different vape product.

However, if you’re an avid CBD user, a connoisseur, or are simply looking to find the highest-potency and purity, top-quality CBD you can get your hands on, then HighKind welcomes you with open arms.

The syringe delivery system may not look the most appealing of products, but the purity of its ingredients and no-nonsense offering should have CBD enthusiasts very excited indeed.

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In this review, we take a close look at Synergy Extracts' unique CBD distillate vape oil and give you the information you need to decide if this high-concentration range is for you.
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Amnesia Haze, Blue Lavender, OG Kush, Tangerine Dream, Lifter, Sour Space Candy, Gelato, Chemmy Jones, OG X Haze, Dank Dough

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