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You’ve reached our Highkind Cannabis Company review. Congratulations, this is one of our absolute favourite CBD brands and we’re sure you’ll love them just as much as us, especially if you’re into high-strength CBD packed full of cannabinoids and terpenes!

You can also discover our Highkind product reviews on our dedicated page. If not, read on for our Highkind brand review!

9.4Expert Score

Highkind is one of the best CBD companies out there. All of its products are full-spectrum and packed with additional terpenes to add to the overall experience. Not only this, but the company’s range of vape oils and CBD concentrates is incredibly high-strength, demonstrating the company’s belief that “anyone could benefit from the incredible effects of our full-spectrum products.” It’s refreshing to see a company so set on customer experience rather than branding and we love what the team is doing. We would love to see Highkind expand its product range further and perhaps become more accessible to first-time users but, then again, its focus is on quality, not quantity so we’ll have to wait and see.

Product Range
Mission and Vision

An Introduction to Highkind Cannabis Company

Quick Summary

  • Newly refined product range after rebranding from Synergy Extracts
  • Specialises in high-quality premium line CBD distillate products but with an affordable price tag
  • A wide range of 20 infused terpene profiles across their product range
  • Great for recreation and for supplementation
  • Their CBD vape oil contains no additives whatsoever, it is pure Full-Spectrum CBD distillate and terpenes
  • CO2 Extracted for maximum purity
  • All products are 3rd party lab tested
  • Free shipping option
  • Some of the strongest CBD products currently available in the UK!

An Introduction to Highkind Cannabis Co.

Highkind Cannabis Co was briefly born as Synergy of Nature until the company then became Synergy Extracts. However, June 2020 signified a toal brand upheaval and Synergy Extracts changed its name to Highkind Cannabis Co.

While we quite like the new name, this change represented a new era for the brand with products appearing far more professional and accessible despite the offering remaining more or less the same.

However, Highkind mention on its website that the changes are more than just aesthetic, with a new range of high-quality terpene-infused CBD products coming onto its shelves.

This can only be a good thing and, hopefully, like the name, this new direction is here to stay.

Family-Run, Community Led

This family-run business is based up in Scotland. Head Honcho, John, has spent years trying to perfect his organic chemistry skills, resulting in unrivalled cannabinoid extraction expertise.

John reckons him and Highkind have got it down to a tee with the company now being able to extract the cannabis flower. What this means is that as much of the active, useful, beneficial components of the plant are left in as possible, resulting in the ultimate CBD experience for customers. 

Highkind’s bread and butter is its terpene-infused CBD vape oil range which is so thick, it comes in syringes! This many not seem the most user-friendly, but Highkind simply refuses to implicate its CBD with the use of thinning agents, providing a purer and, frankly, less risky way of enjoying CBD.

Product Offering


CBD Crumble and Crystal  – For the flavour-chasing dabbers in the building, check out the CBD Crumble selection to have your socks blown off. 

Diamonds & Sauce – According to Highkind, these are a world-first in CBD. These are the premium of the premium. Strictly for connoisseurs, these concentrated extracts differ from the crumble and crystal as they are crystallised CBD Diamonds in a terpene-rich sauce. Sounds like the caviar of CBD if you ask us!


CBD Distillate Vape Oil – The Distillate Vape oil is some of the purest we have come across boasting up to 70+% cannabinoid content! Put THAT in your vape and toke it! These extracts are free from all additives such as PG/VG/MCT which are what is commonly used to suspend CBD and make it vapeable. Not needed here!

CBD 510 Cartridges – The very same aforementioned vape oil but in a 510 thread cartridge so all you need to do is plug into your battery and away you go! These cartridges can also be purchased with an accompanying battery for those that don’t yet have one.

Vape Pen Kits – The vapes pen kits range from £44.99 to £49.99. Now if you wanted a decent pen kit, we could recommend you one that is half the price (CBD Life’s 100mg e-pen kit at £24.99 for example ), however, the difference is Highkind’s vapes contain 250mg CBD, no additives, and a whole host of other cannabinoids (CBDa 3.7%, CBD 8%, CBDv 4.1% etc..)


Oral Drops/Tinctures – Highkind offers oral tincture drops of their same high-quality cannabis and terpenes. These are available in either 5%, 10% or 20% 10ml bottles. Select from 3 terp profiles; Energise (morning), Focus (all day) and Tranquil (evening). We believe these tinctures are still being developed (June 2020) as they all seem to show “out of stock”.

CBD Paste – “The ultimate oral supplement”. This paste is crafted from botanical terpenes and organic ingredients. Choose from Energise, Focus and Tranquil to match your desires to the terpenoid profiles.

Terpenes – You can purchase the same terpene profiles found in the vape oils in 1ml vials. These can be used to enhance concentrates, e-liquids, tinctures and cartridges or be used in aromatherapy. The terpenes range in price based on whether they are cannabis extracted or extracted from other botanicals.

Overall Impressions

Look and Feel

In its previous iteration as Synergy Extracts, Highkind’s look and feel could hardly be called accessible.

In fact, the company’s target market definitely seemed to be focused on CBD aficionados who weren’t put off by Highkind’s lack of finesse.

Fast-forward to now, and although the vape oil still comes in syringes, the packaging and branding present the products in an altogether more welcoming way, which will hopefully result in more people venturing in to try the company’s excellent products.


We think that Highkind’s updated prices offer good value for money.

It’s clear to us and Highkind’s loyal customer-base how much time and effort goes into producing and curating premium top-shelf hemp flowers and terpenes — we all know that that’s going to cost a bit extra, and, quite frankly, we think it’s worth it.

Moreover, for what it is, it’s still good value. 

Delivery & Returns

International delivery is usually £11.99 with a lead time of 2-10 days, depending on location.

The company does, however, offer Free “no rush” Delivery on all orders.

If you want your delivery to come sooner, there is a next day delivery option for £5.00.

There doesn’t seem to be much wiggle room when it comes to amending your order, though. The excuse for this being “we’re super quick at processing orders to make sure that you receive it as soon as possible.”

The company also has a 30-day satisfaction refund policy which doesn’t include shipping costs as well as a 14-day unwanted goods policy. It goes without saying that this is for unopened products. If the product arrives damaged, the Highkind team will happily replace it if you make the claim within 72 hours of receipt.

Highkind’s CBD – Notice the Difference

Highkind does not shed much light about where its cannabis flowers are grown, but here’s what we do know. Highkind uses AAA grade female flowers for its extracts (which are far superior than the majority of CBD companies).


Highkind’s cannabis flowers are flushed 3 weeks before harvest. For those who are not familiar with this process, flushing is the technique of feeding your plants with just water, no nutrients, before harvest.

This allows the plant to absorb the last of its nutrients from the plant itself. This will affect the smell, taste and smoothness of the finished product. Usually, flushing takes place over a few days to 2 weeks… so 3 weeks shows true attention to detail!


It is a known fact that terpenes affect the way in which CBD binds to the cannabinoid receptors in your brain and body.

While we are discovering more and more about this phenomenon, known as the Entourage Effect, one thing is certain, Highkind have made sure to give it every chance of being felt in its products!

“The different terpene profiles make a notable difference to the effect… (Highkind’s) vape pens are expensive but they last a long time – I only have a few small puffs for a notable effect on anxiety and sleep quality” – helpfulbenny from Redditt

What Do Highkind’s Test Results Show?

We are happy to announce that Highkind publishes all of its 3rd party Certificates of Analysis on its website. We encourage all CBD companies to follow suit and show transparency with what’s in their products.

Highkind’s Certificates of Analysis

What’s the Verdict?

If you’ve managed to make it this far, I’m sure our verdict is fairly clear to you by now. We are VERY excited about the product range on offer from Highkind.

Although we weren’t convinced at first, mainly because of the inital impression the old branding under Synergy Extracts gave us and some reports criticising the lack of customer support, our communications with Highkind so far have been overwhelmingly positive.

More importantly, the care with which the company’s products have been developed and manufactured is clear for all to see.

We love the new branding, packaging design and clarity of what’s in the products, and can strongly recommend Highkind for your CBD needs.

Will Sibley

Will Sibley

Will has a long history working in the CBD and wider cannabis space, accruing a range of knowledge and understanding which he is now sharing via CBD Scanner. He has a particular interest in how CBD can impact people's everyday lives, and the many applications people are using CBD products for.

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