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Top Halal CBD Products in the UK

Top Halal CBD Products UK

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Finding halal CBD products that you can be sure conform with the Islamic faith is no easy task.

Until Now.

The team at CBD Scanner have put together a list of some of the best UK CBD products we know are considered halal.

That means 0% THC, gelatine-free and no vape liquids.

Read on to find your next Halal CBD favourite.

Halal CBD Oil

Given the issues surrounding vaping in the islamic faith, taking a THC-free CBD oil orally is a great option.

We’ve selected some of our favourite CBD Oils available for purchase in the UK which we are confident of complying with the teachings of Islam.

fourfivecbd Oil (500-2000mg)

fourfivecbd’s broad spectrum CBD oil makes this list due to the company’s athletic heritage.

Having been founded by rugby players George Kruis and Dominic Day, fourfivecbd knows better than most why it’s important to have zero THC in its products.

That’s due to the random testing athletes have to undertake before and after matches to ensure no controlled substances are in their system.

fourfivecbd Oil (500-2000mg)

fourfivecbd Oil (500-2000mg)

We asked Fourfive CBD if they would send us some products to sample and they happily obliged. Here are our thoughts of ...

from £27.95
Get 10% Off With the Coupon Code: COSTAS10
CBD Life UK Hemp Oil Drops

CBD Life UK Hemp Oil Drops

CBD Life UK™ is a well-known, buttoned-up player in the CBD scene. Their range of broad-spectrum and full-spectrum natural CBD Oils are ...

from £21.00

CBD Life UK’s Hemp Oil Drops

These hemp oil drops from CBD Life UK are broad spectrum, meaning that they have had the naturally occurring THC removed.

Simply drop a few drops of oil under your tongue and hold it in your mouth as it is absorbed into your system sublingually.

What’s more, these drops are excellent value and even have the option of adding a handy spray top for 50p!

Halal CBD Creams

Many muslims will want to use CBD in a cream-based form. This means that you can apply the CBD directly where you want it and be confident of no intoxicating effects.

We’ve selected two of our favourite CBD creams appropriate for muslim users.

fourfivecbd Muscle Rub

Again featuring in the list, fourfivecbd have developed a traditional muscle rub blended with CBD goodness, without including THC.

That means you can be confident that it constitutes a halal CBD product.

Rest assured that this product has two professional athletes’ stamp of approval and is an excellent way of soothing aching muscles.

fourfivecbd Muscle Rub

fourfivecbd Muscle Rub

This CBD Muscle Rub by fourfive cbd, blends tradition ingredients with 300mg of high purity CBD, helping your post-workout muscles to rest ...

from £34.99
Pure Ratios CBD Topical Salve

Pure Ratios CBD Topical Salve

We think this salve seems like the real deal but we haven’t had a chance to sample it yet. Once we do, ...

from £22.39

Pure Ratios CBD Topical Salve

Pure Ratios have developed an arnica and hemp extract blended salve which is designed to bring rapid relief directly to your skin.

In addition to CBD, this salve also includes natural soothing ingredients including elder-flower, rose petals and calendula to enahcne its effect.

Halal CBD Edibles

With CBD edibles, it can be a minefield when choosing halal products. One of the big stumbling blocks is gelatine, especially if you’re considering going for CBD gummies.

Have no fear, we’ve put forward our favourite CBD gummies that you can be sure are not haram.

CBDistillery Vegan Gummies

With being vegan, CBDistillery’s gummies are guaranteed to be free from any animal products. 

Importantly, this includes gelatine so you can be confident that these gummies are not haram.

Furthermore, these gummies offer a tasty way to take CBD, and can be easily incorporated into your day as and when you need them.

CBDistillery Gummies

CBDistillery Gummies

Did someone say wholesome plant-based fun? CBDistillery bring together the new and the old in their Vegan CBD Isolate Gummies - in ...

from £34.99
Get 10% Off With the Coupon Code: COSTAS10

Still looking for your perfect CBD product? 

Head to our search page to filter through the best CBD products the UK has to offer.

Will Sibley

Will Sibley

Will has a long history working in the CBD and wider cananbis space, accruing a range of knowledge and understanding which he is now sharing via CBD Scanner. He has a particular interest in how CBD can impact people's everyday lives, and the many applications people are using CBD products for.

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