Hemp Point Full Spectrum CBD Oil

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Hemp Point’s 2000mg CBD Oil is some of the highest quality CBD available in the UK, with a great terpene profile and best-in-class manufacturing processes.

Hemp Point Full Spectrum CBD Oil
Hemp Point Full Spectrum CBD Oil



Key Information

  • Organic Hemp seed oil is used as the carrier oil (rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6)
  • Full-Spectrum hemp flower extract with Active CBD
  • Rich in terpenes such as Limonene, Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Cayphyllene and Beta-Myrcene
  • Easy-to-navigate website with a clear transparent explanation about what you are getting.
  • Made in Germany using the water extraction method
  • Available in 4x concentrations so you can determine your intended dose
  • A single drop contains 8mg CBD & CBDa – which tastes delicious thanks to the added terpenes!
  • Fast Delivery


Hemp Point reached out to us to review their Full Spectrum CBD Oil. We know a thing or two about CBD drops, so were happy to oblige. At first, we thought Hemp Point looked like they might be just another White Labeller (people who order generic CBD Oil in bulk and slap their own labels on, calling it unique). However, upon closer inspection of Hemp Point’s website and Full Spectrum CBD Oil, we have been pleasantly surprised in nearly every regard! Let’s dig a little deeper.

Who is the Hemp Point Full Spectrum CBD Oil for?

After inspecting and sampling Hemp Point’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil, we can say that this is for you if you favour terpenes, quality and taste. The main surprise we had upon sampling was that you can really taste a plethora of terpenes in the Full Spectrum Oil, more so than the competitors.

At the price range, this product is provided, you have multiple concentrations. This means you can benefit from these drops both as someone who likes to take a low dose in the evenings, or a more seasoned CBD-taker who would go for the stronger stuff (10%+).

If you like the taste of cannabis but are not a huge fan of the thick, dark, raw extracts, these are for you.

Dosage & Directions for Use

Hemp Point features a CBD Dosage Calculator on their website. This is helpful when calculating how far a single bottle will take you. As everyone is different, dosages can vary greatly between individuals. Hemp Point advises you to take 2-4 drops of their 20% oil per use and to gradually build up your dose as required.

The FSA’s daily recommended intake of CBD is 70mg.

What’s Inside Hemp Point’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

We received the 20% concentration bottle. This is made up of full-spectrum water-extracted CBD oil from organically grown hemp suspended in an organic hemp seed oil carrier.


Active Ingredients: Organically grown full spectrum Hemp Oil Extract CBD.
Inactive Ingredients: Organic Hemp Seed Oil + botanical terpenes

The ingredients have clearly had thought put into them. We spoke to Hemp Point about their sourcing. They seem to have put a lot of energy into assuring their products contain premium, organic ingredients.

Cannabinoid Content

We received the 20% concentration bottle. In each 10ml bottle, you get 2000mg of cannabidiol with each drop providing approximately 8mg. This is a great amount. With approx 200-250 drops in the whole bottle, you can get a full dose out of just 8 or 9 drops.


Hemp Point’s Full Spectrum extract contains a wide array of naturally present and boosted terpenes. In our opinion, it is their terpene profile that sets Hemp Point apart from the crowd.
By combining the existing terpenes with an extra dose of Limonene, beta-Myrcene, alpha-Pinene, beta-Caryophyllene and alpha-Humulene the end result is a CBD oil that tastes nothing short of incredible. It’s a marvellous experience for the taste buds (if you are into that kind of thing!)


We have mentioned this already, but let’s get back into it. Hemp Point’s full-spectrum CBD Oil tastes better than 95% of the CBD oils we have tried here at CBD Scanner. By boosting their product with added terpenes that not only may contribute to the so-called entourage effect but also have their own benefits and superb taste, you are getting a truly authentic taste experience.


Obviously, everyone has a different Endocannabinoid System so we won’t go into too much detail about the effects. We noticed a noticeable effect around 20 minutes after taking 8 drops of this oil. This was sustained throughout a week of taking it daily.
We can’t go into too many details about the positive impact of CBD products, but we urge you to try it out and see for yourself as it may well help to alleviate your ailment. We’re sorry we can’t go into much more detail on that, the law forbids us from making any medical claims.

Labelling & Packaging

We believe that the packaging that Hemp Point uses actually makes the product seem like it is lower quality than it is. They are packaged a little like pretty much any other white label CBD brand that you would find in a CBD convention. The difference is that these guys are actually good. We’d like to see a redesign that may help to elevate this product to the next level!

About Hemp Point

This is a German company who have recently opened their UK branch based in Cumbria. They use European hemp and have a wide array of details about their products on their website. This is always a good sign.

Hemp Point was born out of a desire for better CBD products, better information and better quality. They aim to build on the success of their parent company in Germany by sourcing the finest hemp plants and using a bespoke water extraction process.

Sustainability/Carbon Footprint

These guys keep their carbon footprint within Western Europe, with the raw material being farmed out of Calabria, Italy. Hemp Point has thought long and hard about where to source its hemp from and the site in Calabria heralds some excellent quality CBD while keeping the production process relatively local.

Is this CBD Oil Cost Effective?

At just £0.04 per mg CBD content. This CBD oil sits very comfortably on the cheaper side of premium CBD products so yes, it is cost-effective!

Lab Testing

We were really pleasantly surprised to see that Hemp Point provide Certificates of Analysis that are linked to specific batches via QR codes on the product.

They also provide CoAs to verify the terpene profiles of each batch. We think it’s great that they provide assurances that verify the presence of their terpene profile which, in our opinion, is one of their major USPs.

We were able to verify that they are, indeed, “full-spectrum” as promised and that the CBD content was as advertised too.

The only problem we find here is that there was no display of the heavy metals and contaminants present in the oil.


We have spoken to Hemp Point and they assure us that they have German-language copies of its heavy metals and contaminants report, but they are presently working on getting them translated into English which has to be done by the laboratory.

Quick Summary

Hemp Point does pretty much everything you would want your CBD provider to do. They have added the right combination of terpenes to an already great full spectrum extract to help elevate both the taste and the experience. They are fairly priced, have great customer support and deliver on time. The Certificates of Analysis are clear, they are transparent and they offer a wide selection of concentrations to appeal to anyone’s needs. Our only gripe is that we think they could do so much better on the packaging design. Well done Hemp Point!

8.9Expert Score
Hemp Point's 2000mg CBD Oil is some of the highest quality CBD available in the UK, with a great terpene profile and best-in-class manufacturing processes.
Entourage Potenial

Additional information

Specification: Hemp Point Full Spectrum CBD Oil


Hemp Point CBD

Carrier Oil

Hemp Seed Oil

Total CBD Content (mg)

500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000

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