Top 5 CBD Vape Pens That Really Work!

Have you been let down by disappointing vape pens?

Are you after that perfect vaping experience but don’t know where to start?

Well, look no further than this handy guide! We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 CBD vape pens, so you’ll never get stuck on which to choose ever again!

What’s the difference between a ‘single-use’ vape cartridge and a disposable pen?

Let’s start by talking about the different vape options available to consumers right now.

The UK’s rapidly growing interest in CBD has led to companies bringing exciting new products to the scene.

Two examples of these recent innovations are pre-filled CBD vape cartridges, often referred to as ‘single-use’ or ‘disposable’ , and ‘all-in-one’ disposable vape pens. 

These convenient consumables have made vaping CBD accessible and easy.

They offer a simple ‘unbox and play’ experience – either screw the single-use cartridge into your compatible vaporiser, or simply inhale from the all-in-one disposable pen.

Vaping newbie or CBD veteran? Our Top 5 has something for everyone!

If you’re new to vaping CBD, or vaping in general, ‘single-use’ and ‘all-in-one’ options are a great way to get started.

That said, even the most experienced vaper will likely enjoy the easy, self-contained, CBD vape system that these products offer.

Some of the cartridges in this list contain a blend of CBD isolate, with natural e-liquid bases like MCT coconut oil, while others add cutting agents like Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) to achieve a particular vaping consistency.

We’ve hunted high and low to compile this list of brands and products which have really impressed us.

So, let’s get started and discover our Top 5 CBD Vape Pens That Really Work!

Select CBD Vape Pens Range – 250mg CBD

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Select CBD Relax Lavender Vape Cart

Select CBD Vape Pen

CBD Type: Isolate
CBD Content: 250
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Select CBD allows consumers to choose their desired effect when purchasing this pen: Relax, Focus, or Revive. The product is an all-in-one vape pen which cleverly incorporates essential oils into the vaping experience.

Why we picked them…

Select CBD earn a place in our top 5 because they specialise in offering innovative vape technology to the consumer. Their products offer quality, THC-free, CBD vape oil. 

The vape pen range comes in a choice of six flavours. Therefore, you can personalise your experience depending on your desired effect.

What’re the product specs?

This pen uses flavour-optimising ceramic-core technology that evenly distributes heat to the CBD vape oil. The pens have a <1% failure rate and a top-rated return policy. The all-in-one nature of the product makes it extremely easy to use. 

All of the pre-filled, disposable, vape pens in this range contain 250mg of USA-grown, hemp-derived, CBD isolate blended. This is blended with fractionated MCT coconut oil. 

Short-path distillation is used to create the isolate. As a result, Select CBD don’t have to winterize (remove lipids – fatty acids – from a crude extract) their products because there are no residuals after the isolation process.

In addition, they don’t use any PG/VF/glycerine/glycol, artificial flavours or colouring, which are common additives in many isolate-infused CBD E-Liquids.

Each of the six flavours in this range have been formulated using a unique set of essential oils to provide tailored benefits.

There are options to aid relaxation, invigorate, or improve concentration.

What’s more, each box comes with a list of ingredients and lab test results (see example batch). You can be sure the contents haven’t come into contact with chemicals like pesticides, are THC-free, and contain the specified amount of CBD.

What flavours are there (and what effect do they give)?

  • Relax Lavender: using naturally calming, organic, lavender essential oil, this offers a tranquil and soothing experience. The oil is sourced from a local Oregon farm.
  • Relax Cinnamon: enriched with cinnamon essential oils and spices, expect a soothing and tranquil vape experience.
  • Revive Grapefruit: ideal for daytime use – great for bringing things into balance. Enriched with tasty grapefruit essential oil.
  • Revive Lemon: fresh and energising – also good to use during the day. Formulated with lemon essential oil.
  • Focus Spearmint: blended to stimulate your mind and aid focus, this is a great supplement for getting things done – enriched with spearmint oil.
  • Focus Peppermint: enriched with cooling peppermint, this blend is a minty-fresh booster to support mental stimulation and concentration.

How to use:

With this buttonless disposable pen, a 3-second puff is equivalent to approximately 1.5mg of CBD, so you can microdose based on draw intake and frequency. 

There are approximately 125 three-second puffs in each pen, and you’ll know it’s out of oil when it no longer produces vapour (the battery will outlast the oil content). It’s the perfect way to set your dosage in a controlled way. 

Select CBD provides further guidance on how to use their all-in-one pens in their FAQ.

These pens aren’t designed to be refilled.

Other comments:

Finally, for those who are rightly concerned with employee working conditions, Select CBD – as one of Cura Cannabis Solutions’ brands – is known for being a great employer.

Oregon Business Magazine recognised them as one of the 2018 Top 100 Companies to Work For (and they retained their spot in 2019 too). 

CBDistillery Disposable CBD Vape Pens Range – 200mg

No longer manufactures CBD vape products in the UK!

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CBDistillery CBD Cartridge Strawberry Lemonade

CBDistillery Vape Cartridges

CBD Type: Full Spectrum
CBD Content: 200
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CBDistillery brings an exciting product onto the scene with these vape cartridges. The combination of plant terpene extract and natural flavours makes this vape option well worth trying.

Why we picked them…

This range from CBDistillery offers all-on-one, disposable vape pens that are high in quality – both in terms of their CCELL hardware, and USA-hemp derived e-juice.

Their vape range is 100% PG, VG, and MCT-free. And, not only do all the vapes taste great, but the e-juices all come from an ISO Certified Facility which uses solvent-free stem and molecular distillation processes.

These pens are great for the casual vaper who doesn’t vape enough to require a battery and refill liquid of their own, as well as those looking for something to use on-the-go.

As soon as you unbox this pen, you have everything you need to start vaping.

What’re the product specs?

The upgraded vape hardware in these pens is about as cutting-edge as it gets – brand new DS0103 disposable vape pens from vaping industry distributor CCELL.

The revolutionary ceramic heating elements in this pen include a 190mAh battery capacity, robust stainless steel housing, LED indicator light, and a reliable circuit board.

This new technology offers you the exciting possibility of a hassle-free, all-in-one, CBD vaping experience. At the same time, it doesn’t sacrifice on product safety or vaping performance, giving you a simple way to vape pure, high-viscosity, extracted CBD oil.

Unlike any of the other products in this list, the pen’s high-quality CBD isolate is combined with ‘ABSTRAX Tec Oil’. This was created as a superior alternative to diluents like triple-distilled MCT oil.

‘ABSTRAX Tec Oil’ is a natural, organic, food-grade agent, formulated with a special blend of terpenes, which includes antioxidants and anti-irritants.

What flavours are there?

CBDistillery add unique natural botanical terpenes to create their fantastic range of flavours:

  • Grand Daddy Purple: an aromatic blend of terpenes creating a pleasant dark grape and berry flavour profile.
  • Strawberry Lemonade: combining two classic choices to create one original flavour.
  • Lavender Vanilla: natural flavourings create this smooth, light taste.
  • Grape: a classic option, keeping it simple with natural grape flavouring.

Other comments:

CBDistillery originated in Colorado in 2016 (where its high-quality, pesticide-free, and non-GMO hemp is still grown). They do consistent third-party testing of their products, which sees them lead the way in responsible CBD production.

The brand also does valuable advocacy work to help destigmatise the use of cannabis as a product used for healing and wellbeing. This is demonstrated by their #CBDMOVEMENT campaign.

Furthermore, CBDistillery’s products show their willingness to engage in a more positive narrative surrounding CBD. They have developed exciting and playful new products such as sweet, fruity, vegan CBD gummies – it’s child’s play for adults.

Harmony Tempo Pods

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Harmony Tempo Starter Kit CBD Vape Pen

Harmony CBD Vape Pod TEMPO

CBD Type: Broad Spectrum
CBD Content: 318
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Popular in the CBDScanner office, the Tempo CBD Starter Kit Earns a place on the list by offering a straightforward, flavoursome vape at a very affordable price.

Why we picked them…

We have been using these Tempo Pods here at the office for quite some time now. They are slim and stylish with a fantastic range of flavour profiles to choose from.

What’re the specs?

Each refillable pod contains 10% CBD which equates to approximately 74mg. It’s not the highest dose when it comes to vapes, however, the kit offers great value for money and an excellent vaping experience.

The CO2 extracted, broad-spectrum extract, is combined with a combination of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). These are the common compounds used in all E-Liquids.

What flavours are there?

There are several terpene profiles (flavourings) on offer with these refillable pods. You can select between ‘Originals’ (cannabis-inspired flavours) or ‘Classics’ (regular vape-juice style flavours):

  • Mango Kush (our top pick) – a fruity mango twist with underlying tropical tones of pineapple, banana, apple, and woody pine., 
  • Pink Lemonade – citrusy tones of tangy grapefruit and sweet lemon combine to make this classic flavour. , 
  • Moroccan Mint – a tried and trusted flavour, offering a clean and fresh vape experience.
  • Super Lemon Haze – taking its inspiration from the award-winning ‘Super Lemon Haze’ cannabis strain., Harmony’s Super Lemon Haze offers a classic vape.

How to use:

If you purchase the starter kit, you will find it comes with a small battery that can be recharged. The kit includes a micro-USB cable for charging, along with a selection of pods to choose from. 

You simply remove the packaging from the pods and battery, slot the pod into the battery, and away you go, it’s that easy.

There are no buttons or on/off switches, you simply draw when ready!

4. CBD Asylum STIK Vape Pen – 100mg CBD

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CBD Asylum CBD Stik


CBD Type: Isolate
CBD Content: 100
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CBD Asylum’s STIK vape pen has deservedly found itself a spot in the top 5. Here we have compact, affordable, no-nonsense vaping at its finest.

Why we picked them…

CBD Asylum’s STIK is one of the most affordable disposable CBD vape pen we’ve come across.

This pocket-sized, single-use vape pen contains 100mg of pure organic CBD – and should last you up to 300 puffs!

It’s ready to go as soon as you buy it: no charging, no maintenance – simply unbox and draw. This is a great value one-stop vape shop.

What’re the product specs?

The ultra-purified cannabidiol used in these pre-filled pens is derived using the supercritical CO2 extraction method. As a result you receive a high-grade, safe, non-addictive (contains no nicotine), fully-legal (zero THC-content) product.

The CBD is infused in a PG/VG e-liquid base with natural flavourings. 

This pen has a battery capacity of 350mAah and is good for lasting the 300 puffs until all the pre-filled CBD oil has been used up.

What flavours are there?

The STIK is available in two flavours:

  • Sweet Berry: Offering a sweet vaping experience, this berry flavour is great for those who enjoy a fruity vape.
  • Chilled Menthol:. A drier, fresher vape than the Berry. Chilled Menthol keeps things clean and classic.

5. Koi Spectrum CBD Vape Cartridge – 250/500mg CBD

Why we picked them…

These premium grade CBD vape cartridges fit any standard 510-thread vape pen or battery – they’re a great, pre-filled alternative to disposable pens.

Koi Spectrum are one of the top CBD brands in the U.S.

They are quickly developing a reputation in the UK for their true spectrum hemp distillate.

These cartridges offer an incredible natural taste and aroma, as well as a rich phytocannabinoid-terpene profile. 

What’re the product specs?

These pre-filled cartridges come in two strengths – 250gm and 500mg – and are a great addition to any CBD vape setup. They use USA-grown hemp that undergoes whole-plant extraction.

The vape juices used in Koi’s cartridges are created using advanced PRIZM technology. They are developed through a multiphase extraction process, and is blended with MCT coconut oil.

The E-liquid contains 0% THC. It is 100% traceable from its hemp origin to the end of the production process, on a batch-by-batch basis.

All the products are third-party certified vegan, free of solvents, pesticides, and other contaminants.

What size cartridges are there?

The natural vape liquid cartridges are available in two sizes:

  • 250mg CBD in a pre-filled 0.5mL cartridge – Lab Report
  • 500mg CBD in a pre-filled 1mL cartridge – Lab Report

How to use

Since the cartridge is pre-filled, all you have to do is screw it onto a standard (510-thread) vape pen or battery.

We recommend pairing this cartridge with the CBD Life Vape Pen Battery Kit, which includes a rechargeable 350mAh battery that can be charged over 300 times.

Staff Pick
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CBD Life e-cart CBD Vape Pen Kit and Box

CBDLife UK 40% Vape Pen Kit — 400mg

CBD Type: Broad Spectrum
CBD Content: 400
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Costas Hadjipateras

Costas Hadjipateras

Costas has always been passionate about the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Since discovering the positive effects CBD had on his mental health, he has focussed his research on cannabinoid medicine and the UK's CBD industry. He took the decision to launch CBD Scanner so as to provide greater transparency to consumers.

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