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Prásino CBD Review

Prasino CBD Review

Quick Summary

  • Unique CBD company specializing in CBD Superfood mixes.
  • Uses high-quality, full-spectrum water soluble CBD powder.
  • Products can be incorporated into breakfast yogurts, smoothies, and even porridge.
  • 200mg of CBD in each pack.
  • Third party tested.

An Introduction to Prásino

Prásino Breakfast
Prásino in your porridge is a great way to start the day

A Different way of doing CBD

It is not often that we describe a CBD brand as unique.

That’s not because most CBD companies aren’t innovative, far from it. Many are constantly expanding their product range, experimenting with terpenes, or testing out new carrier oils.

However, most brands tend to offer products in a similar format: drops, sprays, e-liquids, capsules and creams.

Prásino, however, is a brand that does CBD… well, differently.

Uniquely Prásino

Prásino is a real individual in the CBD industry; a unique CBD company providing water soluble CBD-superfood mixes for its customers to enjoy in a number of different ways. 

I can already hear those wellness heads out there getting excited.

The mixes can be incorporated in a breakfast smoothie, your morning yoghurt, or even in your porridge oats – which is how I like to use Prásino personally.  

The small family-owned Amsterdam-based company may not have the marketing budget to rival bigger companies, but its high-quality organic products provide an interesting way for CBD-lovers to incorporate CBD into their diets. 

With features on Vice and other media outlets, Prásino looks like a brand on the way up. 

Product Offering

Alpha Sport by Prásino
Alpha Sport by Prásino

Prásino’s offering is limited to two distinct mixes at present, with designs to add more to its roster. 

These CBD-superfood mixes aim to deliver a distinct experience for consumers, as indicated by their respective names “Alpha Sport” and “Calm Comfort.” 

Alpha Sport CBD + Superfood – This superfood mix is marketed as a post-workout blend to aid with muscle recovery. In addition to CBD, Alpha Sport’s unique ingredients include: hemp seed, (which contains trace elements of CBD and is THC-free) as it is a good source of fibre;  bee pollen due to it being a strong antioxidant; and ashwagandha for its reported ability to raise testosterone.

Calm Comfort CBD + Superfood – Claimed to make your life more comfortable, the Calm Comfort mix is different from Alpha Sport in that it contains: green tea extract, which contains L-Theanine – an amino acid reported to have relaxation effects; chia seeds, a potential antioxidant; and blueberry powder, which gives Calm Comfort it’s flavour, as well as potentially offering benefits to people with PTSD. 

Alpha SportCalm Comfort
Hydro Cannabidiol (CBD) PowderHydro Cannabidiol (CBD) Powder
Raw Cacao PowderRaw Cacao Powder
Ceylon Cinnamon PowderCeylon Cinnamon Powder
Maqui Berry PowderMaqui Berry Powder
Hemp SeedBlueberry Powder
Bee PollenGreen Tea Extract
AshwagandhaChia Seeds
Prásino Alpha Sport CBD + Superfood

Prásino Alpha Sport CBD + Superfood

Prásino is a one-of-a-kind CBD superfood company that offers two CBD powder mixes infused with CBD and a whole host of other ...

Prásino Calm Comfort CBD + Superfood

Prásino Calm Comfort CBD + Superfood

Prásino is an interesting CBD brand in that it does something which most other CBD brands struggle to do, stand-out. While the ...

Overall Impressions


Most CBD products have a distinctive earthy flavour, which is emulated to some degree in Prasino’s Alpha Sport mix. If you’re not a fan of this flavour, you can still use Alpha Sport but be ready to mask it with something else.

However, the Calm Comfort mix, in my opinion, is a really great addition to my porridge oats, mainly because of the strong blueberry flavour provided by the blueberry powder. 

I would highly recommend adding this mix to your breakfast just for the flavour alone, aside from the potential nutritional benefits.


Taking into account the amount of CBD in each mix, not to mention the inclusion of expensive powders such as blueberry powder in the Calm Comfort mix, at £19.95 Prásino is very reasonably priced. 

Prásino Calm Comfort
The Blueberry Powder in the Calm Comfort Mix really stands out

Prásino’s CBD

Prásino are very selective in the CBD used in its products.

The company uses a powder called Hydro-Cannabidol Powder that is derived from organic hemp and mixes brilliantly with other food products such as yogurt and milk.

Superfood Ingredients

It is obvious that the team at Prásino have really thought about the ingredients it has included in its mixes, trying to cater to the different needs its products try to fulfil. 

There does seem to be scientific evidence backing the inclusion of one ingredient in Alpha Sport vs another ingredient in Calm Comfort for each of the mixes claimed effects.

You can read a more in-depth breakdown of each ingredient included in both Alpha Sport and Calm Comfort on the Prásino website’s product pages, including the reasoning behind the inclusion of each ingredient. 

What Do Prásino’s Test Results Show?

All of its products are third-party tested and have been shared with CBD Scanner, however, due to concerns over its formula, these certifications have not been shared online.

Rest assured that the company is rigorous in its testing and ensures that only high-quality CBD is used in manufacture.

What’s The Verdict?

In conclusion, it is safe to say that Prásino offers something completely different in the CBD industry.

Its products are unashamedly targeting the wellness community with added nutritional benefits in its two superfood mixes and, it has to be said, they don’t taste half bad.