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Endoca Review

Quick Summary

  • International CBD company with universal appeal.
  • Holds highest standards of manufacturing and highly trustworthy.
  • Produces all its own hemp and employs a cradle-to-grave business model.
  • Wide range of products available from oils to chewing gum to creams.
  • Raw and decarboxylated (heated) products available.

An Introduction to Endoca

Endoca are one of the first truly international CBD brands with online sales across the globe, including North America, India, Japan, and Europe.

The company claims to provide the “best CBD price on the market.” Endcoa says that three important facts prove this point:

  1. Endoca provides a higher % of CBD per ml meaning Endoca products are highly concentrated.
  2. These higher concentrations provide the user with more value as these higher concentrations last longer.
  3. Other brands have higher CBD prices per milligram, with Endoca averaging 9 US cents per mg.

Now, it seems to us that these three points are in fact saying just one thing. We put more CBD in our products for less money.

While this may or may not be true, there are also other factors consider aside from just CBD concentration.

In this review, we will be putting these claims to the test and finding out why Endoca have been so successful internationally, and whether the owners can put their product where their mouths are.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Product Offering

CBD Oils

Endoca CBD oils come in two separate strength categories, medium and strong:


Endoca CBD Oil 3%

Endoca CBD Oil 3%

This is a really popular product so it may not need a big introduction but for those that are yet to come ...

from £20.80


Endoca CBD Oil 15%

Endoca CBD Oil 15%

Endoca CBD Oils are a few steps ahead of most other oils on the market. The Hemp Oils contain 1500mg of organic ...

from £24.00

If you’re still unsure of the difference between the two types of CBD, take a look at this helpful video as provided by Endoca. Remember, the standard oil is a decarboxylated CBD product and the raw is… well, a raw one.

CBD Capsules

Endoca’s CBD capsules come in the exact same categories of the CBD oils, raw and standard medium-strength and raw and standard high-strength but without the carrier oil hemp-seed. The capsules come in either 50mg CBD per capsule or 10mg.

CBD Cream

Endoca has three separate offerings in its CBD Cream range:

CBD Chewing Gum

Possibly the most unique product in the whole Endoca range, the Endoca CBD chewing gum contains 15mg of CBD in each piece, which is actually quite a significant amount, and is 100% biodegradable. Pretty amazing, right?

Endoca CBD Chewing Gum

Endoca CBD Chewing Gum

Why not make the most out of your CBD intake while chewing a refreshing peppermint gum? The Endoca Chewing Gum is a ...

from £6.40

CBD Suppositories

Suppositories aren’t often the most popular method of taking anything, let alone CBD, but you can’t argue with results and suppositories offer an effective method of taking CBD with high absorption rates. Each suppository contains 50mg of broad-spectrum CBD and there are 10 in each box.

Endoca CBD Suppositories

Endoca CBD Suppositories

It is fair to say that suppositories may not be the go-to method of consuming CBD, for obvious reasons. However, CBD suppositories ...

from £38.40

Overall Impressions

Look and Feel

It has to be said, it’s not difficult to see why Endoca has such universal appeal.

With some of the most professional CBD branding out there, Endoca has so much excellent content going to great lengths to demonstrate the quality of its CBD production process and educate its customers to finding the product that’s right for them.

You’ve probably noticed the videos littered throughout this article, and there are many more of them on the web. It just goes to show how committed the company are to connecting with its customers and making sure they understand the products that they are purchasing.

This must give people confidence that Endoca is a brand they can trust.


Endoca prefers to use all-natural ingredients in its products, and each product is packed full of natural terpenes, providing a unique flavour to its oils.

However, there is no choice whatsoever as Endoca obviously believes that the effect CBD can have is far more important to most customers than what it tastes like.

Having said this, if flavour is something which is important to you, you may find yourself stuck if you don’t like Endoca’s standard offering.

The Endoca chewing gum is no different and is flavoured with natural ingredients too: peppermint, mint essential oils and Xylitol, a natural sweetener found in birch trees,

Endoca’s CBD

Endoca is a unique CBD company in that it takes its CBD from cradle to grave, producing its own hemp in Northern Europe, harking back to the company’s Danish roots, and then utilising a cold manufacturing process to, they claim, “reproduce a similar chemical composition in our oils to that which is found in the original hemp plant.”

This process is known as CO2 extraction, the gold standard for producing hemp extract, which is then converted into CBD products. In some cases, like Endoca’s CBD capsules, this hemp extract is the final product.

What Do Endoca’s Test Results Show?

Endoca are one of the most transparent CBD companies around when it comes to product and batch testing, just take a look at Endoca’s quality report, providing certificates of analysis for dozens of batches across every one of its products.

It may seem strange at first that all of Endoca’s products aside from the creams and chewing gum are bundled into the same reporting category, but that’s because these products all use the exact same hemp extract.

Following this, the products go their own separate ways, either being left in their raw form, subjected to heat, or being combined with other ingredients like hemp-seed oil in the case of the CBD oils.

It would be nice to have additional reports for these end products, but this is really nit-picking and would not change the composition of the CBD in most cases anyway. However, having a comparison of the percentage of CBD and CBDa in the decarboxylated versus raw extract would be a welcome addition.

What’s The Verdict?

Endoca makes some bold claims right from the off, but it has to be said that the products the company produces are of the highest quality, right across the board.

When it comes to price per ml of CBD however, even when compared to other broad-spectrum blends like CBD Life’s Hemp Oil drops, there are many competitors that, at this moment in time, beat Endoca on price.

However, as we said at the beginning of this review, there is far more to CBD than just concentration, and if you’re looking for a high-quality brand with excellent products you can trust, Endoca is one we would certainly recommend.

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