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Welcome to our Dr. Dabber brand review! You can read our Dr. Dabber product reviews if you’d like to learn more about its CBD products. At the time of writing, this only accounts for one product: Dr Dabber’s CBD Vape Pen, but there may be more Dr. Dabber CBD products on the way! Stay tuned for more info 😉

7.8Expert Score

Although we’d like to give Dr Dabber a better score, its overall score has suffered due to its CBD product range being limited to just one product. However, if the company manufactures different products that are equal in quality to its CBD vape pen, then the company’s future in CBD is a good one.

Product Range
Mission and Vision

Quick Summary

  • Has its roots in the Dry Herb Vaporizer industry.
  • Excellent quality hardware
  • The only CBD product available is the Dr. Dabber CBD Vape Pen.
  • Available in four different flavours.
  • Only THC-free broad-spectrum CBD on offer.
  • Exceptional transparency levels with batch-by-batch testing reports.

An Introduction to Dr Dabber

The Dr Dabber brand name is one which is starting to be recognised in the UK, especially with its foray into the CBD industry. Dr Dabber’s CBD Vape Pen has made quite a splash in the vape cartridge scene, which you can read more about in our product review.

However, CBD is not where Dr Dabber made its name. 

Dr Dabber has been a household name in the US dry herb and wax concentrate vaporizer scene for many years, with the Dr Dabber Switch being one of the most well-known desktop vaporizer units on the market right now. 

So, what makes the company right for entry into the UK CBD scene?

Vaporizer Pedigree Gives CBD Boost

From looking into some of Dr Dabber’s CBD policies, it is clear that the company is ahead of many competing CBD companies when it comes to transparency.

The vaporizer industry has been a relatively mature industry for over a decade now, meaning that companies entering the CBD market from this space have years of experience to call upon. 

Product Offering

At this early stage of Dr Dabber’s foray into the CBD industry, this section remains relatively short.

Well, actually, it consists of only one product…

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Dr Dabber CBD Vape Pen Kit Fresh Blend and Box

Dr. Dabber CBD Vape Pen Cartridge

CBD Type: Broad Spectrum
CBD Content: 250
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Sticking to its roots, Dr Dabber has shrewdly decided to use its vaporizer pedigree to launch its first CBD product – the Dr Dabber CBD Vape Cartridge, available in four separate flavours:

Overall Impressions

Evidently, it seems that ensuring users know exactly what they’re getting is something Dr Dabber cares about greatly – and they don’t shirk on the quality either.

That much is clear from just a few key factors:

Look and Feel

Hardware Design

The Dr Dabber vaporizer units look great, and the new CBD Vape Pens are no exception. 

The pens come in a range of vibrant colours and look and feel great in the hand. The batteries can be used interchangeably with any 510 thread cartridges meaning you don’t need to replace them every time you use a new cartridge.

The impressive vape pen design is extended to the boxes they come in, with a unique style that is sure to stand out among other companies who simply don’t have the resources and experience that Dr Dabber has when it comes to product design. 

If further down the line Dr Dabber decide to release new CBD products, you can be confident that the design quality will be top-notch. 

Dr Dabber’s CBD

Dr Dabber states that “our CBD cartridges are comprised of flavonoids, cannabinoids and terpenes – nothing else.” Importantly, the cannabinoids do not include THC, making all its CBD broad-spectrum.

This is good news for UK customers, with the government stating that only 1mg of THC is allowed in every CBD product, regardless of size. This is a virtually negligible amount of THC allowed, meaning for the sake of abiding by the law, it is always wise to head for a broad-spectrum product.

Other Ingredients

Dr Dabber sources its terpenes from True Terpenes, one of the leading terpene providers in the US. On their company website, they pride themselves on “being the first and only third-party audited and certified GMP, ISO 9001:2015, and FSSC 22000 terpene company in the industry.” 

It is also worth mentioning that Dr Dabber’s vape pens contain NO VEGETABLE GLYCERIN OR PROPYLENE GLYCOL, two common e-liquid ingredients with an unknown medical impact.

That’s a thumbs up from us.

What Do The Test Results Show?

You can find lab reports of each CBD product they sell simply by going to the relevant product page on the website and following the link through to the lab report. For instance, you can find the lab report of the Original Blend here. 


Dr Dabber have done a very impressive job of providing as much transparency and traceability when it comes to its CBD products.

Every CBD product you purchase from Dr Dabber has a QR code which you can then scan and find the lab reports for that very batch.

This is something every CBD company should be doing and yet Dr Dabber is one of the very isolated few who is actually doing it. 

All we at CBD Scanner can say to this is well done and thank you for providing your customers with the information they need to be confident in what they’re taking.

What’s The Verdict?

While it may only have a single product in its range, although with four different terpene-profile variations, Dr Dabber is a company that has a big future in CBD.

Using its experience of the dry herb and concentrate vaporizer industry, the CBD Vape Pen is the perfect product type for the American company to enter the market with. 

Added to this excellent pedigree, Dr Dabber makes every effort to provide its customers with the assurance that its CBD is of the highest quality, with the lab reports easily accessible for the specific batch your CBD came from. 

Dr Dabber is a company that understands the importance of transparency and quality in an industry where some simply do not. For this reason, we are excited to see what else Dr Dabber can bring to the table in the future.

Costas Hadjipateras

Costas Hadjipateras

Costas has always been passionate about the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Since discovering the positive effects CBD had on his mental health, he has focussed his research on cannabinoid medicine and the UK's CBD industry. He took the decision to launch CBD Scanner so as to provide greater transparency to consumers.

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