Medterra CBD+CBG Oil

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One of a Kind Medterra CBD+CBG Oil
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A unique CBD oil product, the CBD+CBG tincture exclusively combines two cannabinoids, CBD and CBG (cannabigerol).

CBG is a very interesting cannabinoid as it has been found to act on a specific set of bodily systems and is found in small amounts in most cannabis plants. Seeing it here in a 50/50 split is something that we haven’t found before.

Medterra CBD+CBG Oil



Key Information

  • CBD Isolate and CBG Isolate in a 1:1 ratio
  • Non-detectable levels of THC
  • Available in strengths of 1000 and 2000mg
  • Contains just three ingredients: MCT Oil, CBD and CBG
  • USA Grown Hemp


Most CBD Oils, regardless of whether they’re full-spectrum, broad-spectrum or isolate, have CBD as their most predominant cannabinoid: not Medterra’s CBG+CBD Oil. As the name suggests, in this oil another cannabinoid takes centre stage… well, it shares centre stage with its more well-known cousin, and that cannabinoid is cannabigerol (CBG).

This makes Medterra’s CBG+CBD Oil quite interesting as CBG acts on different receptors and is thought to have different therapeutic benefits. It must be said, however, that research relating to these benefits is incredibly limited, as with most research into cannabis and its various cannabinoids. Hopefully, this will be rectified in the coming years.

Despite this, there is still some indication as to the impact of CBG on the body. In this product review, we take an in-depth look at these potential effects and whether this combination oil is worth investing in.

Who is Medterra’s CBG+CBD Oil for?

This unique CBD/CBG oil is for people who are looking to tackle some of the very specific areas that CBG is thought to help with. In particular, there are indicators that both CBD and CBG have an impact on inflammation. Importantly, they work on different endocannabinoid receptors and therefore could tackle inflammation together more than they would independently. This makes Medterra’s CBG+CBD Oil worth trying for people specifically looking to address inflammation issues.


Medterra’s CBD+CBG Oil comes in a 30ml bottle in concentrations of 1,000mg and 2,000mg. As the CBD and CBG are in 1:1 ratios, the 1,000mg bottle has 500mg of both CBD and CBG, whereas the 2,000mg bottle has 1,000mg of both CBD and CBG.

Total Cannabinoid Content Total CBD Content Total CBD Content Cannabinoid content per ml serving
1,000mg 500mg 500mg 33.33mg
2,000mg 1,000mg 1,000mg 66.67mg

What’s Inside Medterra’s CBD+CBG Oil?

There are only four ingredients in Medterra’s CBD+CBG oil: CBD Isolate, CBG Isolate, MCT Oil and natural citrus flavourings to add a bit of flavour to proceedings.

CBD Isolate

CBD is the cannabinoid in the greatest concentrations in CBD oils and other products. However, there is only 50% CBD in this particular oil. CBD has been reported to have a variety of therapeutic benefits, including anxiety, pain and arthritis.

CBD Isolate is different to broad and full-spectrum CBD products as it is simply the cannabidiol compound isolated from all the other plant compounds found in the cannabis plant. This means that the other natural cannabinoids and terpenes present in organic cannabis plants are removed from CBD Isolate products unless they are then added back in separately as with the CBD/CBG oil.

CBG Isolate

Just like CBD, CBG is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. However, it is considered a minor cannabinoid as it is often found in small concentrations when compared to the major cannabinoids CBD and THC. This is because its precursor, CBGa, goes on to become THCa and CBDa leading to the aforementioned THC and CBD. This means that CBG is considered quite rare making Medterra’s CBD/CBG oil unique as CBG is not naturally found in such high concentrations.


The final ingredient is good old coconut-derived medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) Oil. It is the oil most found in CBD products as it makes for a very good carrier oil – in other words, the oil used to “carry” and help in the processing of the CBD and, in this case, CBG.

Labelling & Packaging

Just like with the other CBD oils available from Medterra, the bottle and label design is sleek and stylish, with the ingredients displayed clearly and important information visible too. The dropper has handy quantity measurements of 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 and 1ml on it too. This is especially important for people who want to be precise about how much they are taking and can help to be consistent with their dosage.

About Medterra

Medterra has operated for a number of years now and has become a huge CBD brand across the pond. It is still to assert itself in the UK but with its huge popularity in the US, we see no reason why this will not be the case in the UK too.

Medterra grows its hemp in Kentucky and adheres to strict guidelines set out by the US Hemp Authority. What’s more, Medterra feels so confident about the quality of its product that the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with your purchase. Medterra is also committed to sustainability, with its movement towards sustainable packaging, organic ingredients and a pledge of 1% of its profits to environmental causes.

For more information, you can head to our Medterra review for the full lowdown on this huge CBD brand.

Lab Testing

You can view the whole range of Medterra lab reports on the company’s website. Below are the latest lab reports at the time of writing for Medterra’s CBD+CBG Oil:

Cost Analysis

The table below shows the cost-benefit of purchasing the higher concentration oil:

Total CBD/CBG Strength RRP RRP Cost/mg
1000mg CBG+CBD Oil £71.99 £0.072
2000mg CBG+CBD Oil

Directions For Use

Unscrew the lid and squeeze the pipette to draw CBD oil into it. Then, squeeze the pipette and have the oil settle under your tongue. Have the oil rest there for a minute or two as it is absorbed into your system sublingually, before swallowing the remainder. Sublingual (under the tongue) taking of CBD is more effective than simply swallowing it!

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A unique CBD oil product, the CBD+CBG tincture exclusively combines two cannabinoids, CBD and CBG (cannabigerol). CBG is a very interesting cannabinoid as it has been found to act on a specific set of bodily systems and is found in small amounts in most cannabis plants. Seeing it here in a 50/50 split is something that we haven't found before.
Entourage Potential

Additional information

Specification: Medterra CBD+CBG Oil


Medterra CBD

Carrier Oil


Total CBD Content (mg)

1000, 2000

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