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fourfivecbd Oil (500-2000mg)

Last update: 5 August 2020

We asked Fourfive CBD if they would send us some products to sample and they happily obliged. Here are our thoughts of this sports orientated CBD brand and their (spoiler alert) excellent range of CBD oils. These oils are available in 500, 1000 and 2000mg strengths. All come in a spray bottle suspended in 30ml MCT Oil. Read on to learn more!

4.5/5.0Tested By CBD Scanner

About The Brand

Fourfive CBD was created by two professional rugby players, George Kruis and Dominic Day. They collectively have 24 years of rugby experience under their belts which has led to a number of bruised and battered bodies to take care of! This is where the inspiration to start a sports-themed CBD brand derived from. Whilst they both found that CBD was really helpful in their roads to recovery helping them to get back onto the pitch faster after injuries, they were unable to find products that would guarantee they wouldn’t fail drugs tests as sometimes trace levels of THC in CBD products can cause a false positive. They ended up creating the amazing Fourfive CBD product range and the rest is history!

If you would like to learn more about fourfive, head down to our FourFive Brand Review.

Look and Feel

Fourfive’s branding is minimal and rather beautiful. The product is striking and unique in its form and bottle which is always a plus when there are a lot of similarities among other brands. The packaging is premium and contains a plethora of information about the product it beholds.

So, what’s in it?

Carrier Oil

Fourfive have opted for MCT Oil to suspend the cannabidiol. Thumbs up from us!


From a quick analysis of the lab results for the 2000mg strength CBD Oil (dated December 2018), this full-spectrum hemp extract seems to contain the following cannabinoid profile:

Cannabinoid Concentration (%)
CBDV 1.06%
CBDA 0.1%
CBD 6.29%
CBG 0.42%
THCV 0.56%
Other Cannabinoids < 0.15%

We should note that the cannabinoid profile will undoubtedly vary from batch to batch and we will update this table as soon as we have more current Certificates of Analysis.


When it comes to CBD Tinctures, the taste can be a very divisive topic… we found that the Full-spectrum oil does not have an overpowering taste, however, it is an oily sensation in your mouth which is not for everyone. We are fans of the taste however we recognise that cannabis may not be to everyone’s liking. Let us know your opinion! We should mention that the product comes in two variants: natural and orange flavour for those non-fans.

Strength Variants

As with other products which come in a range of concentrations, we thought it may be ideal for us to create a table of Fourfive CBD’s Full Spectrum Oil range, helping you to select the ideal strength for you:

Strength (30ml) RRP (£) Cost/mg


CBD/ml CBD Content CBD/Spray (240 sprays/bottle)
500mg £29.99 £0.06 16.7mg 1.67% 2.08mg
1000mg £59.99 £0.06 33.3mg 3.33% 4.16mg
2000mg £107.99 £0.054 66.6mg 6.66% 8.32mg


The CBD is extracted using the CO2 extraction method.


We were happy to see that Fourfive give access to their Certificates of Analysis which proves that their products contain the amount of cannabidiol they claim to. We’d love to see them take it one step further and upload lab reports proving that their range is free from pesticides, heavy metals and other unwanted contaminants.

Furthermore, a lot of companies these days have been uploading CoA’s for each batch they produce and we hope that this practice is in the pipelines for Fourfive as well.

Certificate of Analysis for their 500mg oil (dated December 2018)

Certificate of Analysis for their 1000mg oil (dated December 2018)

Certificate of Analysis for their 2000mg oil (dated December 2018)

Overall Feeling

Pros: Our overall feeling of the CBD Oil from Fourfive CBD is that it is well worth a try. The full spectrum extract offers a variety of cannabinoids that may contribute to the Entourage Effect. The product reviews on Fourfive’s website show many happy return customers. The branding and packaging are premium and the price is spot on.

Even better if: We would love to see Fourfive release a future variant which contains added terpenes as we believe these would make this product’s taste and effects even better! We would also love some more current Certificates of Analysis.

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