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Kannaswiss Review

Kannaswiss Review

Quick Summary

  • Swiss-based company which conducts its entire CBD process in Switzerland.
  • Limited product range that focuses predominantly on CBD oils.
  • Free of flaovurings.
  • A range of CBD concentrations are available.
  • Broad-spectrum, THC free products, despite confusion over product names.
  • Third-Party testing of all products.

An Introduction to Kannaswiss

Kannaswiss is a CBD company based in, you guessed it: Switzerland. They place a lot of importance on the quality of the cannabis they use to produce CBD products that their customers keep coming back for.

Kannaswiss sell a range of CBD products including wholesale products such as CBD isolate and MCT carrier oil.

However their main offering for retail customers is their broad spectrum organic hemp extract which comes in a variety of strengths and sizes. They also sell it in a water-soluble version as well as a swiss chocolate bar that contains the broad spectrum extract.  

Product Offering

Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Extract (10ml / 30ml, 6% / 12% CBD) 

So as we have already established, this is in fact a broad spectrum product, so bare that in mind when comparing other CBD extracts.

Kannaswiss make use of the CO2 extraction method and utiliste an MCT carrier oil to create a high-quality general-use hemp extract.

CO2 extraction is widely regarded as the best method of extracting maximum cannabinoids and terpenes, while MCT carrier oil is widely regarded as the best due to providing a higher level (relative to other carrier oils) of bioavailability for CBD and other compounds.

The extract comes in a 10ml size and a 30ml, size for those wanting to save money and buy in bulk, and is available in CBD concentrations of 6% or 12%.

The 6% version is a good option for those wanting to experiment with CBD hemp extracts but don’t want to commit to the more expensive 12% extract.

KannaSwiss Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Extract

KannaSwiss Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Extract

The Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Extract by KannaSwiss is one of the purest CBD oils on the market, held to the highest ...

from £37.04

Water Soluble Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Extract (30ml, 150mg or 0.5% CBD) 

This is a water-soluble version of Kannaswiss’s broad-spectrum hemp extract. If you aren’t a fan of the strong earthy taste of hemp extracts or the sensation of letting the oil sit under your tongue then this could be the product for you.

This product can be added to drinks and foods of all kinds, thrown in a water bottle on the go or consumed directly if you wish (although that somewhat defeats the purpose.)

According to Kannaswiss, it can also be absorbed up to 4x faster than non-water-soluble equivalents, although this idea remains unconfirmed across the wider CBD industry.

It does, however, make for a super easy delivery mechanism and a very versatile product.

This is a great product, but if value for money is a prime concern then bear in mind that for roughly the same price, the 6% extract (above) has 4x the CBD content (600mg vs 150mg) in a third of the bottle size.

KannaSwiss Water Soluble CBD

KannaSwiss Water Soluble CBD

This Hemp Extract by KannaSwiss has a most impressive profile – made of Full Spectrum CBD, extracted from organic hemp, and blended ...

Swiss Chocolate UK, 50mg CBD (Dark/Milk)  

Delicious Swiss chocolate combined with high-quality organic hemp extract – a match made in heaven! As a Swiss company, Kannaswiss could hardly allow themselves to produce a sub-par chocolate product.

They strive to ensure that the luscious silky taste and texture of the chocolate is not compromised by the addition of the hemp extract, meaning this is a tasty way of consuming CBD without any of the earthy bitterness. You get the same broad-spectrum extract in a convenient and delectable form. It comes in Milk and Dark, so pick your preference or try one of each!

KannaSwiss Chocolate

KannaSwiss Chocolate

Looking for a scrumptious way to brighten your day? Why not indulge in a chocolate treat infused with 50mg full-spectrum CBD? These ...

Overall Impressions

Water Soluble Hemp Extract | Kannaswiss
Water Soluble Hemp Extract | Kannaswiss

Look and Feel

It is clear to see that Kannaswiss has put a lot of effort into the design of its products, with the packaging and bottling appearing minimalist but exuding quality.

This is obviously something that the company wants to get across to its customers given the holistic approach it has to hemp production, CBD extraction, and all the way through to design of the packaging.


Kannaswiss don’t bother making a range of different flavoured extracts. Instead they focus on using natural unflavoured hemp to create a high quality extract – the focus is on efficacy, not taste.  

Kannaswiss’s flagship extract has the usual earthy bitter taste of a standard hemp extract.

However, for those that want a more flavoursome CBD experience, Kannaswiss’s CBD Swiss chocolate is delicious and the versatility of their water-solube extract means it can be added to any number of tasty drinks or foods.

CBD Delivery

The water-soluble extract makes delivery super quick and easy. Just a few drops in a drink and you’re good to go, without hardly having to think about it.

Kannaswiss’s chocolate is, of course, also a nice indulgent delivery option, while the standard extract is as you’d expect – a few drops held under the tongue sublingual absorption.


Kannaswiss is a premium product, so they are not the cheapest out there, but their pricing is quite competitive.

The price per mg of CBD ends up being similar to most other comparable products on the market. Considering the quality of production methods, their products end up being pretty good value.

The water-soluble option is a little pricier, while the 30ml 12% extract (as one would expect from a bulk buy) is the best value for money accross the Kannaswiss range.

Kannaswiss’s CBD

When it comes to its CBD Kannaswiss pride themselves on being among the best.

Their hemp is 100% organic, grown in-house and cultivated with dedication and care.

It stands to reason that high quality hemp makes for a higher quality product, and this is clearly something that is at the core of Kannaswiss’s philosophy as a company.

Like other leading brands they use the top of the range CO2 extraction method and MCT carrier oil to produce a top-quality extract.

Organic Hemp – Straight From The Source

All Kannaswiss’s hemp is organic and grown to the highest of standards by Kannaswiss themselves at their state of the art facility in the Swiss highlands.

This means that Kannaswiss can ensure that the cannabis that all their CBD products are derived from is of the highest quality.

This also allows them to optimise the levels of terpenes and cannabinoids in the plant which, when extracted, will result in a top-quality final product (see cannabinoid/terpene info). 

This is what sets Kannaswiss apart from many of its competitors: they can ensure that every step of production, from seedling to finished CBD product is up to their high standard.

Most other companies (even those that use organic ingredients) buy their hemp from a multitude of sources, often importing it from a number of different countries. This means that they may find it less easy to ensure the level of quality at every stage in the way that Kannaswiss can.


Kannaswiss currently have their extracts labelled as “full-spectrum.” However, they are also labelled “THC free.”

This may seem like a contradiction in terms for anyone familiar with the difference between broad-spectrum and full-spectrum hemp extracts, as a full-spectrum extract would ordinarily contain trace amounts of THC (albeit well below legal and intoxicating limits).

The CBD industry is fairly new and so the strict definition of industry-standard terms like full and broad-spectrum are subject to evolving over time.

We contacted Kannaswiss to shed some light on this and they informed us that they had indeed labelled their products according to an outdated definition of full-spectrum, which pertained to whether terpenes (but not THC) were present in the extract.

According to the newer (and now generally accepted) definitions, their extracts would be considered broad spectrum and they will be adjusting their packaging and product descriptions for future batches to reflect this.

What Do Kannaswiss’s Test Results Show?

All of Kannaswiss’s products have been third-party lab tested but it is difficult to find these reports.

This is due to Kannaswiss making changed to its product ranges, which are set to be updated in the Summer of 2020, and so these reports are not readily available on the Kannaswiss website.

However, we have found lab reports for all of Kannaswiss’s hemp extracts, which you can find below.

What’s The Verdict?

Kannaswiss is a company with a great philosophy that dedicates a lot of effort to ensure maximum quality at every stage of production.

The fact that they grow all their hemp themselves helps them to stand out in the crowd of a huge and rapidly growing CBD industry. The rare ability to fine-tune and perfect the levels of cannabinoids and terpenes in the hemp that they use allows them to create some truly premium products that are hard to beat when it comes to quality and efficacy.

It’s great to see a company that treats the hemp plant with so much respect and care, and is there for all to see in the popularity of its finished products.