CBD & Breastfeeding

CBD (cannabidiol), a non-psychoactive derivative of cannabis and hemp, has become a very trendy wellness product in the UK recently, and there are many reasons why it would appeal to many different people.

One of these groups of people is new mothers. Due to CBD’s reputation, it could be very appealing to women who are new to motherhood and are just now being introduced to the sleepless nights, high stress and anxiety levels, and even postpartum depression.

However, there is still a lot of uncertainty about whether or not CBD is good to use when breastfeeding, since so much of what a mother consumes is passed to the baby through breastmilk, and CBD is not an exception. So is CBD safe to take during breastfeeding?

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CBD and Breastfeeding

The first and most important thing to consider before consuming anything new while you’re pregnant or breastfeeding is whether it will have an effect on the baby. Certain chemicals that are safe for adults to take such as some medications or medicines can have an effect on infants, and therefore it is incredibly important to always know whether what you’re consuming is safe for your baby.


There have been many studies on breastfeeding and the effects of certain substances or medications on the children consuming the breast milk, but the effects of CBD and breastfeeding have not been studied at all; since it is considered a risky subject.

On the other hand, studies have been conducted on the use of cannabis (marijuana) and breastfeeding (and pregnancy), and there have not been very positive results. There is strong evidence that substances such as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive component in cannabis) have negative effects on babies during and after pregnancy, and it is strongly suggested to stay away from THC during these times.

CBD’s Effects on Baby

Unfortunately, CBD’s effects on babies are widely unknown since there have not been studies on the subject. This includes CBD received through breast milk, but it also includes all the other substances found in CBD products such as terpenes, flavonoids, other cannabinoids, and sometimes traces of THC.

Yes, THC can easily be found in full-spectrum CBD. Of course, it is not nearly enough THC to make you feel high, but that doesn’t mean that it’s insignificant. Even this very small amount of THC can have an effect on the baby.

This suggests that there really is no way of being 100% sure that if you consume CBD while breastfeeding it won’t affect the baby. This also means that as long as there are no tests done on this subject, we can’t say with certainty that CBD is safe to take while breastfeeding.

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Tips on Staying Safe

As a breastfeeding mother, your baby is your priority, and keeping him/her safe is incredibly important. Therefore, knowing how to stay safe is of utmost importance during this valuable time in your lives.

One of the most important things to remember during this time is to always speak to your healthcare professional about things you’re considering taking or consuming, but aren’t sure about.

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This means that if you’re thinking of taking a new supplement — such as CBD — or something along those lines, your first step should be talking with your medical professional, and getting their trained opinion about it. They will be able to advise you about what to do.

Another way of making sure you and baby will be safe is by making sure that there is enough information available about what you’re considering consuming and breastfeeding — unlike CBD, which has not been studied. This way you will be 100% sure that you’re not harming the baby.

For now, there is not enough evidence suggesting that CBD is good or bad for breastfeeding mothers and babies, and therefore there shouldn’t be a need to take it while you’re breastfeeding. But if for any reason you want to take CBD, you need to speak with your healthcare professional before you take it to be sure you know the risks involved, and you have a professional medical opinion.

Will Sibley

Will Sibley

Will has a long history working in the CBD and wider cannabis space, accruing a range of knowledge and understanding which he is now sharing via CBD Scanner. He has a particular interest in how CBD can impact people's everyday lives, and the many applications people are using CBD products for.

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