CBD Products For Sex, The Ulitmate Guide By April Pride

Using CBD for sex is an underrepresented topic that should not be overlooked because this cannabinoid’s anti-inflammatory qualities help to relax muscle tension, and CBD works on localized pain that can cause painful sex.  If CBD is applied topically through a suppository, transdermal patch or lube, you can lower inflammation, fight dryness, and increase the blood flow while decreasing pain. In this article, the high guide’s April Pride, will cover each of these methods as well as why women and men are using CBD to have more satisfying sexual experiences thanks to increased intimacy and pleasure.  

The Cannabis & Sex Connection 

Our stressful lives aren’t helping our sex lives. Stress, emotions, and life experiences play a huge role in our availability to intimacy. If your nervous system is constantly up-regulated, it’s hard to access intimacy. Our sex hormones get deprioritized when we have constantly running cortisol with people’s libidos being greatly impacted by the rise in stress levels. There’s a direct correlation between an increase in stress and a decrease in sex hormones or even sex drive because survival gets prioritized over sex.   

Other factors impacting our ability to receive sexual pleasure include hormones, inflammation, trauma that creates biological and physiological responses to endometriosis, menopause, postpartum, and chronic ongoing tension in the pelvis. 

Whether it’s getting in the mood or getting through the pain, the right cannabis products work with the body to enhance pleasure, ease discomfort and increase sensitivity. The first choice to be made is whether THC or CBD is the active ingredient necessary to get the desired outcome. 

CBD vs. THC for Sex 

To date, there are simply not enough studies around regarding how CBD and THC work differently so recommendations are validated based on user experience alone. Both CBD and THC are vasodilating so they help the blood flow get into the tissues, which is the primary function and basis of arousal. If you have any pain with sex, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that help relax muscle tension. 

Topicals with THC have a stronger or more immediate noticeable effect, but not all people want to have THC as part of their experience. Putting cannabis lube directly on the vagina means it’s absorbed into the bloodstream, which can be a challenge for those who abstain from THC for drug testing or as a lifestyle choice. Though it’s a personal choice, oral sex is part of the sexual experience and CBD won’t make a ”giving” partner come up dirty on a drug test. 

In terms of intimacy, higher doses of THC are not to the advantage of men due to increased occurrence of couch lock, disassociation, impotency, and loss of sex drive.

Another factor is product availability due to legality: CBD lube can be purchased nationally, and THC is only available in licensed dispensaries. 

CBD & Your Body

Cannabis helps amp up what your body already does naturally, which is important due to the many stressors of daily life. Second only to the brain, the pelvic region contains more cannabinoid receptors than any other part of the female body. Both THC and CBD are vasodilating, which means they help the blood flow get into the tissues – the primary function and basis of arousal. Cannabinoid receptors are part of our body’s Endocannabinoid System, or ECS, the balancing system in our body. When THC or CBD are consumed, these external cannabinoids activate endocannabinoids like anandamide (“the bliss molecule”) that are naturally produced in our bodies. 

CBD for Painful Sex

Pain with sex is a common symptom of endometriosis – or endo. As the endometrial tissue breaks down and women have a period, cramping occurs when prostaglandins are released and higher levels of prostaglandins are associated with more severe menstrual cramps, a symptom of endometriosis. CBD can inhibit the enzyme that creates prostaglandins by reducing the root cause.

Talk to your doctor if you experience symptoms of endometriosis: very painful periods, pain with intercourse, heavy menstrual periods and/or infertility. 

CBD Sex Lube

Lube is a great place to start if you are new to cannabis in the bedroom. Using cannabis topically directly stimulates the area on which it’s applied so that’s where you feel it, and you will not get high since it only stimulates the physical area where it is applied. Weed lube is a topical lubricant containing cannabis and coconut oil. Apply it topically with your fingers to the area where you want increased sensitivity, and wait 10-20 minutes to feel the effects. When choosing a CBD cannabis lube, remember any oil-based formulation is not latex-friendly so not safe for use with latex condoms.  

The question most men ask about weed lube is, “What’s in it for me?” Unfortunately, there is no evidence of physiological or physical improvement in men. The skin of the penis is much less absorbent than the tissues of the female vulva and intravaginal tissues. However, there is an increased likelihood of a more satisfied, more relaxed, more at ease partner that’s experiencing deeper pleasure and less pain in the context of her intimate pursuits with herself and with you.

CBD Suppositories

Cannabis suppositories are a favourite for women experiencing menstrual cramps. But suppositories also work for sex, especially if you have any pain with penetration. To enhance pleasure, suppositories help internal muscle structures get a high dose of CBD that will help muscles relax and soften as well as allow for more blood flow to receive vasodilating benefits. The more blood flow you get into the region, the softer those muscles are, and the better everything feels with touch, penetration and movement. If pain is present, it’ll help diminish that as well. When using CBD suppositories for dysmenorrhea and other pelvic pain, it allows the pelvic floor to relax so stronger orgasms can occur. 

Suppositories look like applicator-less tampons. Once they are in your body, the solid becomes a liquid, so lay on your bed with your pelvis elevated for 10-20 minutes. They offer long-lasting relief for up to six hours. 

Transdermal Patches

Women love transdermal patches for pain and stress because they are effective, deliver a consistent experience, and they are long-lasting. Fleur Marche’s CBD patch called Sex Plz is formulated to increase blood flow, lower inhibitions, and increase pleasure. If relief and relaxation in the pelvis is the goal, apply the patch on the inside of your hip bone lower abdomen and leg come together. 

Ingesting CBD Through Smoking, Edibles or Tinctures

If you get too high, CBD will help combat some negative effects, which is why keeping a sublingual CBD tincture in your medicine cabinet is recommended. Also, CBD, in particular, is ideal because it eases pain without numbing you out.

A very popular CBD strain for sex is Harlequin, which offers a clear-headed high and is especially good for morning sex. This strain can be found in the form of flower to be smoked or dry herb vaporized and Harlequin is available in a CBD oil vape cartridge.

Choosing a Clean CBD Product

When you’re applying the cannabinoids with an arousal oil or suppository, you’re applying it locally to the clitoris, the labia, and intra-vaginally. As with any product for your absorptive mucosal membranes like the vagina or urethra, quality ingredients really matter. CBD is available for purchase in all 50 states. All reputable CBD companies will make the Certificate of Analysis (COA) for their products available publicly. This matters because cannabis is a bioaccumulator, meaning it naturally absorbs any toxins in the ground, which are then easily absorbed into pelvic tissue. Look for a COA that shows the product has no pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, mycotoxins, or microbials.

The best thing individuals can do is get to know themselves, get to know their bodies, get to know how they react to CBD and THC. As long as you are in sync with your partner, doing what works for you and being loving of that, then anything goes.

April Pride

April Pride

April is an entrepreneur and a visionary, as well as an advocate for women who make unorthodox choices, Her first cannabis brand was acquired by Canopy Growth (NYSE: CGC) in 2018. April founded women-focused cannabis lifestyle brand Van der Pop, which published 2017’s Women & Weed survey - the industry’s first comprehensive report on the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors of 1,500 North American women.

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