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The Tincture Club 1000mg OG Subscription

Last update: 3 December 2020

Welcome to The Tincture Club. A place where you can relax in the knowledge that you are being well looked after by people who not only know but also who care. The Tincture Club brings us CBD in its simplest form. It is quite simply CBD suspended in MCT oil. Nothing else!

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What is The Tincture Club?

The Tincture Club is a subscription CBD service. Think the Netflix of CBD. Most of us use CBD regularly which means having to repeatedly order it once a month or more. The Tincture Club not only makes this easier for you, but it also rewards you for doing so. The CBD provided by the Tincture club originates from the same White Label Manufacturer that provides some of the largest brands in the industry but at a fraction of the price.

The tincture club uses CBD Isolate instead of a Full or Broad Spectrum extract. The reasoning behind this is that Isolate is more mathematically accurate than Broad Spectrum so you know exactly what you are getting. Isolate also doesn’t have a taste which can provide another great benefit to those of us that aren’t big on the cannabis taste.

The 3 Levels of Membership

Level 0 – One-Off Purchase

Undecided if it’s for you? You can now purchase a 1000mg tincture without having to subscribe monthly. This is a great way for you to suss it out and decide if you want to continue with a monthly subscription.

Level 1 – 1000mg OG

There are 3 levels of membership to the Club. Level 1 is a 1000ml bottle of CBD delivered monthly to your door for £25 (per month). This works out at 2.5p per mg (translation = very well priced as the average is around 5p/mg)

Level 2 – 2000mg OG

Things get a lot better though. If you take a higher dosage and are getting through more like 2000mg per month, this will work out even cheaper for you.  The price of the 2000mg membership is £40/month. This comes to 2p per mg. If you are taking 70mg CBD per day (as recommended by the FSA), you would need 2100mg per month which roughly equates to this subscription tier.

Level 3 – 4000mg OG

The final and best value option at The Tincture Club is the 4000mg subscription. This means you are getting 4X 1000mg CBD tinctures being delivered straight to your door once a month. Bear in mind, if you are getting through 4000mg CBD a month, you are probably exceeding the FSA’s recommended dose, however, we at CBD Scanner don’t necessarily agree with the dosage guidance from the FSA and find it rather baseless. We believe you should start at a low dose and work your way up until you get to a dose that is causing the benefits that you seek. Of course, should any adverse effects occur, stop taking it and seek medical advice. The cost per mg of the 4000mg subscription is a teensy little 1.625p per mg!

CBD Scanner Top Tip

Why not team up with your mum, mate, sister, brother, dog, neighbour or gardener and split the cost of a 2000mg or 4000mg subscription? It will work out much cheaper for you all. In fact, the 4000mg subscription, when divided by 4, works out at just £16.25 for a 1000mg tincture.

IMPORTANT: Whatever you do, don’t forget to input the code cbdscanner10 to get 10% off your subscription price!

How has the Tincture Club managed to keep their price so low?

The answer is simple. They removed the middlemen and avoided the multiple layer supply chain behind most of the brands you see on the shelves today. This means they can provide the same quality CBD but for much lower prices. Watch the video to learn more…


All Tincture Club bottles have a QR Code on the side which you can easily scan and find the Certificates of Analysis, Manufacturer and Date of Manufacture. You can also use this code to contact the Customer Support Service. All bottles are printed with a batch ID so you can easily trace a product back to its batch. Click here to check their Certificate of Analysis.

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The Tincture Club
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The Tincture Club
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The Tincture Club
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The Tincture Club
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