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Harmony Tempo Pods

Last update: 1 February 2021

The Tempo CBD Starter Kit by Harmony is the ideal product for anyone looking for a high quality and unobtrusive vaping experience. The vape’s sleek design means it is easy to carry and discreet to use while the neat, refillable pods (containing 10% CBD) marry authentic cannabis flavours with delightful fruity back tones. This really is a brilliant product.

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About the Brand

Antonin Cohen the founder of Harmony began studying the usage of hemp in 2008 when he co-founded the first non-profit organization dedicated to hemp sciences in France. Since then he has brought together world-leading scientists, entrepreneurs, and activists building up an expert network in design and quality control for cannabinoid products. After years researching and their first CBD product launched 8 years later in 2014, Cohen is dedicated to bringing affordable high-quality products to the mass market. Since its launch, the company has continued to grow in popularity.

If you would like to learn more about Harmony, you have come to the right place! Check out our Harmony Brand Review for everything you need to know about the brand.

How does the product Look and Feel?

The product is sleek and attractive, simple yet stylish. The boxes for the vape and e-liquid are small and neat. Each cartridge comes with its own colour specific protective rubber cap. The vape comes with a protective black cap and is remarkably discreet.

What we love in particular about this product is just how small it is. This can slip easily into a pocket or even a wallet. Harmony has really managed to pack a lot into a very small space so if you are looking for a CBD Vape product and portability is your thing, this is the product for you.

How does it taste?

Each flavour is distinct and lifts the bud’s natural aromas to new heights without masking. Having tried other brands the Harmony E-liquids were among our favourite. Unlike some of the other CBD E-liquids on the market, the Harmony range places the full spectrum cannabis-derived terpenes in the foreground while the fruity natural flavouring functions as a subtle and pleasant back tone. The Mango Kush was our personal favourite, we highly recommend it, it’s delicious.

Flavours for this vape include:

Originals (OG Kush, Mango Kush, Super Lemon Haze) or Classics (Mint, Strawberry, Pink Lemonade).

So what’s in it?

Each cartridge contains 74mg of CBD which in solution equates to about 10%. The CBD has been extracted using molecular separation to ensure that the natural terpenes of the bud are present without the THC. This extraction ensures great natural flavours and a high purity base product at (99.6%).


Each batch comes with a unique certificate of analysis (COA) meaning the cannabinoid content of each item can be traced and checked using the batch number on the back of the box. The product is tested at independent third-party laboratories ensuring quality and impartiality.

Key points

  • Each cartridge Contains 74mg of Pure CBD
  • Pesticide and Herbicide Free
  • 3rd Party-Tested
  • Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians
  • Extracted using the molecular separation method
  • Discreet

Overall Feeling

Whether you are already familiar with vaping or you’re still green, we’re confident you’ll love this product as much as we do. And seriously, the mango Kush!

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