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CBD Brothers Silver Edition CBD Oil

Last update: 5 August 2020
CBD Brothers Silver Edition CBD Oil

The Original Alternative, formerly known as CBD Brothers, have been manufacturing top quality CBD oils for quite some time now. We think they may have perfected the process. You may have noticed that the CBD Brothers range of oils is sorted by colour. We have written a really handy comparison page about all the different products which may help you decide which one is for you. This page is dedicated to the Silver Edition Oil which is available in 10ml and 30ml bottles.


We are here to talk about CBD Brother’s Silver Edition Oil. If you would like to learn more about the other Editions that are offered by CBD Brothers, please check out our CBD Brothers/The Original Alternative Brand Review.

1.5% Concentration (150mg/10ml) | 10ml bottle only

So first things first… What’s in it?

This CBD oil has two main ingredients, the first is organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil, known for its multitude of health benefits.

The second main ingredient is the Cannabis Indica Whole Plant Extract. Cannabis plants have historically been split into two main “species”, Indica and Sativa based on their differing appearance and sizes. These species were widely thought to assume differing effects however studies have suggested that actually terpenoid profiles are more important at determining effects than whether a plant is Indica or Sativa.

Another big factor in determining the effect of cannabis is the conditions that it is grown in.

The Cannabis Indica Whole Plant Extract used in this product is also created from closely monitored, indoor-grown female plants, from which invaluable cannabinoids and terpenes are derived via CO2-extraction. Diluting the extract in organic hemp seed oil makes for optimal cannabinoid absorption or ‘higher bioavailability’.

How to take it…

Like many CBD Oils, the Silver edition is best taken sublingually so the active ingredients can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the tissue under the tongue. This will have ensured the plants get the greatest yield and have had all variables controlled, creating the most potent extract.

We should note that even though this extract is full-spectrum, it contains less than 0.05% THC which is well within legal limits and would not cause any form of intoxicating effect on humans.

Silver is a lower concentration, more affordable alternative to some of the stronger Indica strain-derived CBD oils in the wider CBD Brothers range.


We are really glad to say that The Original Alternative publishes all of their Certificates of Analysis for each batch on their website which is fast becoming the industry norm.

Furthermore, you can find the Certificate proving their cold-pressed hemp seed oil is indeed organic.

We were also able to extrapolate from their recent CoA that this product contains 0.42% CBDA and 0.26% CBC.

Overall Feeling

We are yet to sample this particular product so our overall feeling is based on our knowledge of the brand and the information we have been able to find that is publicly available. This is a low to medium strength CBD oil so those who require a higher dosage may want to look at one of the other Original Alternative’s products in the CBD Brothers Oil range.


Indica Whole Plant Extract; Certified Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil; Total THC Content <0.2% (batch reports)

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