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Cibdol CBD Softgel Capsules

Last update: 5 August 2020

Crafted from the same successful formula as their renowned CBD oils, these CBD Softfels from Cibdol are great value for money and perfect for those wishing to supplement in tablet form rather than having to faff around with tinctures. Read on to learn more.

3.8/5.0Tested By CBD Scanner

About the Brand

Cibdol has a near pharmaceutical-grade air about it. The products are marketed to look like medicines, although that they are not. However, we are sure that the attention to detail doesn’t stop at the branding and packaging. Cibdol exercises a clinical-grade approach to producing their top-quality golden CBD products. If you would like to learn more about Cibdol and the other products they offer, check out our Cibdol Brand Review. 

About the Cibdol 4% Softgels

Each capsule contains approximately 6.4mg of CBD as well as other phytonutrients and beneficial terpenes that will work synergistically to provide an effective boost of cannabinoids.

Cibdol does offer stronger capsules, the 10% Softgels contain approximately 16mg CBD per capsule so if you are looking for a higher dose, we recommend either taking 2 capsules or purchasing the 10% version.

We always recommend first-timers to start on a low dose and work their way up so if you are undecided but new to CBD, stick with the 4% for now.

Carrier Oil – Olive oil

Please note: this product contains gelatin and is therefore not halal or suitable for vegetarians.


These soft gels come in a very small container so are great for taking on the go. Remember to exercise caution when taking CBD products to a different country as it is not explicitly legal in all countries yet.


Cibdol provides the Certificates of Analysis for all of their products on their website. Click here for the test results for their most recent batch of 4% Capsules.

Overall Feelings

If the taste of CBD is putting you off but you still want the desired effects, this product is for you. Cibdol has a proven track record in providing top quality extracts from Swiss labs. Whilst the dose is fairly low, it’s a great introductory product for those looking to get into CBD. When the time is right, you can up the dose to the 10% capsules if required.

As far as CBD Capsules go, these are some of our most recommended capsules and are great for travelling due to their small size (although make sure you check the legality of CBD in your destination if travelling to another country).

We love Cibdol’s packaging and branding. The products arrived with clear instructions, all the information we would need and in premium high-quality packaging.

Finally, we’d love to see Cibdol change the casing for their capsules to a vegetarian-friendly option in the future.


Olive oil, hemp extract, gelatin, (bovine), glycerine, water

Quick Summary

  • 60 tablets
  • THC Free
  • CO2 Extracted Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • 3rd Party lab tested with CoAs
  • Carrier Oil – Olive oil
  • Not suitable for vegetarians

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