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How Safe Is Vaping CBD?

The vaping health crisis has dominated headlines for over a month with hundreds of reported cases of respiratory problems being linked to e-cigarette use. After six deaths with ties to vape use, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York state has announced that he will ban the sale of flavoured e-liquid. Following this announcement, US President Trump has stated that he intends to enstate a similar ban on a federal level.

E-cigarettes were previously marketed as a safer alternative to smoking, but in recent months after a spate of illnesses and deaths linked to the use of e-cigarettes this conception is being called into serious question.

While the controversy is centred on e-cigarettes and nicotine vapes, many of us who vape CBD are rightly concerned. CBD is most commonly used as a health supplement, so naturally, those that use it will be more health-conscious in general. A critical examination of whether vaping CBD safe is needed, but before we can do that we have to examine where the risks of e-cigarettes may lie.

Vape Cartridge


E-cigarettes are built around a special heating system called an atomizer. This is a small cartridge that contains a cotton wick and a coil made of a conductive alloy. The vaporizer quickly heats the coil by running a charge through it, and the cotton wick draws e-liquid (also known as vape juice) towards the coil with capillary action, vaporizing it instantly.

There has long been health concerns surrounding atomizers with some concerned that when the coils are reach high temperatures they may release heavy metals into the user’s lungs.

There are also reported cases of atomizers exploding, but most people don’t need to worry about this. Cases like this generally have more to do with DIY modifications and over-powered batteries than any intrinsic property.

Flavoured E-liquids


Whether you vape or not, you’ll be familiar with the sugary clouds of vapor the devices produce. The vape industry has formulated every conceivable flavour, from menthol to cheesecake.

These flavoured e-liquids are at the centre of the on-going media coverage thanks to state and potentially federal bans on them. You’d be forgiven for assuming the flavouring was the root of the health conditions reported on in the press, but it’s not. Flavoured e-liquids are accused of being appealing to underage users.

JUUL Vape Cartridge


E-cigarettes have long been marketed as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, allowing smokers to gradually quit by switching to a less-harmful way of taking nicotine. The idea is that as you vape nicotine, you move away from the tars and carcinogens associated with smoking and then gradually reduce the nicotine concentration until you can fully quit.

Some presume that the nicotine in e-liquid is a factor in the health crisis, again this isn’t completely true. Juul, a popular brand known for its vape cartridge system. They have found themselves at the centre of the controversy and have received a lot of criticism for the high nicotine concentration of their products. The worry is that the slick marketing and design of Juul’s products attracts young people who quickly become addicted to the high concentration of nicotine. Again, the worry here is one of addiction rather than a direct cause-and-effect cycle of harm.



The New England Journal of Medicine found in a study of the vape crisis that many of those hospitalised admitted to using THC infused vape products. This may be a point of concern for CBD users, as THC is a sister-cannabinoid of the chemical. However, the study found that the risk in the THC products doesn’t come from the cannabinoid but from the particular thickening agent used, vitamin E acetate. This agent is used to reduce the concentration of THC needed in e-liquid and thus increase manufacturer’s profit margins.

Vitamin E acetate may have side effects that could potentially cause health issues, however it is only found in illicit products found outside of established vape shops. The potential is that the unregulated nature of these products could be a key factor in the crisis.

Dry Herb

What Does This Mean For CBD Vapers?

Vaping is a popular method of taking CBD, it is non-psychoactive, non-addictive, and above all convenient. However, is there any inherent health risks? At this point in time, it’s hard to say, research is still being conducted into the root of the current health crisis, however, the CDC has advised that everyone abstain from vaping regardless. This is totally down to the uncertainty of the crisis.

As far as the above possible roots of the crisis go, only some apply to CBD oils, and as long as you buy your CBD from a reputable seller you should be able to avoid the risks associated with vitamin E acetate. The risk of heavy metal contamination is, unfortunately, linked directly to the make up of coils, however, the severity of this risk is still being explored, too.

Overall, you have about as much risk vaping CBD as you would any other form of vape liquids or e-liquid. What are the alternatives? CBD products can be administered in a huge range of ways, from tinctures to food-additives (though if you’re in the US these may be hard to find, as until recently they existed in a grey area as far as the FDA is concerned).

CBD Dab Pen

There is another option for those who aren’t willing to give up vaping altogether. Dry herb vaporizers are similar to e-cigarettes in a lot of ways. However they are distinct in how, and what they heat. Dry herb vapes work directly on dried CBD hemp and their heating systems are often ceramic heating elements, which have a proven track record of safety. The hemp doesn’t contain anything other than CBD, water, and other trace cannabinoids. It’s totally non-psychoactive. The vapes work in a similar manner to e-cigarettes, albeit with a short delay before they reach vaping temperature.

However, finding dried CBD hemp in the UK can be a bit tricky. Buying and Selling dried hemp flowers (the part of the hemp plant that contains CBD) is illegal in the UK and many parts of Europe. While it may not produce any of the psychoactive effects that marijuana does, the THC content in hemp plants can sometimes be over the 0.2% limit.

Suggested Read: UK CBD Law – An In-depth Analysis

Another option is dabbing extracts like CBD Crystals and Isolates. These are exactly what they sound to be; CBD isolated. CBD Isolates will come in powder or crystal form and will have a much higher concentration of CBD as they are basically just pure CBD. For those who like to vape on the go, there are Dab Pens that have ceramic coils which heat up the Crystals into a vapour and give you an ultra-high concentration of CBD.

This doesn’t leave those looking for healthier vaping alternatives with many options. As with many aspects of this health crisis, it is hard to make definitive claims, the crisis is ongoing and there is still a lot that remains unexplored. If you want to be totally safe, it is best to quit vaping CBD from an e-cigarette until researchers have come to some solid conclusions.

From tinctures and tonics to extracts and edibles, there are many other ways to enjoy the effects of CBD that are proven to be safe.

Can I Recycle My Vape Cartridges?

Recycle Vape Cartridges

Being conscious of the waste and trash you produce is always important, no matter what type of products you use.

Although in 2019, there has been a growing awareness about how much we impact our planet, it is still rare to see people encouraging recycling.

However, when it comes to certain types of products that produce a large amount of waste, it is always a smart idea to look for more ‘mindful’ options.

What Are Vape Cartridges? | Why Should They be Recycled?

Vape pens are made up of two main parts: a battery, and a cartridge. These disposable cartridges are usually filled with oil or e-liquids.

There are different types of cartridges, but the most commonly used are units that you screw on to a battery and throw away after use.

In these cartridges, users can choose oils that contain nicotine, THC, CBD and more, and enjoy their favourite materials in an easy way.

Although these cartridges are used to offer optimal vaporization and a stress-free vape experience, they are beginning to become a problem.

Due to the fact that vape cartridges need to be changed every few weeks, or more frequently depending on how much an individual vapes, the waste becomes scary.

Not only do vape cartridges create a lot of waste, but can also be incredibly harmful to the environment.

If vape cartridges that contain nicotine end up the landfill, they can leak into the earth they are placed on and do a lot more harm than expected.

Just like the millions of cigarettes that are incorrectly disposed of on a daily basis, vape cartridges and other vaporizer parts are beginning to become the same way.

Being aware of your vape products, where they go after you use them, and how to correctly dispose of them is something that all vape users should know.

Vape Cartridge

How to Recycle Vape Cartridges – The Easy Way

Although recycling may sound like a difficult, annoying process, if done properly, it’s more than easy.

Instead of spending lots of your precious time on recycling, if you know the correct way of doing it, you’ll be done faster than you think.

By simply following these 3 simple steps, you will be on the way to becoming a professional recycler.

  1. Rinsing: One of the most important steps for recycling vape cartridges is rinsing them. Although it may seem like a strange step, rinsing your cartridges will avoid environmental damage.
    Be sure to give your cartridges a good rinse, and make sure that all the oils or liquids are out of the parts before moving on to the next step.
  2. Separating: Depending on the types of materials your vape cartridges are made of, you are going to want to dispose of them in their respective places.
    Although most cartridges are made from plastic, there can sometimes be unique types of cartridges, depending on the brand you purchase from.
    Be sure to know the materials your cartridges are made from so you can then know exactly how to separate them and how to dispose of them properly.
  3. Get Rid of Them the Right Way: Now that you have rinsed and separated your used vape cartridges, simply throw away your cartridges in their respective bins.
  4. Some business will even take used cartridges for you. Take a look at your local vape shop and see if they do this. 

The best option is to look for recycling services near you. This way, once you begin to separate your cartridges into the right places, you will have a place to take them where they can actually be taken to the next step of the ‘recycling journey’.

Although at first, recycling may seem a little scary or overwhelming, making this decision and creating a ‘change’ will make more of an impact than you think.

Vape Pens

Are There Other Options?

After learning more about the recycling process of disposable vape cartridges, you may be asking yourself if it’s even worth it.

Well, the truth is that vape cartridges are not the only option, and you can choose from a variety of other vape products that do not make such a negative impact on the environment.

By simply choosing a vaporizer that can be refilled, and that is non-disposable is a great place to start.

Want To Try CBD Vape Pens? Read Review: Harmony Tempo Pods Review

Also, looking for companies and brands that craft their vaporizers form reused materials is another way to make a “positive vape impact”.

There are countless options for those looking to be more environmentally mindful, and if you are one of these people, find products and ways that make you and our planet happy!

Top 5 CBD Vape Juices In the UK: The Ultimate Selection

Love to vape and already a CBD fan?

New and curious about the world of CBD vaping?

Wherever you’re at, you’ve come to the right place to discover the best products on offer in the UK today.

Here at CBD Scanner we have been trawling the UK market hunting out the best CBD Vape Juices that money can buy.

We’ve emptied shops, scoured CBD and Vape Exhibitions, and left no stone unturned in our quest to find the UK’s top picks.

So inhale… exhale… and get ready to discover the Top 5 CBD Vape Juices/E-Liquids currently available to buy online in the UK.

Quick Recap: How Do You Vape CBD?

CBD E-Liquid Vaporizers
Make sure you’ve got yourself one of these!

First things first, there are 3 different ways to Vape CBD:

1. You can add CBD Vape Juice/E-Liquid to your existing vape tank or buy a vaporizer that supports liquid refills (this is the option we’ll be featuring in our Top 5)

2. You can purchase a Pre-Filled CBD Vape Cartridge with a battery (we have a separate page for those)

3. You can purchase a Dry Herb Vaporizer and either CBD Wax, paste, shatter, bud, diamonds etc… (more on this soon)

Right, recap over –

On with the Top 5!

Hempura Refined Extract CBD Vape Liquid – 100/250/500mg

Hempura CBD Vape Liquid

Hempura CBD Vape Liquid

Fancy enjoying the fresh citrusy flavours of the Cannabis Sativa plant in a pure and potent CBD vape liquid? This refined broad-spectrum ...

from £19.99

This high-quality product delivers the fresh, citrusy flavours of the Cannabis Sativa plant in the form of a pure vape liquid.

Why we picked them…

Hempura is a London-based CBD company which launched in 2017 and is a member of the Cannabis Trades Association (CTA) UK.

They won runner-up in both Shopping CBD‘s and Marijuana Break‘s ‘Best CBD Vape Oils’ lists, so it’s no small wonder that the company has a 4.5 rating on Trustpilot.

Hempura’s refined-extract vape liquid has already been recognised as top-grade.

The company’s robust manufacturing process guarantees purity and safety in the following ways: 

Their CBD Vape Liquid comes in 10 ml bottles that are available in three different potencies: 

The natural citrus terpene profile (nb: NO artificial flavours) that characterises Hempura’s vape liquids offers a fresh change for those wanting a healthier alternative to smoking nicotine.

These liquids are winterized, filtered, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free.

What’s more, unlike with other brands, users of Hempura Vape Liquid report that the natural terpenes don’t create a vape taste that is overly ‘earthy’ or hempy.

This makes them a great choice for those who are less familiar with (or dislike!) these types of original, natural flavours.

In addition, Hempura offers customers complete peace of mind by providing lab-testing and traceability services.

You can see the COA for any product you want to purchase by typing the batch number into their website’s lab report database.

This allows you to find out exactly what’s in your CBD vape liquid before it gets to your door – giving you 100% confidence. Nice!

Love CBD E-Liquids – Sativa or Indica Terpenes

Love CBD E-Liquid

Love CBD E-Liquid

In this page, we are going to take on Love CBD's Sativa and Indica E-Liquids. We are going to dive in deep ...

For our second pick, we are repping Love CBD’S Sativa and Indica E-Liquids. Infused with cannabis terpenes, you can expect earthy tones with a hint of sharpness from this selection.

Why we picked them…

Love CBD are a reputable CBD goods manufacturer with a small range of quality E-Liquids.

Their vape juice comes infused with a choice of two different cannabis terpenes – Indica and Sativa.

Both options pack 250mg of CBD, have a base of 65% PG to 35% VG (smooth-draw and throat hit, moderate vape release), and come in new needle-tipped 10ml bottles for easy refills on the go!

Both variants of Love CBD’s E-liquid come from European-grown cannabis flowers. These are grown organically – with no pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizer – then CO2 extracted and tested to ensure they’re THC-free.

Sativa CBD E-Liquid: the terpene profile infused in this option tends to have more uplifting and invigorating effects – customers of Bloom Botanics have commented that they enjoy this Sativa variant during the daytime. 

Indica CBD E-Liquid: a more relaxing natural terpene blend, great for night-time use.

How to use

The needle tipped bottle is brilliant for modern TDP-compliant vapes, making it super easy to refill accurately. In addition, the plastic bottle is very durable and leak proof!

Love Hemp E-Liquids & Vape Additive

Love Hemp CBD E-liquid

Love Hemp CBD E-liquid

Introduction Love Hemp is one of the most well-known CBD brands in the UK having been established in London back in 2015 ...

This product earns a spot in our Top 5 thanks to the versatile multi-flavour options, excellent company reputation, and dedication to providing a quality product.

Why we picked them…

Love Hemp proudly claim to be the UK’s #1 supplier of CBD and hemp products. They’ve been acknowledged by The Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, and The Independent.

Established in 2015 by London entrepreneurs Tony Calamita and Thomas Rowland, Love Hemp filled the gap for an innovative, quality-conscious and polished CBD brand.

According to their website, they “operate in a regulated way in an unregulated market”, helping cement their reputation as a dependable brand.

Love Hemp were the first to introduce a range of novel CBD products to the UK market. These include: face masks, body salves, and spring water, all infused with CBD.

Their Full-spectrum CBD E-Liquid, available in 100mg and 250mg strengths, comes in a 15ml dropper-style bottle. This is an easy-to-use, high-quality refill option for your vape or pod.

Like all Love Hemp products, their CBD E-Liquids are certified organic and THC-free. They are third party tested under strict laboratory conditions and have guaranteed CBD concentrations. 

Love Help only use Colorado-grown hemp strains, farmed by certified organic grower Folium Biosciences. The strains they offer include Fedora, Futura, & Fermion Sativa.

Supercritical CO2 extraction is carried out in the USA, and the refined extracts are then sent to the UK for manufacturing. This entire process adheres to the government guidelines for ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’ (GMP).

Independent labs test the products to ensure they are are free of heavy metals, pesticides, fertilizers, growth hormones, and genetically modified products (GMOs). They use a 60:40 VG:PG ratio for the E-Liquid base, which is synonymous with smooth, easy drawing and significant vapour-release.

Where can I get it, and in what flavours?

Bloom Botanics sell the 15ml CBD E-Liquid in two concentrations – 0.67% and 1.67%, for the 100mg and 250mg strengths respectively. There are four flavours to choose from: Mary Jane, Blueberry Menthol, Custard Cream, and Grape.

In addition, For the Ageless also stock the E-Liquid, but in different strengths and flavours. They offer 100mg or 300mg, in the following flavours: Cherry Koolada, Apple Cherry Sherbet, Strawberry Cool, Blueberry Menthol, and Grape Kush (our personal flavour recommendation!).

Love Hemp also offers a 500mg CBD Vape Additive (through For the Ageless), which is a fantastic high-concentration broad-spectrum addition to your favourite E-Liquid.

Love Hemp’s 500mg CBD Vape Additive is super handy for those wanting to give their favourite E-Liquid flavour a CBD boost (5% concentration), that’s broad-spectrum (CBD, CBDV and potentially CBDa, CBG, CBC and CBN).

CBDFx Vape Juice Range

CBDfx Vape Juice

CBDfx Vape Juice

CBDfx has been doing vape juices since CBD Vape Juices were born. They have a wide range of strengths and flavours/strains. We ...

from £7.99

CBDFx has been doing vape juices since CBD vape juices were born. They offer a wide range of strengths, flavours, and strains, earning them a well-deserved place in our Top 5.

Why we picked them…

They might be based in Chatsworth, California, but CBDFx’s products are truly global. They were one of the first CBD brands we came across before we started CBD Scanner.

You can find their products sold in most vape shops around the UK which is how we first discovered the brand. And, whilst notoriety doesn’t always equate to quality, we’re pleased to say in this case it definitely does!

Their large, extravagant bottles are colourful and clear, stating exactly what’s inside, the flavour, and the terpene profile.

All of CBDFx’s Vape Juices are made using US-Grown, organic, pure CBD Isolate Crystals.

You can purchase the 30ml bottles in either 250mg, 500mg or 1000mg concentrations. They are all third party lab tested and approved.

Flavours include Blue Raspberry, Wild Watermelon, Strawberry Kiwi, Rainbow Candy, and Strawberry Milk.

Alternatively, you can choose from their range of terpene-infused CBD vape juices, with strains including OG Kush, Pineapple Express and, (our favourite!) Gelato.

CBDFx have been perfecting their vape formula over the years, and this is evident in the quality of their current product. This is a company which keeps it simple: they offer a PG:VG blend with some CBD Isolate, and add either flavourings or terps. Easy.

The Goods CBD Vape Juice – 10ml, 500mg 

The Goods CBD Vape Juice

The Goods CBD Vape Juice

Introduction The Goods is a brand which has flown somewhat under the radar in the UK CBD scene thus far, however, all ...

from £18.99

This CBD Vape Juice from The Goods concludes our Top 5. This product rightfully claims its place on the list by offering customers a premium vape juice, with a varied choice of flavours, all presented in slick, minimalistic packaging.

The Goods are cannabis enthusiasts who only do premium CBD – that’s their game and they’re good at it. The Goods’ broad-spectrum CBD Vape Juice is a premium E-liquid concentrate packing 500mg of CBD in a 10ml bottle.

This E-Liquid is THC and additive free, non-GMO, and is lab tested for purity. It’s also lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan. The broad-spectrum hemp isolate can carry cannabinoids like CBG and CBC Glycol and is infused in a VG/PG base with natural terpenes.

This is another enjoyable, easy-to-use CBD e-juice product, and the range of fruit and classic flavours is impressive. Our favourites: the earthy and pungent Super Diesel, sweet Mango Kush, and citrusy Amnesia Haze.

The Goods also offer their Full Range of flavours as a value-deal if you want to bulk-buy and save some money – including all six yummy flavours.

How To Use:

 The Goods’ website rightly acknowledge that optimum serving size and frequency always varies depending on a variety of factors.

Their results from a US survey indicate that 77% of their customers consume their CBD daily, with the majority taking 10-40mg of CBD. Each CBD Vape Juice bottle is 10ml and contains 500mg of CBD. So, quick maths, they offer 50mg of CBD per ml.

The Goods recommend starting with a dose of 5-10mg of CBD – so between 0.1ml and 0.2ml of vape juice – 2 to 3 times a day, or as recommended by a health practitioner.


Please note these products are not edible. It is to be smoked or vaporized only. Use with an appropriate vaporiser. Keep out of reach from children. Users must be 18+. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Please always refer to your physician or medical healthcare professional for medical advice.

Top 5 CBD Vape Pens That Really Work!

Have you been let down by disappointing vape pens?

Are you after that perfect vaping experience but don’t know where to start?

Well, look no further than this handy guide! We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 CBD vape pens, so you’ll never get stuck on which to choose ever again!

What’s the difference between a ‘single-use’ vape cartridge and a disposable pen?

Let’s start by talking about the different vape options available to consumers right now.

The UK’s rapidly growing interest in CBD has led to companies bringing exciting new products to the scene.

Two examples of these recent innovations are pre-filled CBD vape cartridges, often referred to as ‘single-use’ or ‘disposable’ , and ‘all-in-one’ disposable vape pens. 

These convenient consumables have made vaping CBD accessible and easy.

They offer a simple ‘unbox and play’ experience – either screw the single-use cartridge into your compatible vaporiser, or simply inhale from the all-in-one disposable pen.

Vaping newbie or CBD veteran? Our Top 5 has something for everyone!

If you’re new to vaping CBD, or vaping in general, ‘single-use’ and ‘all-in-one’ options are a great way to get started.

That said, even the most experienced vaper will likely enjoy the easy, self-contained, CBD vape system that these products offer.

Some of the cartridges in this list contain a blend of CBD isolate, with natural e-liquid bases like MCT coconut oil, while others add cutting agents like Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) to achieve a particular vaping consistency.

We’ve hunted high and low to compile this list of brands and products which have really impressed us.

So, let’s get started and discover our Top 5 CBD Vape Pens That Really Work!

Select CBD Vape Pens Range – 250mg CBD

Select CBD Vape Pen

Select CBD Vape Pen

Select CBD has created a high strength, high-quality CBD Vape Pen which we have been aching to get our hands-on. The product ...

from £26.99

Select CBD allows consumers to choose their desired effect when purchasing this pen: Relax, Focus, or Revive. The product is an all-in-one vape pen which cleverly incorporates essential oils into the vaping experience.

Why we picked them…

Select CBD earn a place in our top 5 because they specialise in offering innovative vape technology to the consumer. Their products offer quality, THC-free, CBD vape oil. 

The vape pen range comes in a choice of six flavours. Therefore, you can personalise your experience depending on your desired effect.

What’re the product specs?

This pen uses flavour-optimising ceramic-core technology that evenly distributes heat to the CBD vape oil. The pens have a <1% failure rate and a top-rated return policy. The all-in-one nature of the product makes it extremely easy to use. 

All of the pre-filled, disposable, vape pens in this range contain 250mg of USA-grown, hemp-derived, CBD isolate blended. This is blended with fractionated MCT coconut oil. 

Short-path distillation is used to create the isolate. As a result, Select CBD don’t have to winterize (remove lipids – fatty acids – from a crude extract) their products because there are no residuals after the isolation process.

In addition, they don’t use any PG/VF/glycerine/glycol, artificial flavours or colouring, which are common additives in many isolate-infused CBD E-Liquids.

Each of the six flavours in this range have been formulated using a unique set of essential oils to provide tailored benefits.

There are options to aid relaxation, invigorate, or improve concentration.

What’s more, each box comes with a list of ingredients and lab test results (see example batch). You can be sure the contents haven’t come into contact with chemicals like pesticides, are THC-free, and contain the specified amount of CBD.

What flavours are there (and what effect do they give)?

How to use:

With this buttonless disposable pen, a 3-second puff is equivalent to approximately 1.5mg of CBD, so you can microdose based on draw intake and frequency. 

There are approximately 125 three-second puffs in each pen, and you’ll know it’s out of oil when it no longer produces vapour (the battery will outlast the oil content). It’s the perfect way to set your dosage in a controlled way. 

Select CBD provides further guidance on how to use their all-in-one pens in their FAQ.

These pens aren’t designed to be refilled.

Other comments:

Finally, for those who are rightly concerned with employee working conditions, Select CBD – as one of Cura Cannabis Solutions’ brands – is known for being a great employer.

Oregon Business Magazine recognised them as one of the 2018 Top 100 Companies to Work For (and they retained their spot in 2019 too). 

CBDistillery Disposable CBD Vape Pens Range – 200mg

CBDistillery Vape Cartridges

CBDistillery Vape Cartridges

We are going to talk about CBDistillery's CBD Vape Cartridges. CBDistillery hails all the way from the USA.

from £16.00

CBDistillery bring an exciting product onto the scene with these vape cartridges. The combination of plant terpene extract and natural flavours makes this vape option well worth trying.

Why we picked them…

This range from CBDistillery offers all-on-one, disposable vape pens that are high in quality – both in terms of their CCELL hardware, and USA-hemp derived e-juice.

Their vape range is 100% PG, VG, and MCT-free. And, not only do all the vapes taste great, but the e-juices all come from an ISO Certified Facility which uses solvent-free stem and molecular distillation processes.

These pens are great for the casual vaper who doesn’t vape enough to require a battery and refill liquid of their own, as well as those looking for something to use on-the-go.

As soon as you unbox this pen, you have everything you need to start vaping.

What’re the product specs?

The upgraded vape hardware in these pens is about as cutting-edge as it gets – brand new DS0103 disposable vape pens from vaping industry distributor CCELL.

The revolutionary ceramic heating elements in this pen include a 190mAh battery capacity, robust stainless steel housing, LED indicator light, and a reliable circuit board.

This new technology offers you the exciting possibility of a hassle-free, all-in-one, CBD vaping experience. At the same time, it doesn’t sacrifice on product safety or vaping performance, giving you a simple way to vape pure, high-viscosity, extracted CBD oil.

Unlike any of the other products in this list, the pen’s high-quality CBD isolate is combined with ‘ABSTRAX Tec Oil’. This was created as a superior alternative to diluents like triple-distilled MCT oil.

‘ABSTRAX Tec Oil’ is a natural, organic, food-grade agent, formulated with a special blend of terpenes, which includes antioxidants and anti-irritants.

What flavours are there?

CBDistillery add unique natural botanical terpenes to create their fantastic range of flavours:

Other comments:

CBDistillery originated in Colorado in 2016 (where its high-quality, pesticide-free, and non-GMO hemp is still grown). They do consistent third-party testing of their products, which sees them lead the way in responsible CBD production.

The brand also does valuable advocacy work to help destigmatise the use of cannabis as a product used for healing and wellbeing. This is demonstrated by their #CBDMOVEMENT campaign.

Furthermore, CBDistillery’s products show their willingness to engage in a more positive narrative surrounding CBD. They have developed exciting and playful new products such as sweet, fruity, vegan CBD gummies – it’s child’s play for adults.

Harmony Tempo Pods

Harmony Tempo Pods

Harmony Tempo Pods

The Tempo CBD Starter Kit by Harmony is the ideal product for anyone looking for a high quality and unobtrusive vaping experience. ...

from £39.99

Popular in the CBDScanner office, the Tempo CBD Starter Kit Earns a place on the list by offering a straight-forward, flavoursome vape at a very affordable price.

Why we picked them…

We have been using these Tempo Pods here at the office for quite some time now. They are slim and stylish with a fantastic range of flavour profiles to choose from.

What’re the specs?

Each refillable pod contains 10% CBD which equates to approximately 74mg. It’s not the highest dose when it comes to vapes, however, the kit offers great value for money and an excellent vaping experience.

The CO2 extracted, broad-spectrum extract, is combined with a combination of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). These are the common compounds used in all E-Liquids.

What flavours are there?

There are several terpene profiles (flavourings) on offer with these refillable pods. You can select between ‘Originals’ (cannabis inspired flavours) or ‘Classics’ (regular vape-juice style flavours):

How to use:

If you purchase the starter kit, you will find it comes with a small battery that can be recharged. The kit includes a micro-USB cable for charging, along with a selection of pods to choose from. 

You simply remove the packaging from the pods and battery, slot the pod into the battery, and away you go, it’s that easy.

There are no buttons or on/off switches, you simply draw when ready!

4. CBD Asylum STIK Vape Pen – 100mg CBD



CBD Asylum has released the STIK. It is a very simple 350mah battery with 100mg CBD Isolate suspended in a 2ml PG: ...

CBD Asylum’s STIK vape pen has deservedly found itself a spot in the top 5. Here we have compact, affordable, no-nonsense vaping at its finest.

Why we picked them…

CBD Asylum’s STIK is one of the most affordable disposable CBD vape pen we’ve come across.

This pocket-sized, single-use vape pen contains 100mg of pure organic CBD – and should last you up to 300 puffs!

It’s ready to go as soon as you buy it: no charging, no maintenance – simply unbox and draw. This is a great value one-stop vape shop.

What’re the product specs?

The ultra-purified cannabidiol used in these pre-filled pens is derived using the supercritical CO2 extraction method. As a result you receive a high-grade, safe, non-addictive (contains no nicotine), fully-legal (zero THC-content) product.

The CBD is infused in a PG/VG e-liquid base with natural flavourings. 

This pen has a battery capacity of 350mAah and is good for lasting the 300 puffs until all the pre-filled CBD oil has been used up.

What flavours are there?

The STIK is available in two flavours:

5. Koi Spectrum CBD Vape Cartridge – 250/500mg CBD

Koi CBD Cartridge

Koi CBD Cartridge

Vaping is one of the best ways to take CBD, and this vape cartridge contains one of the purest natural blends on ...

Koi Spectrum’s Vape Cartridge earns its place on this list by offering a natural hemp flavour with the welcome, innovative, twist of combining it with coconut oil.

Why we picked them…

These premium grade CBD vape cartridges fit any standard 510-thread vape pen or battery – they’re a great, pre-filled alternative to disposable pens.

Koi Spectrum are one of the top CBD brands in the U.S.

They are quickly developing a reputation in the UK for their true spectrum hemp distillate.

These cartridges offer an incredible natural taste and aroma, as well as a rich phytocannabinoid-terpene profile. 

What’re the product specs?

These pre-filled cartridges come in two strengths – 250gm and 500mg – and are a great addition to any CBD vape setup. They use USA-grown hemp that undergoes whole-plant extraction.

The vape juices used in Koi’s cartridges are created using advanced PRIZM technology. They are developed through a multiphase extraction process, and is blended with MCT coconut oil.

The E-liquid contains 0% THC. It is 100% traceable from its hemp origin to the end of the production process, on a batch-by-batch basis.

All the products are third-party certified vegan, free of solvents, pesticides, and other contaminants.

What size cartridges are there?

The natural vape liquid cartridges are available in two sizes:

How to use

Since the cartridge is pre-filled, all you have to do is screw it on to a standard (510-thread) vape pen or battery.

Bloom Botanics recommend pairing this cartridge with the CBD Life Vape Pen Battery Kit, which includes a rechargeable 350mAh battery that can be charged over 300 times.