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The Goods CBD Vape Juice

Last update: 5 August 2020

Introduction The Goods is a brand which has flown somewhat under the radar in the UK CBD scene thus far, however, all that is likely to change. The company is run by a group of London-based CBD aficionados and, put simply, The Goods offer some of the highest quality CBD products we’ve had the pleasure […]


The Goods is a brand which has flown somewhat under the radar in the UK CBD scene thus far, however, all that is likely to change.

The company is run by a group of London-based CBD aficionados and, put simply, The Goods offer some of the highest quality CBD products we’ve had the pleasure of trying.

What’s more, the company goes to every expense to uphold the highest supply chain standards, knowing exactly where its CBD comes from at every step of the way.

For this review, we will be taking a look at The Goods’ Broad Spectrum CBD E-liquid line, a staple for most CBD brands.

Look and Feel

As soon as you lay eyes on any products made by The Goods, you can tell that the company is looking to position itself as a stylish, high-end brand. Its vape juice is no exception.

With the box and bottle’s sleek black design and single thin coloured line indicating the flavour, The Goods have managed to achieve a sense of professionalism that few competing products can match.

Ultimately, how the product looks is not so important, it’s the quality of what you’re putting into your body that matters. Having said this, The Goods’ vape juice does ooze a sense of sophistication right from the off, which shows that the owners have thought about how they want their product to come across in all aspects. 

This really can’t be a bad thing.

What’s In It?

Cannabinoid Content

All the vape juices in this range contain 500mg of CBD. The CBD component of The Goods’ e-liquid is taken from Broad Spectrum CBD Isolate, or hemp, in other words. 

In addition, the 2019 certificate of analysis available online indicated trace amounts of several other cannabinoids. 

Although hemp is a strain naturally high in CBD and very low in THC (in fact, it must contain less than 0.3% THC to be classed as hemp), other cannabinoids can be present in very low quantities.

According to the certificate analysis, trace amounts (less than 0.03%) of the following cannabinoids were detected:

  • CBDV
  • CBDA
  • CBGA
  • CBG
  • THCV
  • CBN
  • CBC
  • THC
  • THCA

It is worth mentioning that these e-liquids are marketed as being “Broad-Spectrum,” despite them having trace elements of THC in them.

There is some debate around exactly what this term means in the CBD industry, but broadly speaking (no pun intended), it indicates that some of the naturally occurring cannabinoids other than CBD are left in the product, but other cannabinoids which are controlled substances, such as THC and THCA, are removed.

Strictly speaking, if these lab reports are anything to go by, these products should be classed as “Full-Spectrum,” but don’t worry too much as these trace amounts are still within legal limits. 

However, it is possible that these could show up in a blood test so if this is something you need to take into consideration consider yourself warned!

Other Ingredients

Besides CBD and trace amounts of other cannabinoids, the ingredients in The Goods’ e-liquid also include:

  • Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin: these are present in most e-liquids and are used as a delivery method to the body.
  • Terpenes: naturally occurring plant hydrocarbons which can be found in cannabis, fruit and other plant-life. These are the molecules behind cannabis aroma and are thought to contribute to the fabled entourage effect

It is great to see that The Goods make use of terpenes to enhance the flavour and smell of these products. Other competitors, such as Love Hemp’s CBD E-liquid, plumb for artificial flavourings which, in our opinion, do not provide as authentic a CBD experience.


The Goods’ vape juices come in 6 different flavours or “terpene profiles.” 

Every cannabis strain has a so-called terpene profile, and by replicating this in these e-liquids, it gives each of the different flavours more distinctiveness.

Terpenes are also thought by some to be one of the prime differentiators when determining the effect a given strain of cannabis will have on an individual. For instance, the website Leafly reports that myrcene is found in many relaxing strains whereas terpinolene is commonly found in more “uplifting” plant strains.

Whether this is likely to have an effect in CBD Vape Products is anybody’s guess, but we’ll leave that for the you to decide! 😊

In terms of taste alone, all of The Goods products taste great, and it really is down to personal preference in that regard.

Our favourite was the Amnesia Haze e-liquid, doing an impressive job of replicating the flavour of its famous cannabis-strain namesake. 

However, if you’re not into those earthy, citrus flavours then there are plenty of other profiles to choose from, which you can take a look at below:

  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Amnesia Haze
  • Super Lemon Haze
  • Mango Kush
  • Super Diesel


When compared to other e-liquids, The Goods Vape Juice is quite potent given that these 10ml bottles are only available in 500mg concentrations. 

For those of us looking to experience the full effects of CBD in as few draws as possible, this is exactly what is needed. However, for those new to the CBD vaping world, it may be better to try a weaker e-liquid first… or not! 


The only lab report we could source for The Goods e-liquid was carried out by the Slovenia-based company Pharma Lab in November 2019. We know that The Goods extract their cannabis in Slovenia so that would be why it is tested in Slovenia. It is also fair to assume that this lab report covers the current batch of CBD vape liquid as it is fairly recent.

Overall Impression

It is plain to see that The Goods’ vape juice range has been developed by professional CBD-lovers who care about making CBD products that, A) they would use, and B) they would buy.

The products look sleek and high-end both online and in your hands and the calibre of the vape-liquid is of a high standard.

There really aren’t too many negatives with regard to these products, although it would be a bonus to see them developed in higher CBD concentrations for everyone to enjoy in the future!

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