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The Goods CBD Pre-Rolls

Last update: 4 August 2020

The Good's have released a range of 10% pre-rolled CBD Spliffs. These Spliffs have been carefully formulated to ensure they aren't breaking any rules in the UK. Furthermore, there is no nicotine or tobacco in the product. What you're getting is an excellent choice of terpene profiles and the opportunity to really indulge in something that is as close as you are going to get to smoking a spliff legally in the UK (until they decriminalise cannabis (hopefully soon)).


Today we are going to talk about a product that celebrates CBD in the rawest form of consumption, the spliff.

Now, we at CBD Scanner generally tend to promote other, healthier ways of ingesting CBD, such as Vaping, Tinctures and Edibles however we appreciate that for some of our readers, nothing beats a trusty old CBD-infused spliff.

What’s in the Spliff?

So as we touched upon in the intro, these Spliffs contain no cannabis buds and no tobacco. How is this possible? The clever Ladies and Gentlemen at The Goods have created an organic propietary herbal blend to which they have added 10% CBD Isolate Crystals and infused it with naturally-sourced botanical terpenes. What this means is that this Spliff is 100% Legal in the UK as it does not contain any Cannabis flowers in their raw form.

Terpene Profiles

At the time of writing, the flavour profiles available are: Pineapple Express, Girlscout Cookies, OG Kush, Zkittlez, Grandaddy Purple and Blue Dream.

What’s our verdict?

It is not the same as smoking a real cannabis flower spliff, but it’s not bad at all. We reckon you should give it a try for yourself. And besides, the packaging is awesome. This would make a great gift for your mother-in-law.

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