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Select CBD Vape Pen

Last update: 5 August 2020

Select CBD has created a high strength, high-quality CBD Vape Pen which we have been aching to get our hands-on. The product is offered in 6 different flavour variants, each with a unique blend of essential oils that boast different potential benefits. Read on to learn more about this crafty little product.


The fresh and beautiful 250mg pre-filled disposable Vape Pen range from Select CBD is offered in all it’s glory by UK premium reseller CBD Porter. We love Select CBD because they specialise in vape device innovation, and combining this with quality, THC-free CBD vape oil. This range offers a great vaporizer loaded with your choice of effect-centric CBD vape juice – simple as that.

We at CBD Scanner think that Vaping CBD is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to administer due to it being a fast-acting and cost-effective method of delivery.

The Hardware

The disposable vape hardware itself uses a flavour-optimising ceramic core technology that evenly distributes heat to the CBD vape oil. The pens have a <1% failure rate and top-rated return policy and come all-in-one and are super easy to use.

What’s in it?

All of the pre-filled disposable vape pens in this range contain a quality 250mg of 100% industrial, USA-grown hemp-derived CBD isolate, blended with fractionated MCT coconut oil. They use short-path distillation to create the isolate, meaning they don’t have to winterize (remove lipids – fatty acids – from a crude extract) their products, as there are no residuals after the isolation process. They don’t use any PG/VF/glycerine/glycol, artificial flavours or colouring, which are common additives in many isolate-infused CBD E-Liquids.

Each of the 6 variants in this all-in-one vape pen range is formulated with a unique set of essential oils to provide tailored effects – from relaxation to invigoration, and concentration. Each box comes with a list of ingredients and lab test-results (see example batch), so you can be sure it’s free of pesticides, doesn’t contain THC, and has the specified amount of CBD.


Product Variants – with different flavours and effects:

  • Relax Lavender: tranquil and soothing with naturally-relaxing, organic essential Lavender oil sourced from a local Oregon farm that meets Select’s high production standards
  • Relax Cinnamon: calming and enriched with essential cinnamon oils and spices for a soothing and delicious vape experience
  • Revive Grapefruit: ideal for daytime use – great for bringing things into balance. Enriched with tasty grapefruit essential oils
  • Revive Lemon: fresh and energising – also good to use during the day. Formulated with lemon essential oils
  • Focus Spearmint: blended to stimulate your mind and aid focus, this is a great supplement for getting things done – enriched with spearmint oils
  • Focus Peppermint: enriched with cooling peppermint, this blend is also a minty-fresh booster to support mental stimulation and concentration


How to use:

With this no-button disposable pen, a 3-second puff is equivalent to approximately 1.5mg of CBD, so you can microdose based on draw in-take and frequency. There are approximately 125 three-second puffs in each pen, and you’ll know it’s out of oil when it no longer produces vapour (the battery will outlast the oil content). It’s the perfect way to set your dosage in a controlled way. Select CBD provides further guidance on how to use their all-in-one pens in their FAQ. These pens aren’t designed to be refilled.

Last but not least…

On a final note for those rightly concerned with working conditions, Select CBD – as one of Cura Cannabis Solutions’ brands – is known for being great to its employees: they were recognised by Oregon Business Magazine as one of the 2018 Top 100 Companies to Work For (plus they retained their spot in 2019 too). 

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