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Prásino Calm Comfort CBD + Superfood

Last update: 4 August 2020
Prásino Calm Comfort CBD + Superfood

Prásino is an interesting CBD brand in that it does something which most other CBD brands struggle to do, stand-out. While the company does not have the recognition of other brands selling the same mix of CBD products – e-liquid, oil drops, gummies etc. – Prásino offers a take on the CBD industry at a slightly different angle in their CBD superfood blends. Its two blends are called Alpha Sport {insert link here} and Calm Comfort. 


For this review, we will be focusing on the Calm Comfort blend, which Prásino claims is “the ideal natural supplement that makes your life more comfortable.” This is one of two CBD Edible products provided by the Prasino Brand.

How Can CBD “Calm Comfort” Me?

As with the Alpha Sport blend, Prásino calls on the perceived wellness benefits of CBD as the reasoning behind the blend’s intended effects, in combination with the other selected superfoods included. 

Prásino reports that CBD will help to:

Counter Stress and Anxiety

On the Prasino website, a few studies are cited to back up this claim, including a reference to the World Health Organisation’s assessment of CBD in 2017 which, in turn, references a 2017 review by Pisanti et al. indicating that CBD has therapeutic potential for treating anxiety and stress. 

While evidence on this topic still remains somewhat limited, Prásino has included a whole host of other ingredients with well-documented therapeutic benefits.   

Calm Comfort has a reported total of 200mg of CBD per container, and a recommended serving of 10mg (which is the equivalent of a teaspoon). 

Calm Comfort’s Superfood Ingredients

The superfood elements of Prásino’s Calm Comfort line have been carefully selected based on scientific research into their potential calming properties. 

They have also tried to ensure that this selection has resulted in a blend which also boasts great flavour in order to make incorporating Calm Comfort into your diet more enjoyable.

The six superfood powders included in the Calm Comfort blend, in addition to water-soluble CBD powder, are: 

  1. Raw Cacao Powder a source of serotonin, tryptophan, tyrosine and phenylethylamine, which are all reported to contribute in specific ways to well-being and happiness. 
  2. Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
  3. Maqui Berry Powder suggestive research presents a possibility to help those with diabetes (as reported in two small studies, one by BioMed Research International and the other in 2016 by Panminerva Medica) because of maqui berry’s high levels of anthocyanin antioxidants. 
  4. Chia Seeds: Rich in Omega-3 fats which, when deficient in, could result in a depressive-like state for sufferers.
  5. Green Tea Extract: used since ancient times in order to bring relaxation. It has been found to do this due to the substance L-theanine, “a unique amino acid” which green tea has in abundance.
  6. Blueberry Powder: the dominant flavour in Calm Comfort. One scientific experiment has also suggested that diets rich in blueberries have helped to improve mood in children and young adults.

How Does It Taste?

Of course, one person’s response to this question may be different to another’s, but in my opinion, Calm Comfort really is a great addition to many breakfast options, such as yoghurt, in a smoothie or, my personal preference, mixed in with porridge oats.

The overriding flavour is definitely that of blueberries, with the blueberry powder coming through ahead of all of the other ingredients. That means if you hate blueberries this probably isn’t the product for you, but for the rest of us, Calm Comfort really is a great tasting addition to many meals, snacks and drinks, and all with no added sugar!

Overall Feelings

Although it is difficult to make definitive statements about the effect Calm Comfort will have from a health and wellness perspective, especially when it comes to CBD, there are widely reported calming benefits from many of its ingredients, pertinently green tea extract and cacao powder.

If you’re searching for ways of taking CBD in an unobtrusive and aren’t averse to having it mixed in with other wellness-guru favourites, Prasino’s Calm Comfort CBD Superfood mix may well be a winner.

What’s more, it tastes great… if you like blueberries! 

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