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Prásino Alpha Sport CBD + Superfood

Last update: 4 August 2020
Prásino Alpha Sport CBD + Superfood

Prásino is a one-of-a-kind CBD superfood company that offers two CBD powder mixes infused with CBD and a whole host of other goodies. The mixes are called Calm Comfort {insert link here} and, our focus for this review, Alpha Sport. The Alpha Sport mix is a blend with an emphasis on health and fitness, marketed as the “ideal post-workout CBD superfood blend.”


Prasino are a Dutch brand that focuses on CBD Edible Superfoods. Sounds great, right?

How Would It Help My Workout?

It goes without saying that CBD is marketed as the star of the show for Alpha Sport, with the company highlighting two benefits of CBD which could be beneficial for consumers following a workout:

  1. Potential to lower cortisol levels, indirectly increasing testosterone.

On the Prásino website, a 1993 article is cited that found CBD reduced cortisol, which in turn is said to increase testosterone. 

However, this study is now 26 years old, so more recent data is desperately needed.

  1. Pain reduction to better push yourself in the gym.

There have been reports that CBD may have potential as an analgesic, but the evidence is still less than clear-cut.

While these reports are less than conclusive, some members of the wider fitness community swear by the benefits of CBD to maximise the quality of your workout.

Alpha Sport, like Calm Comfort, is reported to have 200mg of CBD in every packet, with a recommended serving of 10mg. 

Alpha Sport’s Other Ingredients

Other than CBD, Prásino have selected a range of other “superfood” ingredients which are widely considered to be beneficial for our health. These are:

How Does It Taste?

This one does come down to personal preference, but in my opinion, it really tastes quite good. 

I like to incorporate Prásino’s mixes into my breakfast, and I don’t feel like I need any other additions aside from some fruit and perhaps some cinnamon to make it a bit more interesting.

In comparison to the Calm Comfort blend, I would have to say that the Alpha Sport mix is not quite as tasty, but I would put this down to the blueberry powder in Calm Comfort which I really like.

Overall Feelings

While it is impossible to make assertions about the perceived benefits of CBD without further research being conducted, the benefits of the other ingredients in Alpha Sport are widely reported and are likely to be a positive addition to your diet.

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate CBD into your diet in a more organic way, then Alpha Sport or Prásino’s other mix Calm Comfort may well be something you should look into. 

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