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Naturecan CBD Brownie

Last update: 13 October 2020

Naturecan's CBD Infused Brownie is a delicious way of getting a daily dose of CBD in a sustainable, GMO and THC-free way. Take a look at our in-depth review for videos and more.

4.5/5.0Tested By CBD Scanner


Naturecan’s CBD-infused double chocolate brownie is an indulgent way of getting a daily 25mg dose of broad-spectrum CBD.

A source of protein and fibre, these delicious chocolate delights aren’t really all that naughty and do deliver high-quality CBD in a delectable way.

25mg of CBD per 60g Brownie

Although there are more cost-efficient ways of taking CBD, there may not be many more delicious ones.

This is perfect for those who prefer to take their CBD in-line with their usual diet rather than in a oil or vape form.

Furthermore, for those who are sustainability-conscious, Naturecan provides its customers with peace of mind given the company’s dedication to reduce its carbon footprint. You can find out more on by looking into its Carbon Click partnership.

Naturecan Product Testing

Naturecan employ a rigorous 7-step testing process, demonstrating how the company go the extra mile when it comes to making sure its products uphold the highest standards. You can read more about this process in our Naturecan Brand Review.

Naturecan also provides customers with a Certificate of Analysis for its Chocolate Brownie dating May 2020. It’s good to see the company ensuring its testing is kept up to date, although it could be more detailed. We would personally like to see a breakdown regarding the different cannabinoids present in the product given the CBD is broad-spectrum.

Our Verdict

We believe that Naturecan’s CBD brownie is a great way to incorporate CBD into your life without giving anything up when it comes to taste.

A 25mg dose of broad-spectrum CBD in comparison to other edible CBD products is a relatively decent amount and for under £3 it’s certainly worth getting stuck into.

Did we mention that it tastes wonderful too?


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