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Naked Leaf CBD Daily Drops

Last update: 11 February 2021

The CBD Daily Drops from Naked Leaf is their major product offering for humans. Why humans? Well, Naked Leaf is a US brand that has a keen focus on CBD products for pets. Unfortunately, here in the UK, we aren’t yet allowed to provide CBD products for pets, so Naked Leaf is focusing on humans for now… They have an excellent human offering that is great value, appealing and palatable. Let’s find out more about the organic peppermint infused CBD drops.

4.6/5.0Tested By CBD Scanner

Key Benefits

  • 100% organically grown ingredients
  • Peppermint flavour
  • Broad-spectrum extract
  • Available as a single purchase or monthly
  • Very clear packaging

Who are the Naked Leaf Daily Drops for?

These drops are for you if you want a CBD tincture that tastes great and does the job. The drops are available in a wide range of strengths so they’re perfect for both beginners and seasoned CBD enthusiasts. We found the drops to be great in the morning or before bed. Furthermore, they don’t clash with your toothbrushing regime thanks to the lovely peppermint flavour.


The Daily Drops are designed to be 1-month’s supply of daily use. There is a large range of strengths starting at 250mg which is marked as being a 7-day supply. The other strengths available are:

  • 450mg – 15mg per day
  • 900mg – 30mg per day
  • 1350mg – 45mg per day
  • 1800mg – 60mg per day

The FSA’s daily recommended intake of CBD is 70mg.


Active Ingredients: Organically grown broad spectrum Hemp Oil Extract CBD.

Inactive Ingredients: Organic Peppermint Flavouring, organic MCT Coconut Oil

Analysis: The ingredients have clearly had thought put into them. We spoke to Naked Leaf about their sourcing. They seem to have put a lot of energy into assuring their products contain premium, organic ingredients. The decision to add peppermint flavouring is a welcome touch that would make this product appealing to those who prefer to mask the taste of hemp. We tasted the drops and thought the peppermint flavour tasted great.


Their packaging contains the slogan on repeat “Empowering People and Pets with Plants” repeated in certain areas. We think this is a great message and looks good too. Our analysis of the labelling left us feeling happy. It is clear to see what the product is, what the dosage is, how to use it, and any relevant warnings. We were even happier to see the nutritional information on both the bottle and the box. Naked Leaf has gone above and beyond in providing a product that is clearly described and labelled.

Entourage potential

Cannabinoid Content

First things first, these CBD Daily Drops contain Broad Spectrum Organic Hemp Extract sourced from the US. We had a look at the certificates of analysis. There was a clear presence of other minor cannabinoids as well as just CBD. There was evidence of CBG as well as CBDv in measurable quantities. This supports Naked Leaf’s claim that their drops are Broad Spectrum


Naked Leaf states on their website that their products are “full of terpenes” and they have “left them in to give their products that all-natural feel”. This is always welcome news. We believe terpenes contribute to the effects of CBD products. There is a fair amount of evidence to suggest that individual terpenes can have certain positive effects on humans. Naturally occurring terpenes in the hemp flower are thought to elevate the effects of CBD.

In the Daily Drops, we were able to taste the lovely organic peppermint flavour. Peppermint typically synthesizes high concentrations of menthol, E-caryophyllene, linalool, and limonene. These may help relieve indigestion and ease tension. We did not record any smells or tastes from terpenes that may have originated from the hemp extract.

We’d love to see an independent lab report describing the terpenoid profile within the Naked Leaf Daily Drops. This would enable us to provide you with a more detailed list of this product’s potential benefits.

About Naked Leaf

Naked Leaf’s mission statement is “helping people and pets discover their best selves, all in the cleanest, greenest way imaginable.” We think their focus on clean and green is a great mission objective. We can already see that they’re committed to sustainability and are clearly animal lovers too. 

Founder, Heidi, first started her CBD journey back in 2018 whilst looking to provide suitable supplements for her ever-growing army of rescue animals. Since then, she has grown fast in the states and has decided to bring their products over the pond. We had a great chat with Heidi who made it clear to us how much passion she has for animals, hemp, and the planet in general.


Naked Leaf is soon to be sourcing its hemp from Guernsey rather than the US which will bring the carbon footprint right down for these drops. This is great as we love to see a company that is committed to becoming greener and reducing its environmental impact. The packaging is made from mainly glass and paper which is widely recycled however improvements could be made.


We value transparency and communication highly at CBD Scanner. Naked Leaf presents both of these qualities when it comes to testing. Their Certificates Of Analysis clearly display the cannabinoid content and the absence of THC and other controlled substances. All the products listed have their own CoAs which are clearly retrievable on their site.

The next level up would be to provide evidence of the lack of heavy metals and other toxins as well as any Organic Certifications they may have accrued. On top of this, as they grow, they may wish to provide batch-specific CoAs so that customers can find their exact report. 

Cost Analysis

We have broken down the cost of each strength variant of the Daily Drops. This may help you to determine which strength is best for you. It appears there are some big savings in the higher strength subscription offerings. We believe the pricing of Naked Leaf’s Daily Drops represents good value for money as a fairly premium, high-quality product.

Single Purchase vs Monthly Subscription

Strength RRP RRP Cost/mg Concentration %
250mg £18 £0.07 0.83%
450mg £52/£36 £0.12/£0.08  1.5%
900mg £59/£42 £0.07/£0.05 3%
1350mg £84/£59 £0.06/£0.04 4.6%
1800mg £99/£69 £0.06/£0.04 6%

Directions For Use

As a dietary supplement take 1 full dropper daily. Fill the dropper and administer under the tongue. Hold for 60 seconds before swallowing.