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Marry Jane CBD Pod & Pen Kit

Last update: 5 August 2020

Quirkily named Marry Jane, these Swiss-made JUUL style CBD pods are a slightly milder alternative to the pure CBD distillate listed above. These pre-filled cartridges are a blend of full-spectrum CBD (50%) and Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) carrier oil (50%) - so they’re less concentrated, and only contain trace (non-psychoactive) amounts of THC.


We think these Marry Jane Vape Pods look great and would be a great for someone who is looking to get into CBD Vaping Products. The small size profile of these pods is similar to Harmony’s new Tempo Pods and the products do have a lot of similarities.

The Brand

Marry Jane is a Swiss CBD company based out of Geneva. They provide high-grade CBD plants and extracts – all grown and refined in Switzerland – to distributors across Europe. They maintain that all of their products have THC values of <0.2% – and given their robust production processes this standard seems pretty believable, although we weren’t able to find any independent testing results for the CBD pods in question.

Ease of use

like the rest of these top-notch pre-filled CBD cartridges, these pods are no-fuss and no-mess. Simply attach a new cartridge to a vape battery, and it should last you a sweet 250 puffs. You can purchase this product from Leefy Store including the full battery kit with the pods, including a slim rechargeable vape battery, charger, and 1 pre-filled CBD pod – a great way to get started.

Potency and Purity

50% of the CBD E-Liquid in this pre-filled cartridges is pure full-spectrum CBD extract, with a delicious blend of naturally occurring hemp terpenes. The other half is MCT, and since CBD is fat-soluble, infusing it in a fat like MCT oil increases its bioavailability – the efficiency of chemical delivery: a milder throat hit that’s more efficacious.