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Holistic Hemp CBD Oil

Last update: 5 August 2020

Holistic Hemp Scotland is one of the smallest companies able to compete with the big boys in the UK CBD scene. The company prides itself on being artisanal in culture and yet big in ambition, providing some of the very best CBD products available in the UK. What Holistic Hemp Scotland lacks in marketing budget it makes up for in craft and its CBD oils range is no different. However, when facing the likes of international CBD brands like Endoca and CBDfx, can its CBD oils really compete in terms of manufacturing quality and product range? It’s time to find out.


Holistic Hemp Scotland offers four different kinds of CBD oil tinctures at varying concentrations:

  1. Alpine MCT Tincture Oil
  2. Dewaxed Tincture Oil
  3. CBD+CBDa Raw Tincture Oil
  4. CBD+CBDa Raw Alpine Oil

These oils all have their merits and unique differences which will appeal to different customers, dependent on their criteria.

If you would like to learn more about this brand, take a look at our Holistic Hemp Scotland Brand Review for much more information.

Alpine MCT Tincture Oil

This oil is only available in 10ml bottles, each containing 1000mg of CBD (approx. 10% CBD). According to the product’s certificate of analysis as provided on the Holistic Hemp website, the alpine oil’s cannabinoid content was composed of mostly CBD (10.2%), with the only other detected cannabinoid being CBG (0.14%).

The company claim that the oil is a full-spectrum product even though additional cannabinoids did not show up in the lab reports, although they could still be present in trace amounts.

The oil is appropriately named as the hemp is grown on small farms in the Swiss Alps.

The choice of coconut-derived MCT (multi-chain triglyceride) oil as a carrier oil is a good one as it is widely considered to be the most effective in allowing CBD to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Aside from that, it also has numerous health benefits.

The alpine oil is also packed full of terpenes and flavonoids, keeping the oil as close to its natural form as it can be. These added plant compounds are believed to contribute to the entourage effect, put simply the concept that cannabis compounds work better together than when they are taken apart.

Dewaxed Tincture Oil

Unlike the other oils in its range, unsurprisingly, this oil has undergone a dewaxing process which is used to remove waxes and lipids, therefore refining the CBD oil. This is done using a solvent and cold temperatures in order to separate the waxes from the rest of the desired cannabis plant compounds.

Holistic Hemp cite user preference for why they have carried out this process, with several customers having complained of the bitter, spicy taste of some oils. While many customers may not have an issue with this, Holistic Hemp felt that its team needed to come up with a way of appealing to more people and so offered an oil with these waxes removed, yet with the remaining beneficial plant compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes left in.

The dewaxed oil is also only available in 10ml bottles containing 1000mg of CBD (100mg/ml or 10%).

CBD+CBDa Raw Tincture Oil

As with Endoca’s raw CBD oil, Holistic Hemp’s variety is also left in its raw extract form without decarboxylation. This means that the oil is closer to its naturally occurring state with a greater mix of CBD and CBDa, rather than mostly CBD.

CBDa is CBD’s precursor and has a different molecular makeup, making it slightly different from CBD, which it changes to when subjected to heat.

For those users who want to experience CBD products in as close to their natural state as possible, this is the product for you. However, if CBD content is your most important factor, it may be best going for the Alpine MCT Tincture Oil.

This raw tincture oil has the most concentrations available, available at CBD concentrations of 5% (500mg, 50mg/ml), 10% (1000mg, 100mg/ml), 15% (1,500mg, 150mg/ml) and 20% (2,000mg, 200mg/ml).

CBD+CBDa Raw Alpine Oil

This is where it gets a little bit confusing.

Put simply, the Raw Alpine Oil is no different in terms of production to the raw tincture oil mentioned in the previous section.  However, the cannabis plant used is from the same place as the Alpine MCT Tincture Oil, the Swiss Alps.

Comparing the cannabinoid content between the two similar products, it seems that the Raw Alpine Oil has a slightly higher concentration of CBD as opposed to other cannabinoids.

Aside from this, the differences seem minor, although the Raw Alpine Oil is only available in 10ml bottles with 500mg of CBD (50mg/ml, 5%).

What’s The Verdict?

It’s safe to say that Holistic Hemp’s CBD oil offering is varied enough to appeal to a range of CBD users. However, it is hard to see the real benefit of the Alpine varieties over any other – I guess it comes down to personal preference.

Having said that, it’s great to see that Holistic Hemp has listened to its customers when it comes to experience, with the Dewaxed Tincture Oil being testament to that.

There’s also no doubt that the company employs the best production processes available in CO2 extraction, making it a trustworthy high-quality option for your CBD oil purchases.

If you’re looking for a small CBD company whose CBD oils may not be flashy, but certainly get the job done, Holistic Hemp Scotland is the company for you.

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