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Harmony Natural CBD Oil

Last update: 5 August 2020
Harmony Natural CBD Oil

We had been waiting for Harmony to release their first tincture and their Natural CBD Oil is finally here. This Broad Spectrum blend is available in strengths ranging from 100mg all the way to a whopping 3000mg. We think that this tincture has been well positioned in the saturated CBD Oil market so we would like to share with you our thoughts on what makes this oil different from others. Read on to find out more

About the Brand

Firstly, if you haven’t already read our Harmony Brand Review, we advise you to give that a read first as it contains a lot more depth about Harmony as a brand and their product offering.

To give a quick summary, the company was founded by Antonin Cohen in 2008. It is now a truly global company with offices in Prague, London, Barcelona and Lima. The company has always shared that their goal and mission is to provide consumers with affordable, high-quality hemp products “in Harmony with nature”.

The company started off by producing vapeable CBD products. They probably made their name on their CBD Pen Kits and CBD E-Liquid range with loads of flavours to choose from. They also have recently released their unique Tempo Pods Vape Range which we reckon you should also check out!

How does the product Look and Feel?

To start things off, this product comes in a simple, elegant box with a beautiful floral pattern which really sets the scene as far as we are concerned. The packaging has a premium feel to it and the user also is able to discover exactly what is inside the product without being bombarded with unnecessary information.

The bottle itself is a simple glass tincture which feels well made and reliable.

We think the product’s appearance is really good.

How does it taste?

We think this product has a light, earthy taste that is really palatable and not in any way overpowering. Out of all of the CBD Tinctures we have reviewed, we would say this is certainly one of the more manageable products, taste wise.

So, what’s in it?


Unlike the other Harmony CBD products, this oil contains European grown, Broad Spectrum Hemp. This extract contains a great range of rich Phyto-cannabinoids including measurable levels of CBG ranging from 4-60mg. This is great as we think CBG has a wide range of potential benefits so its a welcome bonus in this product.

The Hemp is extracted using the CO2 extraction method meaning it is solvent-free.

Harmony give their reason for using broad-spectrum as follows: Isolate is not the best choice for CBD Oils as they don’t take advantage of the so-called Entourage Effect. Full Spectrum can be risky as it may contain trace levels of THC which could cause problems in some countries of bringing up false positives in drugs tests. So Broad-Spectrum is the happy in-betweener!


As this is a broad-spectrum oil, this implies the presence of terpenes in the extract, known by many to play some form of synergistic role in the effect of CBD in humans.

Carrier Oil

For CBD Oils, they all come suspended in an oil to make them absorb more easily into the bloodstream. In many cases, the oil of choice is MCT Oil which is actually fractionated coconut oil.

Harmony has opted to use MCT Oil as well as golden Organic Olive Oil rich in monounsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6.

The reason for this is that medium-chain fatty acids (called triglycerides) are much easier absorbed into the body by the liver. This helps to contribute to the MCT Oil having a much higher bioavailability as a carrier oil for CBD

Harmony also claims that users should be wary of purchasing Hemp Seed Oil carrier oils as their shelf life is much lower apparently.


On the Harmony website, you will find a section dedicated to the Certificates of Analysis for this product. What we really like is how each Certificate has a batch number that it corresponds to and there seems to be new batches being tested every 4 months. This is above and beyond what many other brands provide when it comes to CBD transparency but we would expect nothing less for a reputable brand such as Harmony.

Key points

  • Vegan
  • Non GMO
  • Contains CBG
  • MCT Oil & Olive Oil blend
  • No THC detected
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested

What’s The Verdict?

We love that Harmony has created a tincture with a few differences. Firstly, the combination of MCT-Oil and Olive Oil is great as it seems to improve the appearance, taste and shelf-life without compromising on bioavailability.

Secondly, the presence of CBG is always a bonus as it has a range of potential benefits.

Finally, as I am sure you will notice, the pricing of this product is not too heavy on the pocket, ensuring this product is following their “affordable high quality” mission statement.

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