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Foria Basics CBD Suppositories

Last update: 5 August 2020

Foria’s ‘Basics Suppositories’ are designed to give relief from a range of women’s sexual health issues, including period pain, pelvic pain, endometriosis, sex-related pain and more. Each suppository contains 110mg of broad-spectrum CBD in 100% organic, fair-trade cocoa butter, and can be used vaginally or rectally. This localised administration, and targeted interaction of the CBD with surrounding pelvic receptors, means soothing effects occur quicker and more effectively. 


As you will learn on our Foria Brand Review, this company has launched an amazing collection of Alternative CBD Products that are taking the world by storm. These little helpers, in particular, have been a breakthrough for some.

Overview and production

From period cramps, endometriosis and Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) symptoms, to inflammation, pelvic pain and other painful conditions like vaginismus, there are a whole range of day-to-day and more acute female sexual health issues. There is no silver bullet for most of these, and suppositories may seem a cringy tactic, but according to users of the Basics, it these CBD-infused cocoa butter cones can be a highly effective tool to improve quality of life. Just read some of the customer reviews on the Foria website and you will understand how much of an impact they have made to some people’s lives.

CBD is a natural analgesic with anti-inflammatory, oxygenating, tension-relieving properties (read more about its benefits on the Foria product page). The 100mg of broad-spectrum CBD extract (from US-sourced, sun-grown, sustainable hemp) works quickly to “directly impact the nerve endings of the uterus, cervix and surrounding smooth muscle tissues”. According to Foria founder Matthew Gerson, the suppositories take advantage of the dense number of cannabinoid receptors in the pelvic girdle, to create localised, efficient relief for menstrual cramping and other forms of discomfort.


The solvent-free method of CO2 extraction used by Foria to create their broad-spectrum CBD extract is widely regarded as ‘the gold standard’ for purity. The difference between broad-spectrum CBD and Isolate variants is that the former contains a range of phytocannabinoids and terpenes that can improve rates of absorption and efficacy. And the fragrant cocoa butter used is 100% organic and fair trade certified.


Compared with other CBD products such as edibles and tinctures, the suppositories activate adjacent receptors faster, because they bypass the digestive tract and are absorbed locally. 

Why choose Foria’s Basics Suppositories?

Compared to many over-the-counter products available for period pain, CBD suppositories contain only natural ingredients and don’t upset digestive enzymes, which can cause stomach ache. 

And the key difference between the Basics Suppositories and a similar Foria product that contains THC as well (Foria Relief)? Basics are available to the whole world (bypassing the issue of THC’s illegality in many jurisdictions). Research determined that CBD even without THC could be efficacious and beneficial for many women.

Wellness benefits 

Period pain – or dysmenorrhoea – is symptomatic of the muscular wall of the womb contracting and pressing against neighbouring blood vessels, which cuts off the blood supply to the womb, according to the NHS. Comparable symptoms arise in pelvic pain, PCOS and sex-related discomfort. By reducing inflammation, relaxing muscles and influencing the body’s pain response, CBD can provide some respite.

Because CBD can relax muscle tissue, the Basics Suppositories may benefit some women who experience painful penetration, as well as helping with general pelvic pain and during PMS.


The suppositories are about half the size of your little finger, can be inserted either into the vagina or the rectum (read the ‘HOW TO’ section in this interview with Foria’s founder for a detailed run-down on how to apply the suppositories). Once inside they dissolve (it should melt within ten minutes), and can provide benefit within the first 30 minutes. The length of relief varies but is generally upwards of 2 hours.

For menstrual use, note that CBD can be most effective when cramping starts, and even before that – to help mitigate inflammation and discomfort. For more information on how to use the Basics Suppositories for period-associated pain, go to the product page on the Foria website


Foria subjects all these ingredients, as well as their production processes, to regular 3rd-party lab tests. This ensures that their Basics Suppositories are pure (free from solvents, pesticides and microbials) and have the appropriate potency of cannabinoids and terpenes. Certificates of Analysis for the latest batches of Foria products.


Organic-certified fair trade cocoa butter; Sustainably-grown broad-spectrum hemp extract

Key Points

  • Broad-spectrum CBD
  • All-natural & organic 100% plant-based ingredients
  • Independently tested
  • Apply and massage, heightens sensations, 100% lickable, arousing aroma


  • Keep suppositories below 24.5°C to prevent melting.
  • Suggested to place the suppository in a refrigerator for up to 15 minutes before use, to firm it up for greater ease of insertion.
  • Visit the restroom prior to insertion, and make sure your hands are clean.
  • To open the package, separate one shell from the rest, then gently peel the flat plastic tabs apart to reveal the suppository inside.


  • Contain all-natural oils, so DO NOT USE WITH LATEX or polyisoprene protection.

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