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EQL Water Soluble CBD Drops

Last update: 17 November 2020
EQL Water Soluble CBD Drops

EQL’s Water-Soluble CBD Drops are a revolutionary new way to ingest CBD. They are available in two flavours: Black Pepper, Curcumin, Lemon, Ginger or Zinc, Sweet Orange and Ginger.

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Water Soluble CBD Drops are grabbing a lot of people’s attention these days. Us humans consist of up to 60% water therefore it only makes sense that we are better at absorbing water-based products over fat-based oils. Unfortunately, whilst there are a high number of claims about the effectiveness of water-soluble over regular, with some companies claiming up to 102% absorption (which is impossible, of course…), hardly any are backed up by any form of scientific data.

There are different technologies at play here such as microemulsion, nanoemulsion, Liposomal and beyond…

Why EQL’s Oral Drops?

What we love about the EQL Oral drops is that EQL isn’t trying to pick a number out of a hat and say “it’s  X% more effective” they are simply just saying that they believe it has a higher absorption rate meaning you get the same results with a smaller dosage. This is a fair statement to make. We believe you, EQL!

If you are interested in Water Soluble and want to see some other brands that are doing the same thing, try Alpinols Aquadrops or Cibdol’s Water Soluble CBD Range.

Warning: Don’t make the same mistake we did and forget to mix the drops into the water first! That was not the most pleasant experience.

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