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CBDistillery Vape Cartridges

Last update: 4 August 2020

We are going to talk about CBDistillery's CBD Vape Cartridges. CBDistillery hails all the way from the USA.

About CBDistillery…

CBDistillery originated in 2016 in Colorado (where it’s high-quality, pesticide-free and non-GMO hemp is still grown). In addition to this neat vape pen range, we value the brands’ advocacy work to help destigmatize cannabis as a healing and well-being product, as materialised in their #CBDMOVEMENT campaign. Further evidence for CBDistillery’s willingness to engage a more positive narrative about CBD can be found in their other exciting and playful new products like sweet, fruity, vegan CBD gummies – it’s child’s play for adults.

CBDistillery now offers a 100% PG, VG, and MCT-free pre-filled CBD vape range, in the form of all-in-one disposable vape pens that are high-quality both in terms of the CCELL hardware & USA-hemp derived e-juice. Great for the casual vaper who doesn’t vape enough to require a battery and refill liquid of their own, or for those on-the-go with little downtime. Simply open up your package and start vaping.

The Hardware

The upgraded vape hardware in these pens is about as cutting-edge as you can come by at the moment – brand new DS0103 disposable vape pens from vaping industry disruptor, CCELL. The revolutionary ceramic heating elements in this pen include a 190mAh battery capacity, robust stainless steel housing, LED indicator light, and a reliable circuit board. This new technology is exciting because it offers you the hassle-free experience of all-in-one CBD vaping, whilst not sacrificing on product safety or vaping performance – especially when vaping pure, high-viscosity extracted CBD oil like that inside these pens!

Unlike any of the other products in this list, the high-quality CBD Isolate CBDistillery use in their pre-filled vape pens is combined with ‘ABSTRAX Tec Oil’, which was generated as a superior alternative to diluents like triple-distilled MCT oil. Tec is a natural, organic, food-grade agent, formulated with a special blend of terpenes including antioxidants and anti-irritants.

Terpene Profiles

CBDistillery then adds unique natural botanical terpenes to create a fantastic range of flavours you can choose from:

  • Grand Daddy Purple: aromatic blend of terpenes creating a pleasant dark grape and berry flavour profile
  • Strawberry Lemonade: natural flavourings that combine two classic choices
  • Lavender Vanilla: all-natural flavouring 
  • GG#4: a unique natural botanicals blend of terpenes described as having “an intense earthy, pine flavour.”
  • Grape: natural grape flavouring

Not only do all the vapes taste great, but the e-juice all comes from an ISO Certified Facility using solvent-less, stem and molecular distillation processes. Moreover, CBDistillery does consistent third-party testing their products – leading the way on responsible CBD production.


You can find Certificates of Analysis for these products here:

CoA for CBDistillery Grape Cartridge

CoA for CBDistillery Strawberry Lemonade Cartridge

CoA for CBDistillery Gran Daddy Purp Cartridge

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