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CBD Life UK E-Liquid Refill

Last update: 4 August 2020
CBD Life UK E-Liquid Refill

Here we take a look at CBD Life's popular range of E-Liquids available in 3 flavours and 2 strengths. These vary from their pre-filled distillate cartridges and can be used to refill any vape! Read on to find out more...

About the Brand

London-based CBD Life UK has built a reputation on premium, consistent CBD products – their range of low-concentration E-Liquids remains true to form.

CBD Life UK is clear about the fact they only extract CBD from Cannabis Sativa flowers and buds. Once they’ve harvested the best buds and flowers, they use solvent-free CO2 extraction – safe and effective – to draw out the full-spectrum CBD extract that goes into the vape juice. This makes for a cannabinoid and terpene-rich solution (terpenes have their own reported benefits).

Read our CBD Life UK Brand Review to learn more about their product offering.

Tell us more about the E-Liquid!

CBD Life has recently chnged its product offering, giving users more choice about the type of CBD they use, the flavour and its concentration.

The company now offers broad spectrum refills in two CBD strengths, 250mg and 500mg in 10ml bottles.

Both varieties use a broad-spectrum CBD extract, dewaxed using a proprietary non-solvent CO2 method that preserves all the natural terpenes to take advantage of the entourage effect. This really is great, vape-able CBD.

The e-liquids are then flavoured with naturally extracted flavour concentrates. With a choice between good ol’ natural hemp, strawberry, spearmint and black ice (blackberry menthol).

CBD Life now also offers CBD e-liquid in isolate form, with 250mg isolate and 1,250mg isolate CBD strengths available.

We should mention that this isn’t the only vapeable product CBD Life has to offer. They also have prefilled CBD Distillate vape cartridges available in two strengths, 10% and 40%. We encourage you to check these powerful little cartridges out as well!

CBDLife 40% PureCart – 200mg

CBDLife 10% eCart – 100mg

Are these products tested?

On top of all this, CBD Life UK’s range is “safe, natural, 100% non-toxic and non-psychoactive” and they follow a strict manufacturing and third-party/independent testing regime.

However, although CBD Life has had its lab reports on its website in the past, currently they cannot be accessed. We have reported this to the company and are awaiting a response.


How to use:

Simply add some of the e-liquid to a compatible vape pen. All the e-liquids are designed to have little or no separation, meaning they’re less likely to clog your coil as quickly and provide a cleaner drag.

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