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CBD Brothers Red Edition CBD Oil

Last update: 5 August 2020
CBD Brothers Red Edition CBD Oil

Here we are going to talk about CBD Brother's Red Edition CBD Oil from The Original Alternative. This oil is made from indoor-grown Cannabis Indica Hybrid whole-plant extract and suspended in organic hand-pressed hempseed oil.


Head over to our The Original Alternative – CBD Brothers Brand Review if you would like to compare all of their CBD Editions and learn more about this well established and reputable brand who produce some of the best CBD Tinctures in the United Kingdom.

6% Concentration. (600mg/10ml) | 10ml bottle

The CBD Brother’s Red Edition comes from a similar, highly-technical indoor production process as their White Edition, but offers a higher concentration of CBD.

The lights and other features of the controlled environment ensure maximum cannabinoid content, yield and profile of the ingredients. Red also uses a Cannabis Indica Whole Plant Extract, which is less diluted in the organic hemp seed oil solution, making for a higher-potency CBD Oil.

Each drop has a nominal CBD/CBDA content of approximately 3mg, making it four times stronger in concentration than the White edition.

What is the difference between all of the CBD Brothers oils?

Across their whole oil range, CBD Brothers use three extracts which are all grown in different conditions. These are then used in different concentrations to create all of the editions that we know and love today. For example, the Red, Black and White Edition are all extracted from the same Cannabis Indica Hybrid extract.


Cannabis Indica Whole Plant Extract; Certified Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil; Total THC Content <0.2% (Certificate of Analysis)

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