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CBD Brothers Gold Edition CBD Oil

Last update: 4 August 2020
CBD Brothers Gold Edition CBD Oil

It's rare that a small 10ml bottle of CBD oil inherits such a nickname as "Guernsey Gold" but that's exactly what has happened here. This golden nectar is made from the combination of a hand-pressed Indica rosin with 60% CBD Sativa extract creating a perfectly balanced golden hybrid CBD oil.


You have arrived at the “Gold-Standard” of CBD Tinctures.

About the Brand

The Original Alternative are famous in the CBD world for their renowned CBD Brothers of cannabis oils. This range consists of a variety of different strains of CBD oil separated by colour. If you are interested in learning more about the brand and comparing these oils with each other, you should head down to our TOA/CBD Brothers Brand Review.

3% Concentration (300mg/10ml) | 10ml bottle

Dubbed the ‘champagne’ of CBD oils in an industry piece by the Telegraph in late 2019, and recommended by Johan Sobel of The Drug Store, Joe Oliver of CBD:LDN and Dr Natalie Geary of CBD Porter, the Gold edition is prestigious in more than just its name.

Gold uses a full-spectrum Cannabis Hybrid Whole Plant Extract. This special extract is achieved by using two key elements. First, a whole-plant extract containing 60% CBD, taken from the flowers of closely-monitored, indoor-grown female Cannabis Sativa plants. And second The Original Alternatives very own hand-pressed Cannabis Indica rosin.

The rosin is created by “hand pressing the finest quality organic cannabis flowers at the optimum pressure and temperature to extract as many of the plant’s invaluable cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and essential oils as possible.” Combining these elements provides maximum cannabinoid content and pure, potent effects.

The combination is then diluted with organic certified cold-pressed hemp seed oil to create a solution with high bioavailability, which if consumed sublingually has the most efficient possible interactions with the Endocannabinoid System.

The Gold Edition offers approximately 1.5mg of CBD/CBDA per drop.


Cannabis Sativa Dominant Hybrid Whole Plant Extract; Certified Organic Cold-Pressed Hempseed Oil; Total THC Content < 0.2% (Certificate of Analysis)

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