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CBD Brothers Capsules – Green Edition (Sativa)

Last update: 12 November 2020
CBD Brothers Capsules – Green Edition (Sativa)

CBD Brothers green edition capsules are the company’s most affordable CBD tablets it has in its range. While this does correlate with a drop in CBD content, this doesn’t mean that the green edition capsules don’t pack a punch. Read on to see if this cheaper option could be the one for you.


So, the green edition capsules have a lower cannabinoid content than its cousins the purple and blue edition capsules, but how much so?

Sure, compared to the blue edition that packs, at the lowest concentration, 12.5mg of cannabinoid content per capsule, the green are much weaker.

However, take a look at the match-up with the purple edition. First, the green edition capsules:

  • 50mg Green Edition CBD Extract / 450mg of Organic Coconut Oil: 7mg CBD/CBDA per capsule, <0.2% THC
  • 100mg Green Edition CBD Extract / 100mg of Organic Coconut Oil: 14mg CBD/CBDA per capsule, <0.2% THC
  • 250mg Green Edition CBD Extract / 250mg of Organic Coconut Oil: 35mg CBD/CBDA per capsule <0.2% THC

And now the purple:

  • 50mg Purple Edition CBD Extract / 450mg of Organic Coconut Oil: 8mg CBD/CBDA per capsule, <0.2% THC
  • 100mg Purple Edition CBD Extract / 100mg of Organic Coconut Oil: 16mg CBD/CBDA per capsule, <0.2% THC
  • 250mg Purple Edition CBD Extract / 250mg of Organic Coconut Oil: 40mg CBD/CBDA per capsule <0.2% THC

As you can see, there’s only a few milligrams in it, so if you’re looking for a cheaper CBD Brothers alternative and are concerned mainly with cannabinoid content, the green edition could be a great option.

These fair pretty well with other CBD Tablets and Capsules from different brands too, with the strongest variation offering a very solid 35mg of CBD per capsule.

NB: The 50, 100 and 250mg options relate to the amount of CBD extract in each capsule, not the actual cannabinoid content.

One thing to mention is that, although the green edition capsules are a full-spectrum CBD product, they do have fewer cannabinoids present than the blue edition capsules according to the lab reports. This could contribute to the green edition not experiencing as large of an entourage effect.


Like the Blue Edition Capsules, the green edition capsules are classed as being a sativa due to the CBD extract coming from sativa cannabis strains. Don’t worry though, this cannabis terminology doesn’t mean that you’ll feel any intoxicating effect from these CBD products.

The green edition strain is grown at a European facility and the capsules are manufactured at CBD Brothers’ laboratory in Suffolk, England.

Lab Reports and Testing

The CBD testing company Greenleaf Processing is responsible for carrying out all product and batch testing for CBD Brothers. You can find the comprehensive reports for various batches of each concentration of the blue edition capsules below:

As with all CBD Brothers products, the company does a great job of providing third party lab reports from Greenleaf Processing  for all of its products, complete with batch reports too:


The Green Edition Capsules from CBD Brothers are the most affordable of the three capsules the company makes. However, this does not make them a low-quality product, far from it.

CBD Brothers has once again employed its rigorous manufacturing standards and dedication to creating quality products for its users in the production of the Green Edition Capsules with a potent full-spectrum CBD extract.

If you’re looking for CBD Brothers capsules but not looking to break the bank, the Green Edition Capsules are the product for you.

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