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Cannacares CBD Patches

Last update: 3 November 2020

We at CBD Scanner are always on the lookout for new and exciting CBD products to share with our readers. That’s why we’re delighted to share with you Cannacares’ CBD Patches, one of the more creative ways of getting your CBD fix! But what exactly is in these patches? And how effective are they? Read on to find out in our exclusive product review.

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Cannacares’ products are always made to look the part, with classy packaging and a professional feel. We sure experienced that with the Cannacares CBD balm, which had a really luxurious feel to the balm itself.

However, CBD patches are a little more difficult to judge on first impression…

Take a look at our video review below and read on for the complete look into Cannacares CBD Patches:

What’s In The Patches and How Do They Work?

These patches are pharmaceutical standard patches that deliver a dose of 10mg of CBD into your system over a 24-hour period.

Cannacares also offer a 20mg patch (essentially two 10mg patches together) for those wanting a higher dosage.

That’s a reasonable dosage, and what’s more, these CBD patches are just about the only CBD product you can take while you’re asleep! That’s a very important point to consider for some users, especially if they are turning to CBD to help them with their sleep.

The patches themselves come in packs of four, each about 2 inches2, and are considered to be an extremely efficient way of cannabinoid delivery method, with a reported 50% of what is applied to the skin being absorbed into the bloodstream.

That’s an excellent return, with other methods of taking CBD, such as sublingually (CBD oils and tinctures) and by ingestion (CBD edibles) being far less efficient than that.

Also, it’s great to see Cannacares inclusion of a helpful how-to with our purchase, and an explanation of how the patches work.


These transdermal patches by Cannacares offer a unique way to absorb CBD into the body which has some real benefits over other methods of taking CBD.

These include being able to take CBD while asleep, high absorption rates and a level of discreetness that some may value.

Overall, Cannacares interpretation is of a high quality and one we would recommend to our readers.

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